Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 345

Volume 1 Chapter 345 Second Days Of Grand Magic Games

The first day is over and today is the second day of the Grand Magic Games.

Everyone was very spirited and couldn't wait for the event to start.

Haru was in his usual location and thought about how to handle Sting. He was glad that he didn't need to face Sting since he had entered the battle yesterday and Sting also had done his first event. He knew that they didn't need to face each other in the future unless it was the last day of the Grand Magic Games.

His favorite magic is his Light Magic and Pleasure Magic but he knew that it would be useless in front of Sting who was White Dragon Slayer who used light or anything white to refuel his energy. He was thinking whether there was a light that was unable to be eaten by Sting.

"Who is going for the next event?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'll do it." Kouha stood up and said, "I have been bored and I want to do some action."

They nodded and agreed with him.

"I also want to join...." Luffy was quite depressed.

"You have joined the first event. Be patient since you can still join the battle and the last event maybe," Haru said.

"Right! The battle!" Luffy had become spirited again.

Haru rubbed his nose and felt that someone had been observing him.


The Mermaid Heel's members had entered the stadium again and turned their attention toward Haru. They had learned from Kagura what was the magic of Kasugano Haruka and they couldn't help but blush.

'That magic is dangerous!' They thought inwardly. However, they couldn't suppress their curiosity since they knew that Haru wouldn't use that magic in public since he had used illusion magic to cover their fight since if someone able to watch their fight they were sure that Kagura would jump to him and decided to kill him then killed herself since it would be shameful.

'Is it really that good?' They wondered while looking at Haru.


Haru noticed the Mermaid Heel's group which was looking at him.

"Did you do something?" Kuroneko asked since she also noticed that the Mermaid Heel's group had been looking at Haru.

"Probably, because of the magic that I have used on Kagura before," Haru answered.

"It's a very dangerous magic." Kouha sighed. He could remember when Haru had used that magic on him and understood why this magic was very dangerous. He was confident that this magic was able to defeat that witch in his country.


"Have you used your magic on Kouha?" Kuroneko felt her face was hot.

"He was curious," Haru answered.


"What's that expression?" Haru frowned looking at Kuroneko.

"Nothing." Kuroneko thought that she should become a mangaka after this.


The second event was started and each of the team had sent out their representative.

Kouha entered the stage while looking at everyone. He was holding his large sword and it was quite intimidating. He had used this sword for a while and thought that it was time to go wild.

Blue Pegasus has sent out Hibiki Lates as their representative, Mermaid Heel has sent out Risley Law, Sabertooth has sent out Rufus Lore, Quatro Cerberos has sent out Semmes, Twilight Ogre has sent out random guy, Fairy Tail has sent out Bisca Connell, and Lamia Scale has sent out Sherry Blendy.


Kouha turned and saw a male in front of him. He ignored him since he didn't care much.

"Are you a female?"


Kouha placed his sword on his neck. "I am a male."


Hibiki gulped and thought he was wrong. "I am wrong."

"Good." Kouha nodded.

"Still, there are a lot of beautiful girls here," Hibiki said and didn't move away from Kouha.

"Yeah." Kouha nodded.

"Do you want to group with me?" Hibiki suddenly said,

Kouha looked at Hibiki for a while and asked, "Why?"

"I am not sure, but I can tell that you're very strong."

"What's the real reason?" Kouha asked.

"I am very weak at fighting." Hibiki sighed since his magic wasn't suitable for fighting.

"What's your magic?" Kouha asked.

Hibiki seemed proud and told Kouha about his magic. He had decided to team up with Kouha since he knew that Yajima had a good relationship with his master and also "The Infinite" was a very mysterious guild since no one had known their members before. He also thought that Kouha, who was a member of the team, would be very strong since he knew that both Luffy and Haru had won against two strong enemies. He explained about his "Archive Magic" and how useful it was when they were team-up since his magic wasn't good enough to be used on fighting.

Kouha thought for a while and said, "Let's see the event first."

"Eh?" Hibiki seemed surprised when he saw Kouha didn't agree to his invitation immediately.

"What are you surprised about? I never promised to team up with you," Kouha said.



"Then everyone lets us start the second event of the Grand Magic Games!" Loli announced.


"I also can't wait to watch the next event," Yajima said.

"Since each group has sent out their participant then let us see what the next event is?"

Then suddenly the screen shows the name of the next event.

"The Treasure Hunt!"



Loli got an explanation about the next event and told everyone about the rules of this event.

Treasure Hunt. Each participant needs to search for the treasure that is hidden in the miniature jugle before the time limit. Everyone can steal each other's treasure as long as it is within the team limit. The winner of this event is the one with the most treasure in their hands when the event is over.


Kouha knew that he wasn't good at this and looked at Hibiki. "Come with me. We're going to team up."

"Good." Hibiki nodded and asked, "Now that you mention it. What is your magic? Does it have something to do with your sword?"

Kouha grinned. "You can see it later."