Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 346

Volume 1 Chapter 346 The Treasure Hunt 1

The moment that the announcement was over the magic on the field started to construct a forest from nothing.

Kouha had to admit that this technology was amazing to construct something from nothing with very fast speed. He looked at Hibiki and asked, "Where is the treasure?"

"Over there!" Hibiki had been ready and used his magic directly while trying to search for the location of the treasure. He didn't expect to be lucky and found it immediately. He told Kouha directly and let Kouha take out the treasure.

Kouha nodded and used his power to take out the treasure.

Hibiki saw that the ground was moving before the treasure had come out from the ground. He saw that it was a golden ball the size of a golf ball, but the focus on his head wasn't that rather it was Kouha's magic. "Your magic is gravity magic?"

"Yeah," Kouha answered.

"Gravity, huh?" Hibiki nodded and thought that it was also strong magic. He remembered the confrontation between Haru and Kagura yesterday when both of them used gravity magic. He looked at Kouha's big sword and wondered whether Kouha would use that weapon too.

Kouha thought that Hibiki's magic was very useful.

Hibiki and Kouha had worked together and had gotten quite a number of treasures together.

Kouha wasn't greedy and divided the treasure 50% to 50% between the two of them.

Hibiki thought that his decision to work together with Kouha was right.


The members of Infinite and Blue Pegasus looked at each other and thought that they were pleasing to each other.

"The Infinite and Blue Pegasus have worked together!" Loli said.

"An alliance is also a strategy," Yajima said.

The audience could see that both Infinite and Blue Pegasus who had worked together had gathered a lot of treasure together and were tied in the 1st place together.


"Meen! Hibiki is good!" Ichiya praised me.

"Yes. Even though Hibiki is weak, he is smart," Jenny said.

Eve, who was beaten, didn't feel angry anymore since he saw the number of points of his team had increased.

The enemy yesterday is an ally today.

"Wait! There is someone who is going to attack them!" Ren said with a serious expression.

"Men... Hibiki... Kouha-kun.... I wish for your success...." Ichiya said with a handsome expression.



Rufus used his Memory-Make magic to search for the position of the treasure. His magic is very useful for this type of game since he could use this magic to remember the place of the treasure. 'But...' He could see that the 1st position of this event was both Blue Pegasus and The Infinite which was tied in the same position. He thought for a while and decided to wait for someone to attack both the Blue Pegasus and The Infinite to remember their magic along with preparing the countermeasure magic for them. He took the treasure one by one while observing them.

"Oh, someone is going to attack them."

Rufus couldn't wait to watch the show.


Hibiki could use his magic similarly to radar and he had noticed the presence of the enemy. "Kouha. There is an enemy."

Kouha yawned since his job was quite simple. He was quite bored but his eyes opened when he heard that there was an enemy. "Which group?"

"I am not sure. Let's wait for a while since this guy will come soon," Hibiki said. He looked at Kouha and asked, "Do you need help?"

"Don't bother, I have been very bored. Let me have fun," Kouha said and placed a large sword on his shoulder.

Hibiki nodded and didn't say anything else since he was also curious about Kouha's power.


Twilight Ogre and Quatro Puppy had reached an agreement and they had decided to work together to steal the treasure from both Blue Pegasus and The Infinite. They knew that they were dumb and it was better to steal from someone. They could see that both Blue Pegasus and The Infinite had the largest amount of treasure and decided to go for them. They were together and they believed in their power.

They talked about their magic to each other and thought that it was quite suitable to work together since they were close combat mage.

The one from Twilight Ogre could use mace magic that was able to change the size of his mace and it made him become stronger.

Semmes who was from Quatro Puppy could use a Spinning Magic. He was able to spin his body and create a destructive attack.




They also hated a pretty boy too and decided to defeat them showing a wild was the romance of man.


Kouha waited for a while and saw two guys who were running toward them.

"Wild Spin!"

"Crazy Mace!"

Semmes and someone from Twilight Ogre had used their magic to defeat both Kouha and Hibiki while also stealing their treasure.

Hibiki wanted to say something but stopped when he saw Kouha's expression. He decided to keep silent and moved back since he knew that something dangerous might happen after this.

Kouha had an excited expression on his face before stabbing his large sword on the ground. His actions caused them to be confused but they suddenly saw something that they would have never expected.


"Refined Blade At Will!"

The large sword on Kouha's hands had become 50 meters tall that made everyone open their mouths wide.

Every participant in this event could also see such a large sword appear suddenly in this field.

Semmes and the random guy from Twilight Ogre stopped their action since they couldn't attack Kouha who was 50 meters away on the sky.

Kouha raised his sword before slamming it toward his opponent. "ORAAAAAHHHHH!"

'Oh, shit...'


The attack divided the field into two and destroyed the landscape.

Kouha turned his sword to normal size again and saw his opponents had fainted on the ground. "How boring."

"......" Hibiki was really glad that they were an ally.

"C'mon, let's search for another treasure!"