Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 347

Volume 1 Chapter 347 The Treasure Hunt 2

Kouha's attack caused everyone to flabbergasted since the size of the sword was just too big.

Then everyone cheered loudly at Kouha since it was a very cool attack.


"That attack is just too awesome!" Loli commented.

"They always surprise me," Yajima said.

The participants who were joining this event were also quite surprised and knew that it was dangerous to fight with Kouha. They thought it was better to get the treasure as soon as possible or else fight someone else since it wasn't worth it to lose all the treasures in their hands.


Rufus was standing at the top of the building while watching the fight earlier. "I have memorized it." He had memorized that magic but it was whether he could do something about it or not was a different matter. He changed his plan and decided to search as much as treasure as possible since there wasn't enough time.


Kouha defeated both Quatro Puppy and Twilight Ogre then stole their treasures without hesitation.

Hibiki didn't say anything and didn't ask him to share it with him since it was all because of Kouha.

Kouha also didn't share him and saw that his team had become the 1st position after he had defeated two small fries. Though he saw that the 2nd ranking was someone from the Sabertooth Guild, this person kept increasing the number of treasures. 'I need to get more.' He looked at Hibiki and said, "Let's continue."

"Sure." Hibiki nodded and used his magic again to search for a treasure for both of them. He also knew that someone from the Sabertooth was also quite dangerous since it had overtaken him and trying to overtake Kouha's position at the top of the ranking.


"The people from the Sabertooth are certainly very strong," Shinobu said. She was sure that when she joined this event she might not be able to help that much. She could understand how much her strength was compared to the magician who had joined this event. She could remember the fight between Kagura and Haru and it was the fight that she couldn't even join. She just didn't expect him to be that strong and felt a bit curious why he had to disappear with Kagura to defeat her and what kind of method that he had used to defeat her.

"The mage in this world is powerful," Tsunade said. She could tell that the power of standard mage in this world wouldn't lose to any Chuunin or Special Jounin in her world, especially the body of the mage in this world was more powerful since ninja had the same physics as a normal human. However, she believed that ninjas were stronger since they were fighting in the dark rather than clashing directly.

"I am glad that I didn't join this event," Gintoki said. He had thought that it was very troublesome and happy that he didn't need to join this event. He turned toward Korosensei who kept cheering.

"Kouha! Go! Go! Go! Win this event!" Korosensei cheered loudly while creating a replica of himself using his fast speed on their seats to cheer them on. He knew that their numbers were small but his spirit was bigger. "C'mon everyone! Let's cheer for them!"

Gintoki, Tsunade, and Shinobu only rolled their eyes together.


Kouha and Hibiki kept working together but Rufus, who was working alone, didn't lose to either of them. Their score kept changing to each other and the difference between their treasures wasn't a lot.

The audience was silent watching this event since the confrontation between the combination of Kouha and Hibiki fighting Rufus was just too exciting for them. They had forgotten the rest of the participants since they didn't show that much excitement.


"Damn! We're being ignored!" Risley said.

"It can't be helped," Bisca said.

"Yeah, those three are too many..." Sherry said.

Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale, and Mermaid Heel were also working together since they knew that it would be hard to fight alone since their magic didn't help them too much in this event. They could only watch Sabertooth, Infinite, and Blue Pegasus kept increasing the distance between them.


Kouha looked at the time limit and there was only a minute left. He was too lazy to rob the other team and decided to end this event as soon as possible. "No matter what, don't move around."

"Ha?" Hibiki didn't understand Kouha's meaning.

Kouha looked at Rufus who was also looking at him. Both of them didn't fight each other since it was taking too much of their time. Kouha raised his finger to the sky and made Rufus frown but he didn't say anything.

Hibiki looked up at the sky to see what was happening.

"Don't slack off!" Kouha reprimanded Hibiki.

"Yes!" Hibiki also didn't want to lose to this Sabertooth.

Kouha had the power of Djinn along with the devil fruit that was able to control the power of gravity. His Djinn was also able to control gravity and it increased his power. He had learned from Haru how to mess with this event and decided to make everyone unable to search for another treasure.

Then suddenly everyone felt that they were covered by a black shadow on top of them. They thought that the weather had turned cloudy, but that wasn't the case. They saw something very big dropped from the sky at a very fast speed.


Everyone gaped in awe when they saw this scene and they were too shocked to do anything.

Rufus blinked his eyes since he had never seen such magic in his memory but more importantly that meteorite came down toward him. "DAMN!!!!!" He hurriedly ran away from his location as far as possible since he knew that the moment that meteorite came down toward him everything would be over.

Mermaid Heel, Fairy Tail, and Lamia Scale were also shocked.

"K - Kouha!!!!!!" Hibiki shouted.

"Just keep searching for the treasure and I'll win this event," Kouha said.

"......" Hibiki knew that he would be alright to stand behind Kouha and gave him a nod of affirmation.

The time of the event was almost over then suddenly everyone was greeted by a meteorite.