Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 349

Volume 1 Chapter 349 Kuroneko Vs Rogue 1

They looked at the screen and didn't expect that it would be Kuroneko who would be fighting on the stage. They would have confidence if it was either four of them since they were strong enough to bully everyone in this Grand Magic Games but this girl was a strange factor in their group.

"Everything is meaningless."

They weren't sure what they felt during the moment they heard those words come out of her mouth.


They weren't sure but they felt that they started to become worried.

"Kuroneko. Don't force yourself," Luffy said.

Haru, Kouha, and Teppei were a bit surprised when they heard Luffy's words but they knew that Luffy was also worried. Even though they were worried, they knew that they couldn't belittle her.

"Don't get hurt," Teppei said.

"Don't worry about everything since both Tsunade and Haru can help you to heal your body," Kouha said.

"I won't ask you to win, but do your best on stage," Haru said with a smile.

They knew that they were worried but they kept cheering on Kuroneko.

Kuroneko felt moved by them and nodded. "Don't worry. I'll show you the power of Queen of Darkness."


They are becoming more worried now.

"Your opponent is Rogue," Haru said. He wasn't going to lie but this match would be quite difficult for Kuroneko since Rogue was a Shadow Dragon Slayer.

Everyone in this world, as long as they have practiced Dragon Slayer Magic then they're very powerful and have the potential to become the strongest magician in this world. Don't ask the reason since it has become the plot of the author itself.

"I know. I will show my servants this game," Kuroneko said and held her right hand. "I'll win this battle." She knew that Sting was a Dragon Slayer Magic but she didn't really care much since she didn't think that she was weak after she had learned magic from Magnostadd Institute. She also wanted to show them that she wasn't weak.

Haru also knew that Kuroneko wasn't weak but she had a weakness. "You can win as long as you're not hit by his magic."

Kuroneko nodded and said, "I know. Open your eyes since you will watch the most historical match in this event." She started to float slowly toward the stage.


Haru knew that it was useless to worry about her and it was better to watch her. "Anyway, if this guy does too much on her then we can have some revenge on him." He wasn't going to lay down when Kuroneko was hurt by a random guy.

Everyone nodded in agreement. If this Sting was merciless toward Kuroneko then it wouldn't be too late for them to create chaos in the Sabertooth, along with making that guy enter the hospital a few months later.

"I can cut him," Kouha said.

"I can punch him," Luffy said.

"I can make his nerve stop working," Teppei said.

"I can make his genitals disappear," Haru said.




Rogue wasn't sure but he felt a shudder. He turned and saw four guys from the Infinite were looking at him with an intense expression. He wasn't sure but he felt that he didn't want to enter the fight.

Sting, Orga, and Rufus who had changed his clothes felt sorry for Sting for having a fight with a girl. They loved fighting but they didn't really want to fight a girl.

Sting, who was close to Rogue, patted his shoulder. "Don't hurt her too much."

"I agree with Sting." Lector nodded.

"Frosch thinks so too," Frosch said.

"From my memory, all of the members in the Infinite feel very care toward this girl. You might need to defeat her as soon as possible and not torture her," Rufus said. He had tasted the power of Kouha and it would be terrible if a meteorite dropped on their headquarters in the middle of the night when they were sleeping. He knew that he might be thinking too much but he knew that they might do that.

Orga crossed his arms and said, "Just win it in an instant."

Rogue nodded in response since he wasn't satisfied with the ranking of his guild.


"Princess." Rogue nodded.

"Win this match and we can reverse our situation," Minerva said. She could see once they had won this battle they would become the ranking one in this Grand Magic Games on the second day.

Rogue nodded and said, "Leave it to me. I'll show them that Sabertooth is the strongest." He walked out of his seat and entered the stadium.

Minerva looked at Haru and gave him a meaningful smile.


"That girl is interesting," Haru said.

"That's true." Kouha nodded.

Teppei looked at both Haru and Kouha with a helpless expression. He knew that both of them might be the greatest womanizer among their members.

"Is it delicious?" Luffy asked.


"Very delicious."


Every girl and woman in this stadium couldn't help but feel jealous toward Kuroneko since she could get the attention of four handsome men. They had to admit that they wanted to change Kuroneko's position and became a member of the Infinite Guild.

Everyone knew that with this momentum the Infinite Guild might become the strongest guild in Fiore even though it was a newly built guild.


"I am a bit worried," Shinobu said.

"Yeah." Tsunade also nodded.

"Don't worry. Just believe in her," Korosensei said with a kind smile.

Gintoki was picking his nose.


They didn't hesitate and threw him away.


"Give up."

Kuroneko frowned when she heard the first sentence that had come out from this guy's mouth. "Hmph. Throw away your useless remarks since I'll show you that your power is meaningless in front of me."

Rogue frowned, but he also understood that no one wanted to lose. "Then I'll make you give up."

Kuroneko thought that she would have revenge on this guy since he had underestimated her.

They were ready with their magic until they heard the announcement.