Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1 Chapter 35 Photo Commemoration

Sarutobi had received intelligence from his student. He was pretty much surprised when he heard that Orochimaru would start an attack during the Chunin Exam. He was curious about the source of her information until she told him that she got this information from her friends. He suddenly wanted to know who those friends were and tried to ask her.

"You won't see them later," Tsunade said.

Sarutobi wasn't satisfied with her answer but he couldn't force them. He was already grateful for her to be able to get this information or else his village would be attacked without preparation. He ordered Anbu to protect his village and to check whether this information was true or not. He had also contacted Jiraiya to come back since this matter was really serious.

"Is this true?" Jiraiya looked at the report. He didn't expect that woman to give such important information. He was wondering where she could get his kind of information.

Sarutobi nodded, "I've ordered the Anbu and this intelligence is real, Kazekage has been killed and Orochimaru has entered into their village to become their Hokage, they will attack our village at the final of Chunin Exam."

"We need to stop the exam!!" Jiraiya said.

Sarutobi shook his head, "No, we can't, it will show that our village is weak, rather than stop the exam, we need to catch him, he has already decided to come to our village, I won't let them escape again." He still felt regret when his disciple was betraying the village.

Jiraiya nodded, "I will also prepare for the war."

Sarutobi nodded and both of them started to form a plan about the next battle.


Sarutobi had been waiting for who was this mysterious friend of Tsunade but Anbu couldn't find anything. He wanted to know them but at the same time, he knew that they weren't an enemy since they would tell him about this important information.

*knock knock.

"Enter," Sarutobi said.

Shizune entered the Hokage room and said, "Excuse me, Hokage-Sama, Tsunade-Sama told me to tell you that her friends would come to the village."

"What? Is that true?" Sarutobi was surprised. He didn't expect them to come to help Konohagakure. He stood up and asked, "Where are they?"

"Tsunade-Sama has told me that they will come soon," Shizune said.

Sarutobi nodded, "Good, I want to see them too."

Shizune was surprised and wondering why he wanted to see Tsunade's friend. She thought for a while and nodded, "You can follow me, Hokage-Sama."

Sarutobi nodded, "Let's go."

Shizune was also curious since she knew that her friends were coming from the group chat. In reality, she was wondering how they were in them.


Sarutobi had arrived at her house and he was looking at them with doubt.

"Ouch, ouch, it's pretty painful, can someone heal me? My head is bleeding! I - I will die, s - someone please call a medic," Gintoki said while laying on the ground.

"It's your own fault," Haru said.

"Damn, aren't you also looking at her??" Gintoki said.

Haru couldn't deny it since he was pretty much attracted to her chest. He shook his head and healed him but he changed his light magic with green color to make everyone think that he was using a healing jutsu. He could change the color of his light magic to any color as long as he wanted.

'Hmm? Medical jutsu,' Sarutobi nodded inside his heart. He thought that her friends would be medical medics too. He looked at everyone and saw the old man and the little girl.

"Hello," Yajima greeted him.

"Hello," Sarutobi also greeted him maybe because the similarity between the ages made him think that he could be friends with him.

"Wow, it's the real Hokage!!!!!" Kuroneko was excited and jumped around. She took her phone and said, "C - can we take a picture together?"

Sarutobi looked at this girl and smiled even though he felt that this girl was strange, 'Take a picture together?' He thought that this girl wanted someone to draw them together. He nodded, "Sure." He didn't feel harm from her, rather it was curiosity.

"Yes," Kuroneko said.

"Ah, can I join too?" Haru asked. He also wanted to show this picture to his little sister. He was sure that Sora would be very surprised to see such a perfect cosplay.

"I will join too!!" Gintoki had already been pretty much healthy since he healed him. He also wanted to show this picture to both Kagura and Shinpachi. He was sure that both of them would be shocked to the core. He would tell them that he met a real Hokage and he was sure that they would be envious. He also thought about making it into the business. He was sure there were a lot of Naruto Fans who would want to take a picture with this old man.

"I won't join you, let me help you to take a picture," Yajima said.

"Ah, thank you," Kuroneko said and gave him her phone.

"What's that?" Sarutobi was curious about that small device. He was wondering what they would do with that kind of thing.

"That's the phone, we use it to take a picture," Haru explained.

"Picture? From that small device?" Sarutobi was pretty much surprised.

"I can show it to you later, but can you face up to the camera?" Kuroneko said.

"Sure," Sarutobi followed her strange request.

"Are you ready?" Yajima asked with a smile.

"Yes!!" Gintoki, Haru, and Kuroneko said at the same time.

"Cheese!!" Yajima said.


Sarutobi was dumbfounded, 'What is happening?'