Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 350

Volume 1 Chapter 350 Kuroneko Vs Rogue 2

One of the advantages of practicing the Shadow Dragon Slayer is the user can turn into the shadow itself.

Kuroneko also knew that and she didn't intend to entangle with Rogue. She knew that she was weak in her close-range combat while the only meant protection was "Borg" or the standard barrier that is used in the magician on the "Magi" world. Even though she was confident with her "Borg" but it was better to be careful rather than sorry.

Sting also wasn't going to give Kuroneko a chance to escape since he needed to defeat her as soon as possible. His eyes had turned dark and he suddenly blended into shadow.

Kuroneko jumped and floated in the sky before opening both of her arms wide. "Come! My servants!"

Then suddenly a magic circle appeared behind Kuroneko's back and summoned 10 large grotesque and scary monsters around her. She had created those monsters from a microscopic fungus around her and made it into a monster. Even though it was quite grotesque, it was on the line with her taste since she loved gothic them.

Rogue stopped and felt a bit surprised when he saw those monsters since he knew that they were quite strong. He wasn't sure what kind of magic that this girl had mastered but he knew that his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic was stronger.

Kuroneko pointed her finger and shouted, "Attack!"


The monsters moved together following her order to defeat her opponent.

Rogue stood in place before clashing with those monsters.



The moment everyone saw those monsters they couldn't help gulping their saliva. They didn't understand what kind of magic that had been used by Kuroneko. They were wondering what kind of magic it was since it was quite rare for someone to be able to summon such an entity.

"Yajima-san, what magic is that?" Loli asked in fear.

"If I am not wrong it should be plant magic," Yajima said. He couldn't tell that it was different magic from this world but he knew that the magic that Kuroneko used was plant magic.


"How can that be plant magic?" Loli was surprised.

"If I am not wrong, that should be a microscopic fungus or a very small plant that is not able to be seen. Kuroneko has increased the size of that microscopic fungus and made it into her servant," Yajima said.

Loli was surprised and said, "I can't wait to see who the winner is."



Rogue had turned his body into shadow and ran a few meters away. He was quite surprised by the power of the little girl and seemed to have underestimated her. He quickly gathered and released a large burst of shadows from his mouth.

"Shadow Dragon's Roar!"

His attack destroyed those monsters quickly. Even though the microscopic fungus was scary, it was rather weak.

The only advantage of this magic is.....



Everyone sucked a deep breath when they noticed that the number of grotesque monsters didn't decrease.

Rogue swung his hands similar to claws that destroyed one monster after another.

Kuroneko floated in the sky and kept sending out those monsters. She also used her magic to create a cloud that covered the entire stadium.

Rogue who was fighting against the monster didn't notice the change in the sky since the number of the monster was too much.

After her study in Magnostadd in "Magi's World", Kuroneko knew that she was Type 8 Magician or a magician who was suitable to learn Life Magic. She was also quite proficient in Ligtnighting Magic. She knew that she was quite weak but it didn't mean that she was easily bullied. She had entered the Training Hall in Group Chat after an update in the past and had deepened her skills on Life Magic and Lightning Magic.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The lightning was roaring inside the dark cloud.

Everyone sucked a deep breath once again to see such a small girl to be able to do such magic to fight a magician who had mastered a Dragon Slayer Magic.

Kuroneko was confident that she was able to defeat Rogue even though she knew how cheating it was the existence of Dragon Slayer Magic in this world. She also kept sending out her monster to trap Rogue in one place. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Strike!"

The thunder was roaring then along with a loud of anger it struck right on a group of monsters that were gathered around Rogue.


Everyone who saw this scene felt that it was impossible for Rogue to be able to get out of that attack and defeated instantly. In their minds, they thought that the mage in the Infinite Guild was strong.

Kuroneko knew that she had won until she heard a voice.

"Shadow Dragon Slayer is formless. It's impossible to defeat me."


Kuroneko hurriedly used "Borg" to protect herself then suddenly she was hit by a punch.


Kuroneko was thrown and hit the wall. Even though "Borg" had protected her to some extent, she was very weak. "Ugh....."

'I lost...' Kuroneko thought before fainting on the ground.


Everyone in the Infinite guild jumped out onto the field when they saw Kuroneko had fainted.

Rogue didn't say anything and turned back to his team.

"The winner: The Sabertooh's Rogue Cheney!!!!"


Everyone cheered loudly when they saw the result of the battle.


Rogue went back and sighed.

"How is it?" Sting asked.

"It's quite hard, but no one can beat me," Rogue said confidently.

"Yeah, no one can beat us." Sting nodded.

They are someone who has mastered "Dragon Slayer Magic" and there is no way that they can lose to anyone in this place.