Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 351

Volume 1 Chapter 351 Consoling

Kuroneko opened her eyes slowly and saw an unfamiliar place.

"You have woken up?"

Kuroneko turned and saw Haru there. " Haru?"

"Are you alright?" Haru asked.

Kuroneko nodded since she didn't feel anything.

"That's good." Haru sighed in relief.

"I have lost, huh...." Kuroneko felt quite frustrated since she had lost in this battle. She thought that she was strong but it seemed that it wasn't the case.

Haru looked at Kuroneko and said, "Do you want me to console you?"

Kuroneko snorted and said, "Do you think that I am that weak?!"

"That's good." Haru smiled and said, "If you want to cry then I can lend you my chest." He opened his arms and got ready to hug her.

Kuroneko was speechless seeing his action. Though she decided to let him help her. "Sorry, I have lost." She was really frustrated and started to sob quietly.

"It's alright." Haru caressed her back slowly trying to let all of her emotion that was buried inside her heart away and calmed her.


Kuroneko and Haru walked out of the infirmary together to continue to watch the match.

"Thank you." Kuroneko blushed while looking away.

"No problem." Haru nodded.

"So how is our score?" Kuroneko asked. She was confident that the four of them could obliterate the entire kingdom together with their powers.

"It should be alright. One loss is nothing since we can get the point back tomorrow, so you don't need to worry," Haru said while patting her head gently.

"Don't treat me as a child!" Kuroneko swapped his hand away. She was quite dissatisfied with how he had treated her.

"You're not cute," Haru said while shaking his head.

"Bastard!" Kuroneko was angry and jumped toward him.

Haru was speechless. "Stop! Stop!' He tried to put her down from him.

"You're strong."

Haru and Kuroneko turned and saw someone unexpected.


Haru and Kuroneko looked at each other and wondered what was this they wanted to do.

Kagura looked at Kuroneko and said, "You should join our guild rather than together with this pervert!" Her face was red while looking at Haru. She thought that Kuroneko was quite suitable to join Mermaid Heel rather than Infinite since it was dangerous for her to be this man.


Haru smiled and said, "Congrats, Kuroneko. You have received an invitation to join Mermaid Heel."


"Ha?!" Kagura seemed quite perplexed with his reaction since normally people would stop her from inviting Kuroneko.

Kuroneko snorted at him and looked at Kagura. "I am sorry, but I am very comfortable in this guild." She couldn't tell that she was from another world since it was secret.

Kagura was quite surprised that she was rejected but she didn't think much. She shook her head and said, "Is that so? If you're happy then I'll appreciate your decision but...."


"You need to be careful with this man." Kagura looked at Haru.

Kuroneko frowned and said, "I know that he is quite dangerous, womanizer, crude, pervert...."

"Oi!" Haru was speechless.

"But one thing for sure is that he is very gentle and won't treat anyone badly." Kuroneko looked at Kagura and said, "You know his magic, right? Once he has used that magic without illusion to hide the shameful thing that was happening yesterday. I wonder what would happen to you? I am sure that your shameful state would be shown to the world."

"......." Haru was wondering whether this girl wanted to mock him or praise him. 'Forget it.' He shook his head and didn't think much since she was right that he was sc.u.m and he loved more girls.

"That...." Kagura couldn't say anything since she knew that she was quite grateful for him to use illusion magic to not let anyone see her shameful state but at the same time she was also quite resentful toward him to use such magic on her. She looked at Haru and said, "I will win next time!"

Haru nodded and said, "I am waiting for you."

Kagura nodded and walked out of them. She was wondering how she could defeat such shameful magic with her own power.

Kuroneko looked at Haru and said, "You're not going to raise a "Flag" on her, right?"

Haru blinked his eyes and shook his head. "No. Do you think I am that kind of person in your eyes?"

Kuroneko didn't say anything but from her expression 'Yes! You're that kind of person!'.

Haru shook his head and said, "Let's go back. I am sure that everyone is worried."

"Trying to change the conversation?" Kuroneko snorted.

"No. Let's talk about your shameful entrance during the fight," Haru said, then held his right eye with his hand. "In front of the Queen of Darkness."

"Everything is useless."


Kuroneko blushed since she was quite embarrassed when this guy tried to mimic herself. "Bastard! Stop! Stop!"

Haru chuckled and continued to tease her while walking back to everyone.


Haru and Kuroneko had come back.

"Oh, Kuroneko. You're alright?" Luffy asked.

Kuroneko nodded. "Yes. I am alright." She bowed herself and said, "I am sorry. I have lost." She thought that they would be angry toward her since she had lost to them.

"Don't worry. We just have to beat them tomorrow!" Luffy said.

"Yeah, those guys are all small fries," Kouha said.

"Leave the rest to all of us," Teppei said.

Kuroneko nodded and said, "Good. Go and beat them, my servants!"


They were speechless toward her but they were glad that she was alright.

However, there is only one problem.

"We're not your servants!"

Kuroneko laughed then sat down with everyone.

Haru shook his head and sat down while looking at the match.

"Did you get her?" Kouha asked.

"...." Haru was speechless and shook his head.

"Well, she is not your type, right?" Kouha said.

"Can we focus on the match?" Haru asked.

Kouha snorted. "You're not fun."


"Let's win this tournament."


They knew that this quest wouldn't be smooth but they would definitely win this Grand Magic Games becoming the strongest in this kingdom and completed the quest.