Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 352

Volume 1 Chapter 352 Men

The second day of the Grand Magic Games was over and everyone was excited to watch the event on the third day.

"Then before we start the event! Let us watch the result from the event on the second day!" Loli then shouted a number of flat-screens that were made from the magic that appeared in the entire stadium, showing results from the second day.

The first one is "Sabertooth" with 34 points; "Infinite" with 30 points; "Lamia Scale" with 29 points; "Blue Pegasus" with 19 points; "Mermaid Heel" with 14 points; "Quatro Cerberus" with 4 points; "Twilight Ogre" with 4 points; and "Fairy Tail" with 4 points.


Everyone cheered when they saw Sabertooth had become the 1st ranking in the game.


Even though "Infinite" was in the 2nd rank, their popularity wasn't lost to the Sabertooth since everyone wasn't dumb and could tell that they were very strong.

"Yajima-san, what do you think of this result?" Loli said.

"As a guild master of course I am happy that my guild can become the 2nd rank in the event, but our goal is to become the champion in this Grand Magic Games! We won't lose to anyone!" Yajima said with a determined expression. This time he had shown his pride as the guild master of the Infinite guild.


"Oh, right! Let me introduce you to our guest for commentator today!" Loli said, and was introduced. "His name is Jason! He is the reporter for Sorcerer Magazine."

"Cool! Yeah! Nice to meet you, everyone!" Jason was very excited and said, "Yajima-san, let me interview your guild members!"

"Jason, you should focus on the event first," Yajima said with a helpless expression. He knew that this guy was quite troublesome but he wasn't bad.

"That's true! That's true! I can't wait to watch the third event! Cool!" Jason shouted.

"That's right! Then please send each of them to their participants in this battle!"


"I'll go." Haru stood up.


Everyone seemed quite surprised since they thought that Haru didn't have that much of an interest.

"Yeah. We need to win, right? Then, I'll get serious this time." Haru jumped toward the stadium.

"How to say? I have a feeling that he will win instantly for some reason," Kuroneko said.

"......." They didn't say anything but they felt the same as her.


"Oh!" Minerva was quite surprised when she saw he had come for the match.

"What's wrong, Princess?" Sting asked.

"That guy is interesting," Minerva said while looking at Haru.

Everyone looked toward Haru. They remembered him since he was the one who had defeated the strongest mage in the Mermaid Heel even though they didn't know how he had done it before. They only knew that he had mastered quite a number of magic and he was quite strong.

"Rogue, do you want to face him?" Minerva asked. She didn't think that Orga could defeat Haru with such slow magic and she couldn't send Sting since he had entered the first event.

Rogue nodded. "Leave it to me. I'll show that Sabertooth is the strongest guild." He jumped toward the stadium to join this event.

"I want to taste his light magic," Sting said. He regretted his choice to enter the event on the first day.

They knew that a mage who had learned Dragon Slayer Magic could eat the element of their respective Dragon Slayer Magic.

"Watch his fight first," Minerva said. She knew that even though Kuroneko had lost, the rest of Infinite guild was strong, but she was confident that they were strongest.

They nodded at their princess's words only they didn't expect for someone unexpected to enter the battle.


Haru entered the stadium and saw his familiar face. "Jura?"

"Hey, Haru." Jura smiled at him.

"You're going to enter this tournament?" Haru asked.

Jura nodded. "Of course. I know that you can defeat Kagura instantly with that strange magic of yours."


Jura and Haru turned and saw Kagura.

"Kagura?" Haru looked at her.

"What do you mean by that?" Kagura asked Jura.

"He has mastered a lot of magic and one of the magics is able to defeat you instantly. I have been beaten by that magic before," Jura said.

"......" Kagura looked at Haru with a complex expression. She was wondering whether this guy had used that magic on this old man. "PERVERT!!!!"


"Pervert?" Jura looked at Haru with a strange expression.

"No. You have misunderstood me. I didn't use that magic on Jura," Haru said. He wanted to puke when he imagined that he had used "Pleasure Magic" on Jura.


"Really?" Kagura also felt strange when she thought about it.

"Yes! Of course! There is no way that I'll use that magic on him. Please believe in me," Haru said.

"......" Kagura nodded and knew that Haru didn't have a strange hobby.

"What are you talking about?" Jura asked with a confused expression.

"Nothing." Haru and Kagura answered at the same time.

Jura smiled and nodded. "You sure are very close."


"No!" Haru and Kagura said at the same time.

"Ho? What a nice perfume!"

Suddenly someone interrupted them.



They saw a short and rather stout man with a distinctively big, somewhat rectangular face, a large flat nose which always seems to be shining, and prominent cheekbones. The guy also wore a white suit with elbow-long sleeves, with distinctive pants ending below his knees in dark hems, adorned by Blue Pegasus' symbol on his left shoulder.

Kagura wasn't sure but she hid behind Haru for some reason.


The man walked in front of Haru and said, "Handsome young man, what is your name? I can smell a very fragrance perfume from your body." He moved closer while sniffing Haru.


Haru moved back instantly and said, "Why don't you introduce yourself first, brother?"

The man nodded in a gentleman's manner. "That's true. I am very rude to not introduce myself." He jumped and rotated his body in 360 degrees before landing on the ground while hugging his own body.

Kagura shuddered when she saw his action and tried to hide behind Haru further. She wasn't sure but she felt the man in front of him was dangerous.

"My name is Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki."

"Nice to meet you."


Ichiya said while winking toward them.