Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 353

Volume 1 Chapter 353 Dominance

Haru knew Ichiya since this guy was the spiritual leader of everyone in the Blue Pegasus. He knew that this guy was impactful. He had always wanted to see this guy up close since he was one of the most popular characters in "Fairy Tail". He nodded and offered his hand. "Nice to meet you too. My name is Kasugano Haruka."

Ichiya took his hand and nodded. "Haruka-kun, how about you join us? You're very handsome and it is very suitable to join us! There are a lot of beautiful girls in our guild."


The moment Ichiya uttered those words the atmosphere became cold all of sudden

Ichiya and Haru turned and saw Kagura who was looking at them with a gloomy expression.

"O - Oh... I - I am sorry to make your girlfriend angry." Ichiya nodded and said, "If you change your mind you can tell me."

"Who the heck is this guy's boyfriend!" Kagura wanted to slash this guy in half. She held her sword and emitted her magic energy wildly.

"Calm down, Kagura!" Haru knew that for some women Ichiya was quite too much for them. "Ichiya-san, get away from here."

"Y - Yes!" Ichiya knew how terrible it was when a woman was angry and it was better to retreat for now.

Kagura snorted and said, "That guy is the worst."

Haru only nodded in response. "The event is going to start. Let's get ready."

"Good." Kagura wasn't sure why she didn't mind to follow him.

Jura looked at both Haru and Kagura and felt critical damage to his body. He wondered whether they were trying to show themselves how close they were to each other. He felt quite sour when he didn't have a girlfriend.


"Cool! Cool! Cool!" Jason was very excited.

"Yeah! I can see why you're so excited!" Loli was also very excited.

"I don't expect to see a number of strong magicians to join this event." Yajima nodded.


Everyone was quite surprised when they saw Jura, Kagura, Ichiya, Haru, and Rogue decided to join this event together. They knew that they were one or not the strongest members in their guild and each of them joined this event together. They realized that this event would be very exciting.

Quatro Cerberus, Fairy Tail, and Twilight Ogre were speechless when they saw that they were ignored. 'Hello?! We've also joined this tournament!' Though, they couldn't blame them since their team wasn't that powerful compared to the five-person in front of them.


They suddenly realized that one of them was mixed between Jura, Kagura, Haru, and Rogue.


Ichiya opened his shirt showing his thick chest.


Everyone puked at the same time when they saw this scene.

"Cool.....," Jason said with a pale expression.

"Yeah...." Yajima and Loli said at the same time.


Everyone from the Blue Pegasus shouted together excitedly.

They had also realized that from the eight participants Kagura is the only female participant in this event.


"You're very famous." Haru gave Ichiya thumbs up.

"Thank you. You can be as famous as me too." Ichiya gave Haru a handsome smile.


"Thank you for your praise," Haru replied with a pale expression.

Ichiya nodded with a handsome smile while patting his shoulder as if saying, 'I am very optimistic about you.'

"........" Haru couldn't do anything and only nodded since this guy wasn't harmful.


"Let us not wait anymore! Let's talk about the event on the third day! Are you ready?!" Loli asked.


"Screen! Show us the event on the third day!" Loli shouted.

The screen started to show the event while everyone shouted in excitement.

"THE RACE!!!!!"

Loli was excited and said, "This event is simple! All you need to become the first one to reach the finish line! You can see the map of the race on the screen!"

Everyone looked at the screen and saw the map of the race on the screen. Even though there isn't any obstacle, the distance of the race is quite far.

"There isn't any rule! Use your magic to win this race! Beat them all!" Loli shouted in excitement.

No one blamed Loli for his excitement since they knew that in the past two days these Grand Magic Games were very exciting compared to past Grand Magic Games that had been held for the past 5 years.

The appearance of Sabertooth and Infinite brought this year's Grand Magic Games to a different level compared to the past. Before only the Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel, and Blue Pegasus were the ones who usually dominated the event.

Each of the participants heard the event and nodded. They understood that even though their magic might not be good at running, they could use it to stop the other participants.


At this moment everyone in the Fairy Tail was quite sad especially Jet.

"Damn!" Jet wasn't happy since he had gone out in the first event before.

They sighed since their luck wasn't good this time. They knew that when they could send Jet then their chance to win this event was good.

Only they didn't realize that there was someone who was unbeatable at this stage.


Jura twitched his lips while looking at Haru.

"Sorry, Jura. For this event, you have to be second," Haru said.

"....." Jura sighed.

"Why are you so confident?" Kagura frowned.

Haru looked at Kagura and said, "Girl, how about we make a bet?"

"Bet?" Kagura raised her eyebrow.

"Yes, when I win please teach me about your gravity magic," Haru said. He knew that Kagura was one of the masters on Gravity Magic and he wanted to learn something from her.

"If I win?" Kagura asked.

"Say what you want? As long as it is not my body then I can give you anything," Haru said with a serious expression.

"Who wants your body!?" Kagura was mad but she thought for a while and agreed. "Good, I'll ask you for a request later when I win."

"Good." Haru agreed.

Rogue who saw their interaction snorted since he would show them who would become the winner in this event.


"Everyone please be ready!" Loli shouted.

The participants nodded and were ready to stand right behind the starting line.

"I'll start to count! Please count together with me everyone!" Loli said.






Haru didn't waste his time and used his light magic directly to move at his fastest speed that made everyone blink their eyes in amazement before reaching the finish line directly. He raised his hand and smiled with a confident smile.


Everyone was speechless at the same time. Then they started to cheer at the same time.



Everyone knew that Infinite wanted to show their dominance in this event.