Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 355

Volume 1 Chapter 355 Teppei Vs Jura

Everyone seemed curious about this green pompadour hair man since he had never entered the battle or fought using his magic.

From the Infinite guild, Teppei was the only one that no one knew since he had never used his power before.

"I'll go." Jura clasped his hands together before jumping toward the stadium. In his mind that he only needed to win this battle, but he didn't intend to underestimate Teppei since he knew that the mage in Infinite guild was very strong that even the small girl in that guild would be several times stronger than normal guild member in each guild. He could tell that guild was a gathering of an elite and he was wondering how Yajima could gather them.

"Do you think that this Teppei can beat Jura-san?" Yuka asked.

"What are you talking about, woof! Jura-san will win this match, woof!" Toby said.

"Yes, Jura-san is one of the Ten Wizard Saints," Sherry said.

"We have stayed with him for a long time and we know that there are only other Ten Wizard Saints that are able to defeat him," Lyon said.

They nodded in response and they believed that Jura would win this match.


Teppei stretched his body while looking at his opponent. He remembered that Jura was someone who had mastered "earth magic". 'How to say...' He thought to take it slowly since he was curious about the power of the Ten Wizard Saints.

"Let's have a good fight," Jura said.

"Yes, let's have a good fight." Teppei smiled at him.


"What do you think?" Kuroneko asked.

"About what?" Haru asked.

"I mean this match, do you think that Teppei can win?" Kuroneko asked.

Kouha, Haru, and Luffy only smiled.

"Teppei is very strong," they answered at the same time.

"....." Kuroneko seemed surprised and asked, "Is he really that strong?"

"In the world, there is a creature that can destroy a planet easily. If Teppei isn't strong then he is going to be obliterated," Haru said.

"......." Kuroneko thought for a while and nodded. "That's true."


"Cool! Cool! Cool! A match between a member of Ten Wizard Saints and a mysterious mage!" Jason was excited.

"Yajima-san, can you tell us about Teppei?" Loli asked.

"Please watch and you can see how powerful Teppei is," Yajima said.

"Oh, do you have that much confidence in him?" Loli asked.

"Yes." Yajima nodded.

Just kidding. Yajima knew how powerful the people in Teppei's world were. He had watched that there were a lot of people and monsters who could destroy the world easily in that world. He didn't intend to say anything since it was better for them to watch it directly.

"Let us not wait anymore! Please be ready!" Loli shouted.


Teppei looked at Jura waiting for the match to start.

Jura was very calm looking at Teppei with a smile.


Jura raised his index fingers and said, "Iron Rock Fist!" He sculpted a gigantic fist from the ground that moved very fast toward Teppei.

Teppei's speed and reflex were very fast and he jumped back to avoid that attack.


Jura's attack created large dust that covered the arena, showing how powerful that attack was.

Teppei thought that it was over but suddenly he saw a large fist in front of him.

"It won't stop until that fist has attacked you," Jura said calmly.

"Strong, but it isn't enough." Teppei jumped on the top of the gigantic fist and ran toward Jura.

Step! Step! Step!

Jura was surprised that Teppei suddenly ran on top of his magic. He knew that he couldn't avoid Teppei. He raised his index finger and shouted, "Iron Rock Wall!" He manipulated the earth to form a wall to block Teppei.

Teppei jumped once again and arrived on Jura's back. He was ready to knock Jura only suddenly he heard Jura prepared a magic to attack him.

Jura clasped his hand and said, "Supreme King Rock Crush!" He used the earth around him to surround Teppei and crushed him inside.


Everyone seemed shocked at the power of Jura. They thought that Teppei couldn't avoid that attack and defeated inside that magic. Teppei was buried inside the

Jura was calm and said, "You're strong."

"Thank you."

Suddenly a sound could be heard from inside the earth and a vine started to grow from inside trying to break out from the surrounding earth.


The earth that surrounds Teppei was destroyed.

"Vine?" Jura was a bit surprised when he saw that Teppei used a vine to break his magic.

Teppei is very proficient in manipulating a plant and his plant is very strong since there are a lot of plants that are able to destroy the world in his world. He had enough to fight Jura and decided to end this battle.

Jura knew that Teppei wanted to get close and used his ultimate attack since he knew the man in front of him was very strong. "Rumbling Mt. Fuji!" He pressed both of his hands together and summoned an enormous amount of Magic Power that overwhelmed Teppei in a beam that came off the ground.


The attack was very strong and destroyed the surrounding landscape.

Everyone gawked looking at the power of Jura's magic and they knew that the match was over.

Jura took a deep breath but suddenly he heard a voice.

"You're very strong."


Teppei didn't give him a chance. "Impact Knocking!" He struck Jura's nerve points with his finger and paralyzed him instantly.

Jura was standing there unable to do anything. He opened his mouth wide but he was unable to utter a word.


"Fiuh, yeah..." Teppei smiled toward the audience while stretching his body. He felt that he had a enough workout.


No one knew what to say with this development of the match.

"Is it over?" Lola asked.

"Yes. I have knocked his body that he is now paralyzed and unable to move," Teppei said and pushed Jura to the ground.

Jura dropped on the ground helplessly.




They don't know what is happening but they know that Teppei has won against Jura, The Ten Wizard Saints.