Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 356

Volume 1 Chapter 356 Teach Me Gravity Magic 1

Jura was unable to move and knew that he had lost. 'What is this?' He couldn't utter it through his mouth since he was paralyzed. He remembered that he was hit by something even though it was only for a moment but the result that he had lost instantly.


Jura could only look at Teppei hoping Teppei to help him as soon as possible.

"Oh, right." Teppei only remembered that he hadn't undone his "knocking" on Jura. He struck Jura again and made him able to move.

Jura felt that he had been released and he sighed in relief. "What's that?" He knew that it wasn't magic but something else.

"It's "knocking," it's similar to martial arts," Teppei said. He knew that martial arts weren't that uncommon in this place.

"Martial arts...." Jura nodded. He thought that Teppei's martial arts was so powerful that it could defeat him instantly. He stood up and gave Teppei his hand. "I'd love to have another match with you."

"So you're in luck that we might meet each other next year," Teppi said with a smile.

"Next year." Jura nodded and said, "I can't wait for that."

The audience cheered looking at their sportsmanship and couldn't wait to watch the next match. Though, they were surprised when they heard Teppei was using martial arts rather than magic since most of the people in this world were using magic.


Haru continued to watch the match but as expected it wasn't that exciting.

Luffy was the only one who was very excited throughout the Grand Magic Games, but he was quite unsatisfied since he didn't have a chance to fight someone.

However, for the 4th day, there is a chance that either Luffy or Kouha would be chosen as the representative fighter after the event.

"The event on the 3rd day is over! Let's end this while announcing the results for each team today!"

Then the screen showed the result of the 3rd-day event of Grand Magic Games.

"Infinite" with 50 points; "Sabertooth" with 48 points; "Mermaid Heel" with 30 points; "Blue Pegasus" with 29 points; "Lamia Scale" with 27 points; "Quatro Cerberus" with 7 points; "Twilight Ogre" with 6 points; and "Fairy Tail" with 5 points.

They gulped when they saw the result, especially when they saw both scores of Infinite and Sabertooth. They knew that the confrontation between the two of them would be very fierce.



The Sabertooth guild's members didn't say anything when they saw their guild master was angry.

Jiemma, who was the master of Sabertooth guild, didn't expect that there was a mysterious guild that was able to match his guild. Even though he knew the guild leader of this guild was an ex-member of Ten Wizard Saints, he wasn't convinced that his guild would lose against them. He looked at his guild members and said, "No matter what, we need to win this Grand Magic Games!"


"Minerva!" Jiemma looked at her daughter.

"Yes, father," Minerva said while looking at her father.

"I don't care what kind of means that you use just don't lose this event," Jiemma said with a fierce expression.

"Yes...." Minerva bit her lips while bowing to her father.

"Good! We're the best guild in this country!"


Haru had gone back to the hotel and changed his clothes before went out since he had promised someone but he was stopped. "Yes?"

Kuroneko and Shinobu looked at him without saying anything.

"Where are you going?" Luffy asked.

"I am going to learn about gravity magic," Haru answered.

"Learning...." Luffy frowned since he hated learning.

"I'll go now," Haru said and left the hotel.

Tsunade drank alcohol while looking at his back. She looked at Kuroneko and Shinobu who were also watching him.

"Do you want to follow him?" Korosensei said. He had also changed his clothes similarly to paparazzi while wearing sunglasses while holding a camera in his hands.

"...." They were speechless but they nodded since there was nothing they could do in the hotel and it was better to follow Haru.


Kagura was waiting for Haru in her hotel. She closed her eyes trying to mediate while thinking about her match earlier.

"Kagura, do you want to go somewhere?" Millianna asked since she was bored staying at the hotel.

Kagura opened her eyes and said, "I am sorry. I have a plan after this." She closed her eyes again and continued to meditate.

"Hmm, with whom?" Millianna asked.

"Haru," Kagura answered without opening her eyes.

"......." Kagura's words made everyone startled.

"WHAT?!" They didn't expect that the crude and prude girl that they had known suddenly decided to go out with a guy.

"What?" Kagura seemed dissatisfied with their reaction.

"I-I mean don't you hate a man?" Millianna said.

"Yes. Don't you the one who has told us that Haru is perverted!" Risley said.

"Yes, his magic is dangerous," Beth said.

"Did he ask you on a date?" Arane asked. She was quite calm since she was the oldest from everyone and she had a share of experience.

"He isn't bad and we're not on a date," Kagura answered. "I have made a bet with him before to teach him gravity magic during the event earlier." She didn't mind telling them about this matter.

"...." They nodded and felt that it was Kagura who they had known.

"So nothing has happened, right?" Millianna asked.

"Yes." Kagura nodded.

Knock! Knock!

"Excuse me, is Kagura here?"

They turned and they saw Haru there.

Kagura stood up and walked toward him. "Let's go."

"Good." Haru looked at everyone and said, "I'll borrow her for a bit."

Kagura walked quite fast, but she didn't know why she had done this. She felt somehow embarrassed for some reason.

"Wait for me, Kagura!"

The member of Mermaid Heel looked at both of them with a surprised expression.

"Do we follow them?" Millianna asked.

"Of course!" They nodded without hesitation and decided to follow Haru and Kagura only on the way they met an entire member of the Infinite.