Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 357

Volume 1 Chapter 357 Teach Me Gravity Magic 2

Haru and Kagura walked toward Ryuzetsu Land while talking to each other. Their topic of conversation was about the Grand Magic Games, mage, magic, and gravity magic.

Haru didn't have an intention to flirt with her since he felt that it would be too tiring to manage too many girls. He had too many girls in this original world and it was better to do something about his relationship in his original world rather than adding any more chaos. Though, he had to admit that Kagura was beautiful.

Kagura didn't expect that her conversation with him would be this engaging. She also tried hard not to chuckle and laugh when Haru threw some jokes on their conversation. Though she didn't feel it was bad and it was quite fun to talk with him.

They walked together until they had arrived at their destination and entered Ryuzetsu Land together.


Korosensei, along with the members of the Infinite guild, were tailing Haru when they only suddenly met the members of Mermaid Heel along the way and decided to join the mission together. They followed them from a distance then suddenly they saw them entering Ryuzetsu Land together.


"Didn't Kagura say that she is going to teach someone gravity magic? Why are they going to Ryuzetsu Land?" Beth asked.


"Secret rendezvous," Millianna suddenly said and her eyes seemed very excited since she also wanted Kagura to be happy.

"That's true. It has become more interesting," Korosensei said.


"Follow them!" Shinobu and Kuroneko said at the same time.

No one refuted them and they had decided to enter Ryuzetsu Land together.


"Did you bring swimwear?" Haru asked.

"No. Why? Do I need to change?" Kagura frowned.

"Most of the people in this place are wearing swimwear and rather than talking on the table isn't it better to talk on the pool since there aren't many people there or your magic isn't a secret or something?" Haru said.

Kagura thought for a while and felt that Haru was quite reasonable. Thought she had one problem. "I don't know which swimwear that I should wear." She didn't have experience in this kind of thing.

"Well, I'll help you to choose from." Haru took her hand and brought her to the rental swimwear.

"...." Kagura looked at his hand which was holding her. She wasn't sure why but she didn't hate it.


"Have you worn it?" Haru asked.

"Do I really have to wear this?" Kagura asked from the changing room.

"Yeah," Haru answered. He wanted to see Kagura in her bikini.

Kagura was a bit nervous and opened the curtain of the changing room. "H-How?" She wasn't sure why she asked him this kind of question. She had changed into a white bikini that showed her perfect body.

"Gorgeous." Haru could only utter that word from his mouth.

Kagura blushed and shook her head. She closed the curtain and said, "I-I'll buy this one."

Haru thought that this girl was really cute.


Kuroneko and Shinobu looked down and could only see an airport on their chest. "Bastard." They said at the same time from a distance.

Gintoki only shook his head and decided to go to an ice cream stall to enjoy the scenery around. "Ha... It's good to be young."


"I want ice cream too!" Luffy said, following Gintoki.


Haru changed into a swim trunk and walked together with Kagura. "Let's enter the pool." He felt that he was followed by someone and he knew this feeling well. It wasn't malicious and he could tell even though he didn't see them.


Haru took a ring float and placed it in the pool. "Sit on this, I'll push you from behind."

"...." Kagura looked at the floating ring for a while before sitting down. She felt that Haru pushed the floating ring from behind and her heart skipped a beat. She didn't have experience in this area, but she didn't hate it. She felt confused and it might have been the effect of his magic in the past. "How come you have learned that pervert magic?"


"How come you ask that question suddenly?" Haru asked while swimming slowly.

Kagura looked at him and said, "You're not perverted."

"Yes. Obviously. I am not." Haru twitched his lips.

Kagura smiled looking at his reaction.

"Your smile is beautiful," Haru said with a smile.

Kagura turned her head hurriedly since she felt embarrassed somehow. "Don't tease me." Her tone was a bit annoying.

Haru only laughed and talked with her.

They had somehow forgotten their intention to talk about gravity magic.


"It's good that Kagura seems happy with him," Risley said while looking at Kagura and Haru, who were playing together in the pool.

"Yeah." Millianna nodded. She looked at Shinobu and Kuroneko and asked, "Why are you not happy?"



Haru and Kagura sat side by side while eating ice cream.

"Now that you mention it, why have you asked me that I am from the same village as you before?" Haru asked.

Kagura stopped and looked down for some reason.

"If you're not comfortable then you don't need to tell me," Haru said.

"No. It's alright. I don't mind telling you....." Kagura said then started to tell him her story. She told him that her village had been attacked by a cult in the past and her older brother had become a slave. Luckily, that organization had been destroyed, but her older brother had died and the leader of that organization was alive.

"Jellal?" Haru knew about this person since he had also met Jella in the past but he decided to not tell Kagura.

"Yeah... I need to have my revenge on that person." Kagura clenched her hand tightly before she felt that her hand was held by someone. "Haru?"

"Let's not talk about this. Today, let's try to forget about this matter?"

"Forget?" Kagura frowned.

"Yes. It isn't healthy to think about revenge. I am not going to stop you and I am not going to stop you, but today don't you promise me to teach gravity magic? Then, talk about it now."

"....." Kagura looked at his hand which was gently holding her hand. ".....That's true." She looked at her ice cream before eating it quite fast. "It hurts!" She had a brain frozen since she had eaten too fast.

"Be careful. You're quite clumsy, huh?"

Kagura glared at him for a while for teasing her. "Let's enter the pool again. We can talk in the pool."