Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 358

Volume 1 Chapter 358 Push Down Again? 1

Haru could see that he was gazed at by everyone. He sighed and said, "We were talking about magic yesterday."


Haru knew that it would be hard for them to believe him and it was better to let it go. "How about we focus on the event on the 4th day now?"


They shook their heads and looked at the stadium to see the match.

"It seems to be a date in my eyes rather than teaching," Kouha said.

"Sometimes what you see isn't what has happened," Haru said.

Kouha nodded and said, "That's true. In my opinion, even though you seemed quite close to Kagura last night, you don't seem to want to make a relationship with her."

"That's true." Haru nodded. 'As expected of Kouha.' He knew that Kouha's skill with a woman was several times higher than Aladdin and Sinbad. He shook his head and it was better to see the event.


"I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of the Grand Magic Games." Loli sighed.

"Yes. Each of the events in the Grand Magic Games is very exciting." Yajima nodded.

"I don't want to wait anymore! Let us start the event on the 4th day!" Loli said.

"Each team please send out your participants so that we can start the event," Yajima said.


"Who is going?" Haru asked.

"Kuroneko or Teppei," Luffy said.

Kuroneko looked at Teppei and said, "Teppei, you go please." She wasn't confident and didn't want them to lose.

Teppei nodded. "Alright. Don't worry, I'll win this event."

"You sure give us quite some reassurance." Kouha smiled.

"If I lose then I'll eat a Bomb Bomb Durian," Teppei said.


"You don't need to do that." Haru was speechless.

"I'll go now. I can't wait to see what kind of reward I can get after the quest." Teppei jumped onto the field to join the event.


"Uwooo! I'll go out now!" Orga shouted.

Sting, Rogue, Minerva, and Rufus looked at Orga without expression and nodded.

"Don't lose, your opponent is someone who can defeat one of the Ten Saint Wizards. Don't underestimate them." Minerva had a serious expression.

"Yes! I know! I'll show that we're the Sabertooth is the strongest guild!" Orga shouted, then jumped to the field.

Rufus looked at Orga and said, "I am worried."


"Just believe in him," Sting said.

"We're the strongest." Rogue closed his eyes.

Minerva had only realized that the people on her guild were a bit strange.


"Everyone has sent out their representative then let us show the event of the 4th day!" Loli shouted.

The screen suddenly showed the event for the 4th day.

"Stay in the arena!"


What is that?

No one seemed to understand the event.

"This event is a bit similar to the preliminary event before the Grand Magic Games. The last one standing is the winner of this event," Loli explained.

"It's surely very easy to understand an event," Yajima said.

"Yes. But it is very hard since everyone is very strong and it will be a very interesting event," Loli said.

"That's true." Yajima nodded.

"Yajima-san, which team do you think can become the winner?" Loli asked.

"As a guild leader, I have to believe in my guild," Yajima said.

"Yajima-san, you really believe in your guild," Loli said with a smile.

"Of course. The guild is a family. If you can't believe in your own family then you shouldn't make a guild," Yajima said with a smile.

"T - That's a very intense proclamation, but I love it!" Loli shouted in excitement. "Let us not wait anymore!"


Teppei yawned and couldn't wait for the match to start since he was quite bored.


Teppei turned and saw Orga. "Yes?"

"Our guild is the strongest." Orga had a smug expression on his face.

'What are you? An elementary school student?' Teppei shook his head. Even though he knew that there wasn't any school in this world, especially for a mage since it wasn't necessary but he didn't expect to meet someone who was quite dumb. He wondered whether his decision to want to fight Orga a few days ago was wrong.

"What's that expression?!" Orga was annoyed.

"No. Nothing. Yes. your guild is the strongest." Teppei only shook his head and walked away since he didn't think much about Orga.

"Bastard!" Orga hadn't moved since he would later show Teppei later that his guild was the strongest.


Haru thought that this event was quite popular that it was being held again this time.

"Hmm, if I am the one who goes," Kouha said.

"Teppei is strong," Luffy said.

"That's true." Kuroneko nodded. "Me and Orga, which one is stronger?"

"If you don't get close, then you might win," Haru said.

"Really?" Kuroneko asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

Luffy nodded. "Kuroneko, you're strong."

"Just one loss is nothing. You can use it as a means to remind yourself to become stronger," Kouha said.

"Thank you." Kuroneko moved and decided to become stronger.


Everyone stood up on the round field with 200 meters diameters. They knew that they needed to defeat or pushed their opponent out of the arena to become the winner of this event. They didn't seem confused by this event since it was quite familiar with the event that they had done before.

Teppei created chair vines to wait for the match to start since he was quite bored waiting before the match.

"Hey, do you want to work together?"

Teppei turned and raised his eyebrow. "You're?"

"I am Beth from Mermaid Heel. We met yesterday when we were tailing both Haru and Kagura," Beth said.

Teppei nodded and said, "Sure, let's work together.

"Yes!" Beth was excited and thought that she could help the relationship between Haru and Kagura.

Teppei looked at Beth strangely but didn't think much. He could see that some people were working together but it was alright.

They waited for a while before they heard the announcement.