Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 359

Volume 1 Chapter 359 Push Down Again? 2

The event has started!

Everyone started to move and used their magic to attack their closest opponent.

"I'll create a shield, you can use your magic without worry," Teppei said and used magic to create a shield from vines.

Beth nodded and she was ready to use her magic.

Beth Vanderwood is a Mage of the Mermaid Heel Guild. She has masted Vegetable Magic.

What is Vegetable Magic?

Vegetable Magic is a Caster Magic related to the use of vegetables. This magic allows the caster to sprout vegetables and fruits from the ground and fight with them.

"Carrot Missile!"

Beth summoned a barrage of over-sized carrots and sent them flying at the closest opponent which was both from Quatro Cerberus and Twilight Ogre. Neither of the guilds gave up and wanted to defeat Infinite.

The carrots moved very fast with their thin edges pointing towards them.

Upon contacting the barrage of over-sized carrots suddenly.....



The carrots exploded and caused them to fly to the outside of the field.

"Interesting magic," Teppei praised.

"Thank you." Beth smiled sweetly.

Teppei looked at Beth before shaking his head. He didn't want to open a harem but this girl made him intrigued with her magic.

Then suddenly...


"Get down." Teppei made his vines wrap both of him and Beth together.


A beam of electricity hit the vines shield but it didn't cause any damage to it.

"You can't run away!"

Beth and Teppei heard a shout.

"Who is that?" Beth asked.

"It seems someone from Sabertooth. Remember the shirtless one?" Teppei said.

"Ah." Beth nodded and asked, "Will you fight him?"

"I'll do it later. I am not in a hurry," Teppei said.

"Do you have the confidence to win this event?" Beth asked.

"I am confident I will make you the runner up for this event," Teppei said.

Beth snorted and asked, "Who is the first?"

"Of course. It's me." Teppei used his thumb to point at his chest.

"...." Beth was speechless but she had to admit that Teppei was strong and she knew that she couldn't beat him. She thought that the 2nd position wasn't that bad. "Alright. Let's work together."

"Good." Teppei nodded.


Orga was similar to a mad bull. He opened his palm and sent out a beam of electricity toward the nearby opponent.



Orga didn't know which team it was but it might be Fairy Tail or something. He looked at Teppei who was working together with someone from Mermaid Heel. He snorted since he thought that the strongest should be alone and dominated this event entirely.

"Sabertooth has been very arrogant. Let me show you how to be humble."

Orga turned and saw a black-skinned young man. "You're?"

"The members of Trimens of Blue Pegasus. Ren Akatsuki," Ren said. He looked at Orga and said, "I'll defeat you now." Even though he had said that he knew that Orga wasn't weak and that was the reason he decided to use this strongest magic. He swung both of his hands in a circular motion before saying, "Aerial Phose!"

"Interesting." Orga could see the power of this young man wasn't weak but it wasn't enough to defeat him. He generated a ball of black lightning between his palms. "120mm Black Lightning Cannon!"

Ren tried to pull Orga towards him while creating a sphere-like cyclone that destroyed any surrounding obstacles easily.

Orga wasn't kind and sent out a powerful beam of electricity.


Their attacks clashed with each other and created a large impact on the field.

Ren frowned since he could feel the power of Orga's magic. He tried his best to defeat Orga.


"Get out of the way!" Orga made his beam stronger and destroyed Ren's magic.

"UWAAAA!!!!" Ren was thrown out of the field by the beam of electricity.

Orga shook his head and didn't seem that impressed by the people from Blue Pegasus. He observed both Teppei and Beth and could see that Teppei didn't do anything while letting Beth defeat two people from Twilight Ogre and Quatro Cerberus. He wasn't sure why but he was targeted again and this time it was people from Lamia Scale.

"I'll be your opponent." Lyon looked confidently towards Orga.

"Just hurry up that I don't have time to manage you." Orga wanted to fight Teppei as soon as possible.

"Good. I'll make that mouth of yours shut when I have defeated you." Lyon didn't hesitate and used his magic immediately.

Orga was the same and also did similar magic that he had used earlier. Even though he knew that this guy wasn't that strong but it was better than Ren Akatsuki that he had fought before.

"Ice-Make: Titan Feet!"

"120mm Black Lightning Cannon!"

Lyon created a huge leg out of the ice and slammed it onto Orga, crushing him underfoot.

Orga sent out a powerful beam of electricity toward this huge leg that was made of ice.


The audience was shocked by the fierceness of their combat and couldn't help but cheer them out.

"Damn!" Lyon couldn't help but curse when the huge leg of ice was destroyed by the Orga's magic. He wondered if Sabertooth was a gathering of monsters.

"120mm Black Lightning Cannon!" Orga sent out his magic again and this time Lyon was unprepared for this magic before being thrown to the outside of the field. He shook his head and looked at Beth and Teppei before sending out his magic. Only his magic was blocked by the shield of vines. He frowned and didn't expect that Teppei's plant magic would be this powerful.

"You can't run!"

"Come out from there!"

Orga shouted since he wanted to fight Teppei one by one.

"You're impatient, aren't you?" Teppei came out from his hiding place.

Beth peeked from the shield of vines but she didn't join their fight.

"Good. Let's show everyone who is the best." Orga's body started to create momentum and everyone could feel powerful magic coming from him. He knew that Teppei was strong and decided to use his strongest magic. He extended both arms before himself, his open palms facing, his fingers pointed towards Teppei. Sparks of black lightning were generated between their arms, growing larger and larger, and gradually extending to the surrounding area. With his arms completely clad in black lightning, he shouted, "Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon!" He fired a massive, concentrated beam of the aforementioned black lightning at their target.

Teppei only looked at the attack before it moved very fast toward him.