Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1 Chapter 36 I Don't Have A Money

Haru and everyone was satisfied with the photo that they had taken with the third Hokage.

Sarutobi coughed and said, "Can I ask you guys now?"

Haru nodded, "Sure, Hokage-Sama." He thought that he was in Konohagakure, he should follow the way of people in the Konohagakure.

Sarutobi nodded, "Who are you guys?" He was quite doubting when he thought that those four people were the ones who gave Tsunade about Orochimaru.

Haru looked at him and said, "How to say, we're just friends."

""Yeah, the five of us met by chance and became friends in the process," Yajima said.

Gintoki nodded in two statements.

Kuroneko smiled widely when she thought that she had friends now.

Tsunade snorted but her face was showing a smile.

Five of them had known each other for two months and they pretty much knew each other already.

Sarutobi shook his head and felt quite envious of five of them. He remembered that his friends right now were very different from before. He also didn't feel they were hostile, rather they were pretty much a group of happy-go-lucky, and he even doubted that they were the one who told the information about Orochimaru. He also didn't want to make his students make for doubting her friends, "Are you a ninja?"

They looked at each other and said, "No, we're not."

"You're not?" Sarutobi was surprised. He looked at Gintoki and said, "Hmm, are you a samurai?"

Gintoki nodded, "I'm a samurai."

"I'm a magician," Yajima said.

"Me too," Haru said.

Kuroneko felt very embarrassed by her status. She also didn't want to say that she was a civilian.

"She is the Queen of Nightmare," Haru said.

Gintoki nodded, "Yes, she is the strongest among us."

Yajima nodded with a smile.

"Eh?" Kuroneko was surprised and shook her head hard, "No! No! I'm just a civilian!" She was just a normal girl and she didn't want to get a lot of attention from those ninjas since she knew that those ninjas were very strong and hiding in the dark. She was afraid someone suddenly attacked her because of a misunderstanding.

Sarutobi ignored Kuroneko and looked at both Yajima and Haru, "Magician? Is it a person that does a trick?"

Haru nodded, "Yes, that's we're."

Yajima didn't deny it and he also didn't want to show his magic in front of everyone. He thought that someone who did a trick was very good identity.

"Teacher, you don't need to worry, those guys are just too harmless for you to worry about," Tsunade said.

Sarutobi nodded, "Well, I will leave you guys now, but before that can you tell me where did you guys get the information about Orochimaru?"

Haru nodded, "Yeah, we got it by chance from our friends."

"Friends?" Sarutobi asked.

"He hasn't come since he has had to be a matter of some sort," Yajima said.

"His wife is pregnant and he needs to be with her," Gintoki said.

"Yes, this will be his first child, he is very excited telling us," Kuroneko nodded.

Sarutobi shook his head and didn't care anymore. He needed to sort out the plan before Orochimaru started his attack in two days: "I will leave now."

"Goodbye, Hokage-Sama!!!"

Sarutobi nodded and went back to the office but he also told the Anbu to monitor them and reported their actions.


"Hmm, what should we do now?" Kuroneko asked.

"Of course, let's try the ramen," Yajima said. He remembered from the Naruto that had been shared from the group chat that the taste of the ramen in this world was really superb. He wanted to test it and to know whether it was really that delicious.

"I agree," Haru also wanted to test it since he would open his cafe soon.

"I don't really mind, I'm quite hungry too," Gintoki said and added, "Can we also stop in the dango shop?"

"Let's go," Kuroneko also wanted to tour around the town. She had always thought it was only in her imagination but she would soon see the real thing right in front of her eyes.

"Wait, who will pay the bill?" Haru asked.

"W - well, of course, isn't that obvious?" Gintoki said. He was still scared since he had been hit by her before.

"Thank you very much," Yajima said while looking at Tsunade.

Tsunade sighed and said, "Shizune, you pay them for a while, I don't have money."

Shizune twitched her lips, "Tsunade-Sama!! Don't tell me that you use most of your money on gambling again!!"

"I - I will give it back soon!!!" Tsunade said.

Four people were looking at her with a sigh. They thought that she was really unreliable.

"W - what with that look? I have a lot of money! It's just I've just used it yesterday for gambling!" Tsunade felt really embarrassed right now.

"I'm sorry, Shizune-San," Haru said to her.

"It's fine, I know the master is very unreliable," Shizune said, and added, "Let's go, I will treat you ramen and dango along the way."

The four of them looked at Shizune and thought that she should be the one who entered the group chat rather than that gambling addict.

Yajima thought for a bit and brought a small gold bar, "Can we stop to change this into money first?"

"G - gold bar!!" Kuroneko was surprised.

Haru shook his head and forgot, even though the money in his world was useless. He could buy a gold bar and change it into money in this world.

Shizune was pretty surprised and shook her head, "No, you're a guest, it'll be too rude for us not to do something for you." She refused since she had heard that they would only come for a few days. She didn't mind treating them for a while since she had quite a lot of money since it was very rare for her to use it. She also wanted to hear stories of other worlds from them.

Yajima smiled and nodded, "Then I will thank you for your hospitability."

"Thank you very much," Haru, Gintoki, and Kuroneko said at the same time.

"You're hungry right? Let's go to the ramen shop," Shizune said with a smile.

They also nodded and followed her.

Tsunade was still in her house while looking at them with a flabbergasted expression, "W - wait for me!!!"