Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 360

Volume 1 Chapter 360 Push Down Again? 3


It was a shocking scene.

No one seemed to utter any words when they saw the destruction that had been caused by Orga's magic.

Orga's magic had caused the field to vaporize into nothing and let out hot steam from the surroundings.

"S - Strong...."

Everyone couldn't help but think the same thing when they saw the result of Orga's magic. They couldn't help but think that Orga from The Sabertooth had become the winner of this event.

Orga snorted when he saw that Teppei had disappeared. He didn't think much since he thought that he had defeated him only when he saw two figures come out from the shield of vines unscathed from his magic.



Beth knew that Orga's magic was dangerous and she would be defeated. She knew that it was helpless to run away and decided to stand up behind the shield of vines that were made by Teppei earlier. She thought that at least she could minimize the damage.


Beth heard the sound of Orga's magic and closed her eyes waiting for her fate only she didn't feel anything.

"That magic is very dangerous."

Beth heard a familiar voice and opened her eyes before seeing him. "Teppei!"

"Yo. Like I said this shield is very safe." Teppei smiled.

Beth couldn't help but nod. She thought that it was quite normal since Teppei had defeated Jura before.

"Let's come out." Teppei walked out from his shield of vines.

Beth also followed him and saw the shocking expression from Orga.


Teppei stretched his hands and said, "Let's have a fun match." He wasn't the type who was fighting directly, rather he observed his opponent first before deciding to fight them. He had observed that Orga was quite impatient and Orga's magic was quite a straight forward power type fighter. He really loved to right this simpleton opponent since he didn't need to think much when he thought about them. He was only quite cautious and it had already become his habit to observe first before decided to fight. He also thought that the way of the fight of the people in this place was quite novel. Even though he couldn't copy it, he was more than happy to get the sample of their DNA or a magic guide of their respective magic.

'Lightning God Slayer Magic.'

Teppei heard from Haru that Orga magic was a magic that was used to slay a God. He felt quite weird for a mortal to be able to learn the power to slay a God, but he didn't think much since there was a lot of similar legend in the past.

'But to think God is lower than Dragon.'

Teppei wanted to observe the power of Dragon Slaying Magic, but he knew that he couldn't be greedy since there was a lot of chance. He had thought a lot in the past days and thought that the development of his story in his own world wasn't that bad, but he was wondering whether he had a way to trick Joie the person who had brainwashed him.

Orga wasn't going to be beaten easily and made electricity around his body so Teppei wouldn't be able to get close. He had confidence in his magic and he didn't have the experience of being lost to someone in terms of power. He sent out a beam of electricity one after another toward Teppei.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


"Damn! Don't run away!" Orga was pissed. He didn't expect that Teppei would be this slippery and none of his attacks were able to hit Teppei. He knew after watching Teppei's match with Jura that he couldn't let Teppei get close to him in close combat or else he might lose instantly. He created a barrier of electricity and released a spark of thunder around his body.

Orga's thunder is different from normal thunder since his thunder is able to slay a god.

Teppei thought while dodging the beam of electricity from Orga. Even though small electricity might not damage him, he didn't want to destroy his pompadour hairstyle. He was a man of style and he wanted to be stylish all the time even in the battle.

For the first time, Beth felt that it was good when she was ignored by Teppei and Orga. 'It's good. Please keep fighting!.' Even though she knew that she might have a chance to defeat them, she didn't attack them, especially Teppei since he had helped her before.

Orga wanted to attack Teppei again but suddenly he felt that his body couldn't move. "What?" He suddenly noticed a small needle on his body and knew that it was an attack from Teppei. He frowned since he didn't understand why Teppei had never used his magic.

Teppei dashed and appeared in front of Orga who had been paralyzed. "You lose." He raised his fist and slammed it toward Orga's face.


Orga was thrown off the field and lost his battle against Teppei.

Everyone seemed shocked with the development of this battle since they didn't expect for Teppei to be able to win against Orga.

Teppei turned and looked at Beth who had an expression similar to a scared rabbit. "Do you want to give up or to have a battle with me?"

Beth thought for a while and said with a firm expression, "Fight!"

"Good! Let's do it!"



"The winner is Teppei from the Sabertooth!"


Teppei raised his fist up high while showing his smug smile.

No one was sure, but they were sure that this Infinite guild might raze the entire Grand Magic Games.