Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 362

Volume 1 Chapter 362 Shopping 1

"With that, the event on the 4th day is over!" Loli shouted with a sigh.

"Tomorrow is the last event." Yajima sighed.

Everyone also sighed since they didn't expect that the event would be this exciting. They wanted to watch the event more only they knew that tomorrow was the last day of the event.

"Before we end the event, let's see a point for each team for the 4th day," Loli said.

The screen started to show the points of each team.

"Infinite" with 60 points; "Sabertooth" with 54 points; "Mermaid Heel" with 39 points; "Lamia Scale" with 31 points; "Blue Pegasus" with 21 points; "Quatro Cerberus" with 17 points; "Twilight Ogre" with 6 points; and "Fairy Tail" with 6 points.

Everyone sucked a deep breath seeing the result of the event. They could see that The Infinite had a high chance to win this event, but Sabertooth also wouldn't go down easily since their points difference wasn't that much.


Jiemma was angry but he calmed himself. He knew that when his guild could defeat The Infinite tomorrow then his guild would become the strongest in this kingdom. He thought for a while and observed the other teams from each guild and knew that they were weak but when they gathered together then they might become strong. He was wondering whether he could use them and at the last moment, his guild would become the champion of this event.


"Yes, father." Minerva was silent and didn't say anything. Because of the education of her father, her personality was rather distorted but she was really afraid of her father since he was very strict toward her. She also wanted to make her guild become strongest but the result made her quite disappointed. She was quite scared of her father and waited for him to say something.

"Minerva, listen to me...."


Haru was glad that he could use his ghost to spy on the situation of each team. He was silent listening to each of the teams who were talking to each other about their strategy to win the championship of the Grand Magic Games. He smiled and thought that Sabertooth was quite funny. He was more interested in Minerva since this girl was quite spunky in his opinion.

"What's wrong?" Kuroneko asked.

"Nothing. It seems that there are a lot of people that are trying to target us tomorrow," Haru said.

"It's normal since we're the leading one," Teppei said.

"But our situation is better since we have made a lot of allies before," Haru said.

"Ally, huh? I don't think that ally can last that long," Kouha said.

"Yeah. Only eternal interest can last long," Haru said.

"We're going to win this event!" Luffy jumped excitedly.

They looked at Luffy with a smile and nodded. They were confident that they could win in this event tomorrow.



Everyone went back to their hotel they needed to rest for a while.

"I am hungry! Haru! Cook us something!" Luffy jumped toward Haru while shaking his body. Staying in this world for a while made him realize that Haru's cooking skills were top-notch in that event his chef on the crew might lose against Haru.


Haru was helpless but Luffy's stomach was similar to a bottomless pit. He knew that Luffy could eat so much but he didn't expect to be this much. He had brought a lot of ingredients and food for the past few days only it was emptied immediately by Luffy. He was in luck since he had gotten a lot of money from gambling.

"Luffy, here is some chocolate." Kuroneko threw a bar of chocolate into the air.

Luffy stretched his neck and caught the chocolate in his mouth before eating it immediately. "More!"


Kouha also took the chocolate that he had kept and broken it into three pieces. He threw three of them at the same time but in a different direction. It was quite easy for him to do this since gravity manipulation was able to move something with his thoughts.

Luffy who saw a three chocolate became excited and he stretched his head with very fast movement caught all of the chocolate on his mouth. He ate the chocolate and smiled. "It's yummy!"

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Everyone seemed amazed at Luffy's action.

"Good boy." Kouha patted Luffy's head.


They knew that it was a strange scene when Kouha treated Luffy as a pet but they had gotten used to it.


Only that chocolate was unable to stop Luffy's appetite since he was very hungry. "Haru!"


"Sigh...." Haru shook his head and said, "I'll buy some ingredients. You can eat a table or chair while waiting for me to go back."

Luffy scratched his head in confusion. "Can I eat the table or chair?"


They were helpless and decided not to say anything.

"Wait here for a while until Haru comes back," Kouha said while patting Luffy's head.

"Yeah." Luffy nodded.


Shinobu and Tsunade were looking at Haru for a while. They knew that Haru was in deep trouble but they hadn't gotten a chance to tell him about this problem.

"He was going out to buy groceries," Shinobu said.

Tsunade nodded and said, "You go with him. You can tell him on the way later."

"What?! Me?" Shinobu was surprised.

Tsunade nodded. "Is there something wrong?"

"Why not you?" Shinobu felt that it was quite shameful to go out together with Haru alone. She felt that it was similar to date and she was too embarrassed to do it.

"I want to follow but..." Tsunade showed a large number of empty bottles of alcohol. "I am a bit tipsy. He might bring me to a hotel later."


Shinobu was speechless and only realized that Tsunade was very unreliable. "Haru! Wait for me! I'll go with you!"

Tsunade shook her head looking at Shinobu's back.

"You're not going?" Korosensei suddenly asked.

"Ha? Why should I?" Tsunade asked.

Korosensei smiled and said, "You're not going to be jealous later?"

Tsunade snorted and said, "I am old. Leave this romantic thing to the young one."

Korosensei looked at Tsunade for a while and decided not to force her. He nodded and said, "Don't regret it later."

Tsunade only shook her head before she continued to drink alcohol before there wasn't anything left. She sighed before closing her eyes to sleep.

But before that...

"Go die! Pervert octopus!" Tsunade threw an empty bottle toward Korosensei.

"Nyuhuhuhuhu!!" Korosensei laughed while holding a camera.