Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 363

Volume 1 Chapter 363 Shopping 2

Shinobu looked at Haru who was very tall for her. She knew that it might be because of the genes that she was quite short and couldn't grow that much. She remembered the girls in this world along with their bomb b.r.e.a.s.ts and that made her quite depressed. "Sigh...."

"What's wrong? Did you miss your home or something?" Haru asked since he saw her sigh.

"Nothing." Shinobu shook her head.

"When a girl says nothing then there is something." Haru stood up in front of Shinobu and said, "Tell me. I won't laugh at you."

Shinobu raised her eyebrow and asked, "Really?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded. He felt a bit strange since Shinobu was usually quite fierce and it was his first time to see her become this mellow.

"Do you think that a short woman is unattractive?" Shinobu asked.

"...." Haru had thought about the possibility of questions only he didn't expect such a question from Shinobu. He smiled and asked, "Did you fall in love or something?"

Shinobu blushed and was a bit mad. "Just tell me!"


Shinobu watched Haru with a nervous expression. She was quite worried now and regretted her decision to ask him this question.

Haru thought that Shinobu who was fl.u.s.tered was quite cute but he knew that he needed to solve this problem swiftly. "They're attractive. Very attractive."

"......" Shinobu blinked her eyes and didn't believe what she had heard. "Really?"

"Of course." Haru crouched down to be able to gaze at her at the same distance. "Especially you. I am sure that many guys will be very lucky to have you around. You're a very great doctor and if I am sick then I might ask you to tend to me since it'll be great to be tended by a cute doctor."

"......" Shinobu knew that Haru was a harem protagonist and this guy was a really bad guy who often said cheap words to beautiful girls but she knew that the words that he had uttered for her were real and that made her very happy.

The only problem is...

"Hmph! I am not a cheap girl!" Shinobu snorted and looked away.

"......." Haru was speechless toward this girl.

Shinobu walked and said, "Let's go. We need to buy groceries!"

Haru shook his head while smiling. "Yes. Yes." He thought that this girl was kind of cute.

Shinobu turned toward him while giving him a smile. "Let's go to that store for a while."

"How about the grocery?" Haru asked.

"Luffy can eat a table or chair for a while." Shinobu snorted

"Alright, as you wish." Haru smiled.


Minerva looked at the surroundings and couldn't help but become gloomy.

Everyone's mood was high when they heard Jieamma shout.

"We're the Sabertooth! We're the only strongest guild in this kingdom!" Jiemma shouted.


Minerva knew that her father was confident, but she wasn't a fool. She knew how powerful the strength of the guild member of the Infinite. She felt quite suffocated in this place and decided to get fresh air for a while.

"Princess, are you going somewhere?" Sting asked. His mood had become high after he had heard the enthusiasm of everyone.

"I'll go out for a while to get fresh air." Minerva teleported instantly outside the hotel that the Sabertooth had rented.

"Princess is in a bad mood," Sting said.

"Well, Orga lost earlier," Rogue said.

"..." Orga didn't say anything and closed his eyes. Even though he had lost earlier, it didn't mean that he had given up. He can't wait for tomorrow for a chance to defeat Teppei. He looked at Rufus and said, "Rufus, tell me about my fight earlier."

Rufus nodded. "Alright."

Even though the guild might be a bit distorted, their will to win this Grand Magic Games didn't lose. They would definitely bring honor and supremacy to their guild.



Minerva wasn't sure but she had a strange feeling about the Infinite guild since that guild was strong yet it was different from her guild which was similar to a kingdom with her father as the king. She didn't hate this feeling and she also loved it since she wanted to be in the top position of everyone else. She wanted to be the one who was dominated. She suddenly thought about her meeting with Haru a few days ago. She only thought to go out and smelled a delicious sake but didn't expect that it was very delicious. She was reluctant to ask him and she wasn't sure why she had a desire to dominate him.

Minerva thought that made him her butler was good.

Haru would twitch his lips when he heard her.

Minerva shook her head and decided not to overthink. She wanted to get some fresh air since she didn't want to stay on the guild for a while. 'Father....' She wanted to be on the top even more than her father, but she knew that her father was stronger than her. She remembered the strict education that she had received during her childhood and that made her shudder for a moment. She didn't want to have that feeling again. She was wondering where her mother was since her father had never said anything about her before. She walked for a while but stopped when she saw someone familiar.

"Kasugano Haruka..."

Minerva didn't recognize the girl beside Haru but somehow it annoyed her. She thought for a while and smiled. She decided to use her plan early to become the winner of this Grand Magic Games. She used her magic and disappeared silently.


Haru knew that it was normal for a woman to love shopping but he didn't expect that Shinobu was the same. He thought that Shinobu was an alien only he thought too much and knew that Shinobu was the same normal girl.

"Let's buy this." Shinobu looked at the hair accessories on the store in front of her. She wasn't sure when she could wear it but she loved it.

"Alright." Haru had money and it didn't harm him to pamper this girl.

Then suddenly someone appeared in front of them as if teleporting.

Haru's response was fast and grabbed this person immediately.



Haru looked at his hand, kneading the girl's b.r.e.a.s.t. He looked at this girl and was surprised. "Minerva?" He didn't move his hand and stayed in the same place.



Shinobu's response was faster and she kicked him down. She looked at the girl and asked, "Are you alright? I am sorry for this pervert."

Minerva blushed and grabbed Shinobu with her arm. "If you want her then you need to give up the event tomorrow."

"Eh?" Shinobu was stupified.

Minerva teleported directly and disappeared in front of her.

Haru stood up and shook his head.

"Do you think that you can run away from me, girl?"