Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 364

Volume 1 Chapter 364 Medicated Oil

Minerva is very proficient in Spatial Magic, especially her Spatial Magic is a bit special since it is known as Territory. This magic makes her able to conjure a kind of wave-like matter that resembles a tomoe (swirl symbol on Japan), which allows her to manipulate the space around any object or substance of their choice, allowing for great versatility. One can manipulate space as means of defense, offense, by means of forming heat and generating explosions, teleporting people and/or objects of their choice, and granting the user the ability to switch places with other people who are in close proximity.

Minerva looked at Shinobu who was quite small. She didn't feel harm around her and felt that it was similar to a butterfly, even though it is beautiful but it is weak. She looked at this girl who was quite thin and didn't understand why Haru was interested in this girl. She only wanted to kidnap this girl and threatened him to give up the final of the Grand Magic Games tomorrow. She thought to trap this girl in her space but she thought it would be interesting to see his expression when she tortured this girl.


"Aaaahhh!!!!" Minerva let Shinobu from her magic and saw a wound on her stomach. She was angry and looked at Shinobu who was holding a very thin sword in her hand. She held her stomach and looked at Shinobu in anger.

Shinobu sighed and said, "I wonder why I have always been kidnapped." She knew that her appearance was quite weak since she was short and thin and that was true since she was weak. She had been kidnapped before and this time she was kidnapped again. She knew that she was weak and that was a reason that she had been trained on the Group Chat. She didn't buy much skill, only a spatial bag that was able to keep her things. Her poison sword was very powerful and it was enough for her and the space dimension gave the enemy the element of surprise.

Minerva wanted to torture this girl only suddenly she felt that her heart was beating very fast. She saw that part of her hand had turned purpler. "W - What did you do?!" She suddenly became scared and looked at Shinobu's sword. She saw a purple liquid dripping from the tip of Shinobu's sword. "Poison?" She had turned pale when she thought about it.

"Yes." Shinobu smiled and said, "This is poison. This poison will kill you in one hour."

Minerva smiled when she thought that she could fight this girl only suddenly she couldn't move her body and dropped on the ground. She had quite a tough body after she had trained with her father but this poison was able to paralyze her body. She suddenly remembered Teppei's fight in the past and knew that it might be similar.

"I only paralyze your body for an hour but after one hour then you can say goodbye to this world," Shinobu said with a hint of mercy. She had killed a lot of people in the past and she didn't think much.

Different from this Fairy Tail world, the world of "Kimetsu no Yaiba" is very chaotic and there are a lot of criminals.

Shinobu didn't intend to give this woman mercy. "Even though I have helped you to push away the pervert you have intended to harm me, huh?" She walked slowly in front of her and looked at Minerva in disdain.

Minerva bit her lips and looked at this little girl. She didn't expect that such a small girl would be able to defeat her. "I'll torture you!"

Shinobu smiled and didn't say anything. She didn't fear torture from this woman. She thought for a while and took out a green oil from her spatial bag.

"What's that?" Minerva looked wary of Shinobu. She couldn't move her body and thought that green oil on the small bottle was a poison.

"This is not poison rather it is a....."

"Antidote?" Minerva asked with a hopeful expression.

Shinobu thought for a while and nodded. "It's similar to an antidote."

"Give me that! I'll give you anything!" Minerva was desperate as long as she was able to get that green oil on the bottle her poison would be cured and it wouldn't be long for her revenge on this little girl.

Shinobu nodded and said, "Alright. I'll give this medicated oil." She walked toward Minerva and pulled her skirt.

"W - What are you doing?!" Minerva was mad. She didn't expect that she had lost too much tonight. Someone had kneaded her b.r.e.a.s.ts and then this little girl would also try to humiliate her. She felt that her future was quite bleak.

"Don't worry." Shinobu poured the oil on Minerva's bottom and said, "This will be good for your health."

Minerva felt strange when the oil touched her butts then slowly dripped toward her private area. She suddenly couldn't help but shout, "AAAHHHHH!!!!!!"


Haru had been searching for Shinobu. He sighed when he thought about spatial magic since it was quite cheating magic. His Light Magic might be able to move him at quite high speed but space magic is different since the user can appear suddenly. He knew that someone appeared in front of him but his reaction slowed down since he was touching Minerva's b.r.e.a.s.ts. He had to admit that Minerva had very big knockers.


Haru raised his eyebrow and moved very fast before arriving at the location. "Shinobu!"


Haru didn't say anything since the scene in front of him surprised him. He saw Shinobu yawn while sitting on the chair and Minerva was screaming without moving. He looked at Shinobu and asked, "What have you done?"

"I have only given her medicated oil," Shinobu said.

"....." Haru wasn't sure what to say and only looked at Shinobu with a speechless expression.