Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 368

Volume 1 Chapter 368 Final Of Grand Magic Games 3


Orga, Rufus, Rogue, and Sting looked at Minerva. They weren't sure but since yesterday Minerva's mood was quite strange.

The event had started but the team Sabertooth didn't move from their location.

"Don't worry. We don't need to be in a hurry," Minerva said. She looked at them and said, "Let me remind you, besides the team Infinite. Everyone at this event is very weak."

They nodded and agreed with Minerva's thought.

"Even though both Jura and Kagura might be strong, their teammates aren't that much better from small fries," Minerva said.

"I won't say much, just defeat everyone here and show that we're the strongest." Minerva had a serious expression on her face.



Sting, Rufus, Rogue, and Orga started to move and searched their target.

Minerva didn't move but looked at them before using her hand to touch her sensitive place. She could feel a strange feeling that she had tasted yesterday and it was very hard to forget. She was really wondering whether she could get the oil from yesterday.


Luffy was facing the entire team of Blue Pegasus. He smiled and said, "I am very excited!"

Hibiki used his magic directly to control the direction of the battle. He moved his fingers on the keyboard from his magic and said, "Be careful. Luffy is a very strong opponent." He remembers Luffy as very agile and strong. "Eve! Use your snow magic to slow him!"

"Ren! Try to use your magic to trap him! Suck the oxygen around him!"

"Ichiya-san! Jenny! Attack him together!"

"Yes!" They answered at the same time. They had their own roles and could work together and their teamwork was the best.

Ichiya knew that he needed to get serious. He took out two bottles of perfume and inserted them right into his nose holes.


Ichiya's body suddenly turned into a muscle and his suit was blown away by the impact of his magic. "Uughh....." He raised both of his hands doing a s.e.xy pose before dashing toward Luffy.

Jenny was the same and used her magic too. Even though it was rare for her to fight, her magic was very powerful.

Take Over: Machina Soul. This particular form of magic allows the user to touch different types of machinery, subsequently taking their capabilities and assets for themselves. These forms allow the user to transform their attire into that of well-armored outfits, these being equipped with heavy weaponry.

"Battle Suit!"

Jenny covered her attire into that of well-armored outfits, these being equipped with heavy weaponry. She raised her hand and started to shoot out a gun from her armor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"UWOOO!!!!" Ichiya raised his fist and punched Luffy.


Luffy didn't close his eyes but he could feel the direction of their attack as if he could read their intention or future. 'Is this observation haki?' He thought that he had learned it and decided to test it for a while. He jumped into the sky to dodge Ren's attack, a dome of air which sucked the oxygen in its surroundings.

"White Out!"

Eve sent out an avalanche from his hand toward Luffy.


Luffy jumped out again in the sky. He rotated before using his leg to attack Hibiki who had become the commander of this team. "Gomu Gomu no Axe!" His leg was moving similar to a whip and slammed toward Hibiki.


Hibiki was defeated by his attack. "Kuwaah!!!"


"You!" Ichiya pointed his finger toward Luffy with a serious expression. He dashed again and did a combo of attacks using both of his firsts. He was similar to a frenzied warrior.

Luffy raised his fist and punched it right into Ichiya's face.


"Uwaaaah!!!" Ichiya was thrown away by Luffy's attack.


Luffy didn't stop and moved toward Ren who was quite troublesome. He knew that Ren's magic was air magic and it would be serious trouble if he couldn't breathe.

Ren used his magic to blast Luffy but Luffy was too agile.

Luffy could dodge Ren's magic easily with a very agile speed. He stretched his hand before saying, "Gomu Gomu no...."

"It's bad!" Ren knew that he needed to dodge but it was too late.

"Pistol!" Luffy struck his attack toward Ren's stomach.


"ARGHHH!!!!!" Ren was thrown and slammed into a nearby building. He had fainted and had lost instantly.

Even though they were included in one of the strongest guilds, strength and endurance wasn't their forte.

Jenny used this chance to attack Luffy with a large number of missiles from her magic.

Swush! Swush! Swush!

Luffy ran very fast and dodged those missiles easily.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Luffy was moving again and no one could stop him. He looked at Ren and wanted to defeat him.

"White Out!" Eve frowned and didn't want to lose too easily. He sent out another avalanche only it was hard to attack Luffy since Luffy was very agile as a monkey.

Luffy stretched his hand again. "Gomu Gomu no..."


"Pistol!" Luffy struck his fist toward Eve's body.

Eve was thrown and his body slammed into the street.


Luffy collected a number of points from his confrontations with Fairy Tail and the Blue Pegasus. He had received 9 points from Fairy Tail and 8 points from Blue Pegasus. He looked at Jenny before using the same attack to defeat her. He knew that he needed to win since he also wanted to get a reward from the Group Chat. He wanted to continue to search for a battle but he saw someone in front of him. "Sting."

"Yo, Luffy. I have been waiting to defeat you here," Sting said with a smug smile.

Luffy nodded with a smile and said, "Let's go, Sting!"

"Yeah!" Sting shouted.

Luffy and Sting looked at each other for a while before they started their confrontation.