Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 369

Volume 1 Chapter 369 Final Of Grand Magic Games 4

Haru was quite bored and said, "I'll go and try to defeat someone."

Kuroneko thought for a while and said, "I'll follow you."

Kouha and Teppei didn't stop them.

Teppei looked at Kouha with a confused expression.

"What?" Kouha looked at him with a strange expression.

"You don't want to follow them?" Teppei asked.

Kouha shook his head and said, "I'll try to go out too. I am also quite bored in this place." He didn't walk but floated while holding his large sword on his shoulder.

"Don't use that meteorite attack!" Teppei shouted.

"Yes," Kouha answered without turning toward Teppei. He waved his hand and searched for an opponent to have fun.

Teppei shook his head and suddenly said, "Why don't you come out?" He turned and saw 10 people coming out from their hiding place. "Twilight Ogre and Quatro Cerberus, huh?"

"We'll have our revenge this time!"



"Everyone attacks this guy together!"


Teppei shook his head and thought that no matter how many small fries in front of hegemon everyone was useless. He raised his hand and taunted them. "Come."


"It's very rare for you to come with me," Haru said.

"Well, I am a bit curious about the effect of your new magic," Kuroneko said and looked at him with a curious expression.

"......" Haru twitched his lips when he heard such a thing.

"Hey! Use your new magic later!" Kuroneko said.

Haru shook his head and ignored this girl. "You should follow Kouha."

"It doesn't matter, I want to follow you," Kuroneko said.

"How is your summons?" Haru asked.

"It has been defeated." Kuroneko shook her head and said, "I am too weak. Those monsters are too weak."

"Well, you can become stronger later," Haru said.

"That's true." Kuroneko nodded.

Haru and Kuroneko walked slowly while talking to each other about magic to become stronger. He had a variety of magic and his power was versatile. It was hard to tell whether he was powerful or not but compared to the strongest people in "Toriko World"...

Haru could only shake his head when he thought about such powerful creatures in that place. His strongest magic was this "pleasure magic" even though the power was strange but it was undoubtedly very strong magic. He hated the side effects of searching for a way to solve this matter. He suddenly stopped when he felt a presence.

"What's wrong?" Kuroneko asked.

"There is someone," Haru said.

Kuroneko stopped and squinted her eyes to see five-person appeared in front of them. She was familiar with them but that didn't stop her from exclaiming. "Mermaid Heel!"

Haru could only shake his head looking at them and wondering why five of them came toward him.


Kouha yawned looking around in search of an opponent.


Suddenly five ice crows moved very fast toward Kouha but those crows suddenly dropped on the ground.


Kouha used his gravity manipulation to stop those crows and looked at his opponents. He shook his head and didn't expect to meet the Lamia Scale. He remembered a topic about a "protagonist aura" that he talked about with Haru in the past. 'There's always trouble, huh?'

"Jura-san. Kouha is very strong. Let us help you," Lyon said.

Jura looked at Kouha and knew that even though Kouha was small, his strength was big, especially when he saw the large sword on Kouha's shoulder. "You don't use your meteorite?" He wanted to test his earth magic to stop that meteorite.

Kouha shook his head and said, "No." He smiled and said, "I don't need to do that to defeat you."

"Awoo! You bastard!" Toby was mad and ran directly toward Kouha.

The team of Lamia Scale didn't stop Toby since they knew that it was useless. They only hoped for Toby to be able to damage Kouha.

Toby grew his nails long and released a green liquid from the tip of his nails.

"Paralysis Claw: Mega Jellyfish!"

Toby slashed his nails toward Kouha.

Kouha only swung his sword and slammed it into Toby's face.


Toby was thrown and defeated instantly.

"......" The team of Lamia Scale frowned when they saw this scene. They didn't expect Kouha to be this strong.

Kouha raised his palm and suddenly he let out his gravity power to send out pressure toward them.

"Ice Shield!"

"Earth of Wall!!!"

"Puppet Shield!"

Lyon, Sherry, and Jura combined their magic and created a shield of ice, a group of puppets and earth to protect everyone.


"Hmph!" Jura raised his eyebrow.

Lyon and Shery were almost thrown but Jura's shield supported them.

Kouha didn't stop and put more power into his gravity pressure.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Kouha's attack cracked the combination shield of the three.

"Wave Disperse!" Yuka shouted and used his magic. He created a transparent wall to block Kouha's attack. "Go!"

Lyon and Sherry were in action and they used their magic to attack Kouha at the same time.

"Ice Dragon!"

"Lasser Doll!"

Lyon created a dragon that was made from ice and Sherry used her doll to send out a lesser towards Kouha.

Lyon also glued Sherry's doll to his ice magic to make his ice dragon become stronger.

Kouha raised his sword and swung it toward the ice dragon while also increasing its size.


Lyon and Sherry had become pale because of the impact of that attack.

"Stone Hammer!" Jura raised his finger and created a large hammer made of earth before slamming it toward Kouha.

Kouha was merciless and slashed this hammer of the earth using his sword.

Yuka suddenly appeared beside Kouha when Kouha was distracted and attacked Kouha. He was only suddenly dropped to the ground by pressure. "Hghhh!!!!"


Yuka tried to hold it but he fainted in that attack.

Jura, Sherry, and Jura had a serious expression on their faces.

"How about I help you?"

They turned and saw Rufus there.


Teppei had defeated everyone and suddenly saw someone that he had defeated before. "Yo."

Orga gnashed his teeth but took a deep breath before looking at Teppei in a calm manner. "I'll defeat you."


"Use your magic on us!"

Haru twitched his lips looking at a group of Lamia Scale who ordered him to use his magic on them.