Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 370

Volume 1 Chapter 370 Final Of Grand Magic Games 5

"Hehehe, I have always wanted to fight you, Luffy," Sting said.

Luffy smiled and said, "Yes. I have also wanted to fight you too."

Sting was quite unsatisfied before since he couldn't fight him until the end, but this time it was different. He would show everyone that the Dragon Slayer was the strongest and to do that he would defeat the rubber man in front of him. He gathered magic energy in his mouth before shouting, "Light Dragon's Roar!" He shot out a beam of light from his mouth.

"Gear 2nd," Luffy said and he started to pump the blood on his body. His body turned red and said, "Shave!"


The Light Dragon Roar was very powerful and destroyed a house and continued to destroy everything on its path.

Sting knew that it wasn't enough to defeat Luffy but he didn't expect Luffy to be this troublesome opponent.

"Gomu Gomu no...."

"Jet Pistol!"

Sting was hit and he was thrown into a nearby house.


Sting had blocked Luffy's attack with his hand but he felt that his hand was quite hurt. He grinned and thought that Luffy was a very powerful opponent. "Hahaha!" He laughed and stood up looking at Luffy. He knew that Luffy couldn't maintain that state for a long time but he didn't want to wait for Luffy. He decided to get serious this time. "I'll win this Luffy! I'll show you the power of Dragon Slayer."

"Interesting. Show me, Sting," Luffy said with a smile.

Sting looked at Luffy and couldn't understand why Luffy could smile in this situation. He didn't feel that smile was mocking him, but it made him eager to show how powerful he was to Luffy. "Be prepared or else you might get hurt!"

"White Drive!"

Sting surrounded his body in an aura of light, amplifying the powers of his White Dragon Slayer Magic. This spell also improves the user's overall physical performance, including their strength, speed, and endurance.

Luffy could tell that Sting had become stronger and it made him excited.

"Here we go!" Sting dashed and moved very fast. He suddenly appeared beside Luffy and used his hand similar to a claw to attack Luffy.

Luffy, who had learned observation Haki, dodged Sting's attack.

Sting grinned and kept attacking Luffy.

Luffy also continued dodging Sting's attack.

The confrontation of their fight was so fierce that it destroyed a number of the houses in this field.


Sting, who had covered his body, had become truly strong enough that with a single punch it could destroy a house.

Luffy's speed was very fast and so agile that he could dodge all of Sting's attack.

Sting frowned and quickly gathered a large quantity of light from his mouth. "White Dragon's Holy Breath!" He released his magic from his mouth and blasted everything on its way.


"White Dragon's Holy Breath" had a larger radius than "White Dragon's Roar" and it caused destruction around its surroundings.

Everything had turned into ruin and Sting was the only one who was standing in the middle of ruin. He grinned but his scene of smell suddenly noticed something and he was punched in the face.


Sting was thrown away again and his face was very hurt.

"You're strong."

Sting looked at Luffy whose shirt had turned into nothing but his straw hat still intact. "You!" He couldn't help but became angry since his attack was useless. He stood up once again and faced him again. "Go down for me!" He raised his claws and attacked Luffy with a combo of an attack.

Luffy didn't dodge again this time but faced Sting directly. Even though he didn't use an armament haki, his fist was very hard and powerful.


The audience were in awe when they saw the confrontation between Luffy and Sting.

Loli, Yajima, and Arcadios didn't say anything and watched the fight with a serious expression.

They wanted to know who would come out as the winner in this battle.

Sting didn't expect Luffy's fist to be this hurt. His sharp claws would turn into dull if he continued this confrontation. He knew that he needed to use his advanced magic or else he would lose this battle. He jumped back several steps and gathered a large quantity of light around his fist.

Luffy could feel the powerful energy that was coming from Sting.

"Don't run this time." Sting taunted him.

Luffy was tempted to test the power of that attack and wanted to have a direct confrontation. He wanted to test whether his attack was more powerful than Sting's. He nodded and jumped to the sky before inflated both his arms by biting both his thumbs and blowing air into them.


"Gomu Gomu no...."

Sting rushed toward Luffy and punched him with the fist which had gathered a large amount of light.

Luffy stretched both his arms far back, and then hurled them forward.


"Gigant Bazooka.....!"

Sting released the stored light inside his fist.

Luffy sent out his gigantic arms toward Sting.

Both of their attacks met each other.


No one blinked their eyes as if afraid to lose the thing that was happening on the screen. However, the light that came out from Sting's attack was very bright that made them protect their eyes unconsciously.

The light had gone and they saw a single figure who was standing after the confrontation. They cheered at the same time seeing the winner of this battle.


Luffy raised his fist while laughing. "Shishishi...." He looked at Sting who had fainted and said, "Let's have a battle again next time."


Teppei looked at Orga who was in front of him and shot out his nail only suddenly a black figure appeared and blocked that nail.

"Rogue." Orga was a bit surprised.

"Let's defeat him together," Rogue said.

Orga nodded and said, "Good." He was confident of defeating Teppei with Rogue.

Teppei smiled and taunted them. "Two versus one? I am troubled, but the winner has been decided."