Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 371

Volume 1 Chapter 371 Final Of Grand Magic Games 6

Teppei didn't expect both Orga and Rogue to work together to defeat him. He thought with Orga's big confidence it would be hard for them to work together only if he seemed to have underestimated them.

Orga and Rogue worked together to defeat Teppei. Orga was the one who faced Teppei directly and Rogue was hiding in the dark trying to search for a chance to defeat Teppei from the shadow.

Teppei didn't attack them immediately but he was trying to read the battle. He knew that the one who was the most troublesome would be Rogue since he had seen Rogue's body could turn into a shadow. He ducked down when Rogue's sneak attack wanted to smack his head. He saw a chance to knock Rogue but Rogue's body turned into a shadow and his attack passed thought didn't cause any damage to him.

"120mm Black Lightning Cannon!"

Teppei dodged Orga's magic and jumped to the roof trying to open a distance between them. He nodded and could see that their combination attack was quite good, but it wasn't perfect.

Orga and Rogue looked at Teppei who was standing on the roof and they were looking at him carefully since they knew that once they were careless they would be paralyzed by him.


Orga, Teppei, and Rogue noticed an explosion on the side and they could see a battle between Luffy and Sting.

"Sting." Rogue frowned and looked at Teppei. He knew that he needed to get serious. "Orga. I'll use that."

"Really?" Orga was surprised.

Rogue nodded and didn't talk anymore. "Shadow Drive!" He cloaked his body in an aura of shadow.

Teppei could see that Rogue had become stronger. He remembered that it was a special technique for someone who had learned 3rd generation Dragon Slayer.

Rogue wasn't the type who loved to talk. He was silent and deadly. He appeared silently beside Teppei and attacked him.

Teppei had a very good reflex and dodged Rogue's attack by a millimeter.

Rogue frowned for a second before continuing to attack. His attack was very devastating and he disappeared from side to side with.

Teppei couldn't help but use his hand to block Rogue's attack. He covered his arm with a vine under his tracksuit and didn't receive any damage from Rogue's attack.

Orga also moved and attacked Teppei directly since he wasn't good at sneak attacks. He knew that his attack might be useless but he could get an opening for Rogue to deliver an attack of Teppei.

Orga and Rogue did a combination attack together. Orga covered his attack in lightning and Rogue attacked from the shadow.

Teppei moved agilely, dodging their combined attack.

"Shadow Dragon's Roar!

"120mm Black Lightning Cannon!"

Orga and Rogue sent out their attacks at the same time, but Teppei dodged their attack again. They frowned at how slippery this person was. They knew that they needed to attack Teppei from a close distance or else they wouldn't be able to defeat him.

Rogue moved closer once again and sent out his magic. "Shadow Dragon's Crushing Fang!" He lashed Teppei with his open hands cloaked in shadows.

Orga searched for a chance to send out his ultimate attack. He knew that Teppei could dodge his attack and he hoped for Rogue to be able to make Teppei stay in place.

Teppei blocked Rogue's attack with his vines. Even though he might be able to block Rogue's attack with his bare hands, he wanted to be careful.

"Shadow Dragon's Waxwing Flash!"

Rogue turned his body into shadows and then wrapped himself around Teppei, assaulting him with a torrent of feather-like shadows generated from his hands.

Teppei tapped the ground and made a shield of vines once again blocking Rogue's attack.

Orga used this chance to appear beside Teppei and used his ultimate magic. "Lightning God's Charged Particle Cannon!" He fired a massive, concentrated beam of black lightning at Teppei.


Orga's attack vaporized the surrounding area instantly.

Rogue wasn't going to give Teppei mercy and also attacked him at the same time. "Shadow Dragon's Roar!" He sent a large burst of shadows from his mouth instantly.


Orga and Rogue combined their attack together and they were confident in their attack. Only they suddenly realized that their feet were covered in vines and grew instantly to cover their bodies. Rogue turned his body instantly into a shadow to escape from these vines, but Orga couldn't do that and tried to escape with a bombardment of lightning attack.


Teppei wouldn't let Orga away. He suddenly reappeared and made a spear of vines stabbing Orga's stomach.

"Ugh...." Orga was stabbed and defeated. He was teleported instantly to tend his wound on the stomach.

"You!" Rogue was angry.

Teppei didn't give him a chance and attacked Rogue instantly, closing the distance between the two of them.

Rogue was in his shadow state and in this state it was impossible for a physical attack to attack him.

Teppei attacked Rogue with his fist only it was passed through Rogue's body. He frowned and wanted to jump back.

Rogue didn't give him a chance and covered his hand in shadow. "Shadow Dragon's Slash!" He punched Teppei, only Teppei dodged him. He wanted to attack Teppei again but suddenly realized there was a green powder around his surroundings. "Powder?" The powder scattered around and he also breathed that powder inside his lungs.

"It's spores. You have inhaled it, right?" Teppei suddenly said and appeared beside Rogue.

Rogue wanted to turn his body into tangible but suddenly he felt a pain in his body.


Teppei's punch connected to Rogue and made Rogue slam into the nearby house.


"Cough! Cough! Cough!" Rogue tried to breathe but it was very hard.

"Slowly breath that...." Teppei said slowly.

Rogue suddenly felt that he had a headache and dizziness. He saw Teppei split into two, then four, then six, and Teppei kept splitting.

"Now, sleep."

Rogue couldn't handle it anymore and dropped on the ground.

Teppei shook his head and smiled. "It's easy."


The audience who saw this scene screamed in excitement but there was one person who wasn't happy.


Jiemma shouted and kept watching the screen.


"Sabertooth?" Jura frowned.

"Let's work together," Rufus said.

Jura looked at Rufus for a while and nodded. "Let's defeat him first."

"Good." Rufus nodded.

Kouha looked at them and smiled. He thought that the match would become interesting.