Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 372

Volume 1 Chapter 372 Final Of Grand Magic Games 7

"Lyon. Sherry." Jura looked at both of them.

Lyon and Sherry nodded.

They understood that they needed to work together with Rufus, but after they had defeated Kouha then they would defeat Rufus. They knew that it was a bit cruel but it was a competition.

Rufus didn't care much about their thoughts, but he had an idea what they were thinking about. He only smiled and didn't think much since in his thought the only team that was able to shake Sabertooth was the Infinite. If he only needed to defeat Kouha then everyone would be much easier. He knew that his team was working together to defeat each member of the team Infinite. He had used his magic and saw a team of Fairy Tail, Quatro Cerberus, and Twilight Ogre who were defeated easily. He could only sigh and thought they were trash.

"Ice Blade: Swan's Wings!"

"Doll Attack: Mud Doll!"

Lyon sent out a plethora of bladed swan wings which rushed Kouha, attacking in a flurry to inflict lethal cuts.

Sherry created a monster using the liquefied ground to cover Lyon's attack.

Kouha snorted and swung his sword, blasting their attack away.

Rufus and Jura used this chance to attack Kouha at the same time.

"Memory-Make: Karma of the Burning Land!"

"Rock Avalanche!"

Rufus touched his temple then used his magic to set the ground ablaze. The inferno started to grow larger, before ultimately striking the target from below.

Jura extended one hand towards Kouha and his index and middle fingers outstretched, and the others bent. This prompted the nearby surface to be split into boulders of various sizes, which were lifted into the air and sent flying at Kouha with a great amount of force and cause a huge blast.


Everyone couldn't help but suck a deep breath when they saw the destruction that was caused by both Jura and Rufus's combination of magic.

Lyon and Sherry thought that it was over only they heard someone's voice.

"Be careful," Rufus said while frowning.

The dust which was covered in the area disappeared and showed the figure inside. They saw Kouha who was protected by an invisible barrier that was made from gravity floating there while yawning.

They couldn't help but frown when they saw the result of their combined magic.

"I'll use my strongest magic, then use your strongest magic to defeat him," Rufus said and used his magic while placing his finger on his temple. "Memory-Make: Showering Ancient Wisdom!" He combined forms of Magic that he had memorized, particularly Ancient Magic from books in order to create a magical seal of light above the Kouha. This affected the gravity in the area under the seal, pushing Kouha down into the ground.

Kouha, who also used gravity power, frowned when a force was trying to push him down. He tried to resist this force and kept floating while looking at Rufus.

Rufus started to sweat on his face since he tried really hard to force Kouha down to the ground. He tried to trap Kouha so Jura could finish Kouha. He hoped for Jura to be able to defeat Kouha in one go.

Jura knew that it was his chance to defeat Kouha. "Lyon! Sherry! Use your strongest magic!"

Lyon and Sherry nodded at the same time and used their strongest magic.

"Ice-Make: Double Titan Feet!"

"Doll Attack: Rock Doll!"

Lyon created two huge legs of ice and slammed them onto Kouha, crushing him underfoot.

Sherry gathered a pile of rocks and formed it into a large golem-like creature before ordering it to slam its large fists into Kouha.

Jura, who saw both Lyon and Sherry use their magic, also used his strongest magic. He pressed both hands together and summoned an enormous amount of Magic Power that overwhelmed everything. "Rumbling Mt. Fuji!" Then a beam came out of the ground and destroyed the surrounding landscape.


The combination of their magic created a large impact and shook the ground intensely that almost destroyed the field itself showing how powerful their combination attack was, especially with the magic from the member of Ten Saint Wizards.

Rufus was also amazed since he had never seen such magic in his memory. He knew that he might be paranoid and decided to use another magic to end Kouha in this event. He pressed his temple with his finger before saying, "Memory-Make: Colorful Slashing Attack Flames!" He summoned a red wave of flames enhanced with lightning, which exploded after contact with Kouha.


Another blast made the surroundings shake once again. The place where they had used their magic was in a mess and it was covered in a flame. They thought it was over only suddenly everything was blasted away.


They used their hands to protect their eyes and saw this figure again, but this time Kouha had changed.

Kouha's hair grows longer and its color changes to light purple. He has pink spikes coming out of his back that take the shape of wings. He gains a sideways third eye in the middle of his forehead. His arms and legs are both clad in the same spikes which take the shape of armor. He wears a necklace and arm bracelets on both arms. The large sword in his hand has turned into a scythe with a hammer on the other side.

Kouha raised his weapon and used the hammer side toward them.

Then suddenly.....


Jura, Sherry, Lyon, and Rufus felt tremendous pressure on their bodies. They felt that their bones would be broken under this pressure.

Lyon and Sherry fainted directly on the ground.

The ground on their surroundings had turned into a crater and their magic was also on the limit.

Kouha pressed his hammer again, increasing the pressure on their bodies.

Rufus couldn't handle it anymore and was beaten by Kouha.

Jura tried really hard to endure this attack only Kouha suddenly turned his weapon to the scythe and slashed his body.


Jura was thrown and his chest was slashed by Kouha's attack.


Jura, Rufus, Sherry, and Lyon were teleported right away since they were wounded after the battle.

Kouha stood there and rested his weapon on his shoulder before transforming back. He yawned and decided to sleep since he knew that the event would be over soon.