Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 373

Volume 1 Chapter 373 Final Of Grand Magic Games 8

Haru knew that he needed to be careful when he had to face the entire team of Mermaid Heel since he knew that they were powerful, but the words that came out from their mouths made him feel strange. "Use my magic?" He knew that they would be fighting each other and he wasn't dumb to know what they meant by their words. He looked at Kagura since he knew that this girl had told them about his magic.

Kagura, who was being stared at, couldn't help but look away. "They have forced me."

Millianna snorted and said, "I wonder whether your magic is really that powerful."

"I'm a bit curious," Arane said.

Haru raised his eyebrow and asked, "You're not trying to win?"

They looked at each other and shook their heads.

"We're curious about your magic, but we also won't give up the position of champion in Grand Magic Games," Millianna said.

Kuroneko looked at the team of Mermaid Heel and couldn't help but feel dumbfounded. She looked at Haru and wondered whether the aura of Harem Protagonist would be this strong.


Minerva, who was hiding in the dark, couldn't help but hear their conversation. "Magic? What kind of magic?" She tried to remember what kind of magic had been used by Haru. She remembered that Haru had learned Light Magic, Illusion Magic, Zipper Magic, and the last mysterious magic that was able to defeat Kagura easily. She was quite curious about this mysterious magic and decided to hide in the dark waiting for a chance to reap the points from them. She knew that it wouldn't be too late to fight in the end when everyone was tired and careless.

Minerva also thought about learning about their power first before she decided to strike.


Haru could feel that someone was watching them, but he decided to not do it anymore. He looked at them and pointed his finger toward his left side then a ball of light started to glow brightly.


A laser of light was fired from Haru's finger and made an explosion.

The team of the Mermaid Heel had become worried since they had forgotten that Haru was also strong with his other magic. The other four of the Mermaid Heel team were different from Kagura since they weren't that strong. Even though it was cruel, they knew their limit and the gap between them.

Kagura stood up in front of everyone and knew that she was the only one who would be able to fight Haru.

Kuroneko thought that it would lead to a romantic comedy plot, but she didn't expect that it would lead to a bloody fight. She also started to get ready to fight and also wanted to use this chance to show her power.

The four other girls were also getting ready to fight together. They might not be able to defeat Haru one by one, but it was different when they were working together.

Haru looked at them and suddenly sighed. "Do we need to fight?" He didn't really want to hurt girls in this fight.

"Yes," Kagura answered without hesitation. She had thought of a way to defeat him and she wanted to try it.

Haru thought for a while and sighed. "Then, I'll use that magic."

The moment everyone heard the words, a pink aura came out from Haru's body.

Haru used illusion magic to cover his surroundings since he didn't want to show their shameful appearance to everyone. He wanted to keep their purity and he also didn't want to let anyone see them in their s.e.xy state.

The pink aura turned into tentacles and moved very fast toward their target.


"What is that?"

Minerva could see a pink aura that came out from Haru's body. She wasn't sure why but she felt a strange feeling from that magic. She knew that it was his magic, but she didn't know the effect of that magic. She suddenly saw the pink aura turned into a tentacles and moved very fast toward her.



"Move out!" Kagura, who had quite an experience fighting with him, immediately told everyone to run away. She knew that once they were touched by that pink tentacle the fight would be over immediately.

Beth, Arane, Risley, and Milliana who heard Kagura's words also knew that Haru's magic was dangerous, but Arane and Risley couldn't move when the pink aura came out from Haru's body and fell on the ground with a red face and hugged their own bodies lewdly.

"Arane! Risley!" Milliana shouted and couldn't help but feel worried.

Beth used her magic to send out a carrot missile, but Kuroneko blocked her attack.

"You're my opponent," Kuroneko said. Even though she knew that Haru's magic was very lewd, it was necessary to win. She thought that it would be very easy with this magic and looked at both Arane and Risley who had fallen under this magic.

"M - My body is hot...." Risley who had turned into her slim form couldn't help but m.o.a.n.

Arana only hugged her body since she felt really hot and she kept secreting an intense smell from her sensitive part.

Risley and Arane had only realized that the effect of Haru's magic would be this devastating. They couldn't move and could only m.o.a.n under this magic.

Kuroneko couldn't help but suck a deep breath looking at the exaggerated reaction of both Risley and Arane. She looked at Haru and nodded, feeling that this was the true Harem Protagonist.

Haru ignored the gaze of Kuroneko and faced Kagura since this woman was very agile trying to avoid his attack. He turned his five fingers into a zipper then entered a battle against Kagura. He didn't use his tentacles to attack Kagura and faced him directly.

Kagura took a deep breath to calm herself and swore to defeat him.


Minerva was in her hiding place kept m.o.a.ning and felt intense pleasure on her entire body. She hugged her body tightly while m.o.a.ning. "Aaaahhh...!!!!"