Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 374

Volume 1 Chapter 374 Final Of Grand Magic Games 9

"Chainsaw Mode!"


Haru's fingers started to move very fast and made a dangerous sound. He used his hands similar to claws and slashed it toward Kagura.

Kagura also took out her sword immediately. She knew how powerful this zipper was since she had faced him before.

Zrrt!!! Zrrt! Zrrt!!!

The zipper chainsaw kept moving and wanted to rip apart Kagura's sword.

Kagura saw this scene and couldn't help but frown since she could feel that the power of this zipper was more powerful than before, especially when it was added by Haru's power that made her jump back to ease the force of his attack.

Haru raised his eyebrow and knew that this girl was powerful. He raised his fingers before shooting light beams once again.



Kuroneko was facing both Beth and Millianna. She knew both of their magics and she was really careful. She summoned her creatures again and made "Borg" or a barrier around his body to protect herself.

Three of them didn't join the battle of both Haru and Kagura since they were too powerful.

Beth and Millianna looked at both Risley and Arane who were m.o.a.ning on the ground. They were curious but didn't dare to try.

"What's your name?" Millianna said while using her magic. Her magic is Binding Magic. This magic is able to conjure magical tubes that they may manipulate and utilize in various ways. She held the tube in her hand and threw it toward Kuroneko.

Kuroneko snapped her finger and sent out a bolt of lightning stopping Millianna's attack. "Kuroneko." She answered her question since she didn't mind.

Beth sent out carrot missiles toward Kuroneko. Even though she knew it was a bit dirty, she needed to do this since she wanted to help Kagura. She knew that Haru was very strong and needed several people to defeat him.

Kuroneko used her creatures to block the carrot missiles.

"That's too dirty Beth!" Millianna complained.

"..." Beth was too shy since even her team had reprimanded her.

Kuroneko shook her head and couldn't help but say, "Good grief..."

"That person is too powerful." Millianna sighed looking at the destruction that was caused by both Kagura and Haru.

"If you have time to talk...."


"Millianna!" Beth pushed Millianna away to avoid the zap of lightning.

Kuroneko looked at Beth and Millianna and couldn't help but sigh. She knew that she was too weak now that she couldn't defeat two cannon fodders. She knew that she wasn't that smart and it was hard for her to master the ability of lightning since it needed a lot of calculation. She hoped to be able to master her lightning magic as skillful as Misaka Mikoto, but she knew that it would be hard. Her only chance to get stronger was to receive a reward from the Group Chat. She fought off both Beth and Millianna but suddenly they heard a m.o.a.n of someone.

"Whose voice is this?" Millianna asked.

""I'm not sure, but it's coming from that alley," Beth said.

Millianna, who had a similar cat, couldn't stay in place and was curious about what was happening.

Kuroneko frowned when both of them were underestimating her. She created a large number of monsters to attack them again.

Millianna and Beth became fl.u.s.tered when they saw the number of monsters. They had forgotten about the m.o.a.n that was happening in the alley.

"W - Wait... Don't leave... Ahnn...." Minerva m.o.a.ned alone on the alley.


Kagura used her gravity magic, but Haru also countered her with his gravity magic. Their gravity magic clashed with each other and they continued with their close combat confrontation. She frowned looking at Haru's fingers that had turned into zippers. She was just too surprised at how hard it was since her sword was also very strong.

"Strong Form!"

Kagura sheathed her sword before slamming it toward Haru.

Haru used his observation haki to read into the future and dodged Kagura's attack easily. His movement was very slippery and he didn't use his light speed to do that.

Kagura frowned and used another technique. "Slashing Form!" She unsheathed her sword and slashed Haru at a rapid speed.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

If it a normal person that person has been slashed into a dice, but Kagura's opponent wasn't a normal person.

Haru dodged all of her attacks and didn't dare to underestimate Kagura's attack since he knew that Kagura's sword was just too strong. He really hated this sword and saw an opening before he slashed Kagura, but he didn't injure her.

Kagura who was slashed saw that her clothes had been ripped by Haru. Her face flushed in red and hurriedly used both of her hands to cover her body. "Did you see it?" Her tone was quite angry asking him this question. She dropped her sword and the ground and looked at him with a resentment expression.

"....." Haru sighed and took off his clothes before giving it to her. "Use this for a while."

Kagura looked at him giving her clothes couldn't help but feel warm. She used one hand to take those clothes and wore them right away.

"Why don't you give up?" Haru asked.

"Then, why don't you use your magic on me?" Kagura asked.

Haru looked at Kagura with a strange gaze.

"W - WHat's that expression?!" Kagura was mad.

Haru shook his head and said, "As you wish." He thought about ending this event as soon as possible. Then the pink aura started to brighten and covered everyone in his surroundings.

Kagura tried to hold herself but it was useless. She fell down on the ground and m.o.a.ned very loudly.

Kuroneko, Millianna, and Beth also m.o.a.ned together. Even though they were fighting with each other earlier, they enjoyed Haru's magic together.

The event was over then everyone heard the announcement from the announcer.