Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 376

Volume 1 Chapter 376 Internal Conflict

Sting, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga stood up together and didn't say anything. They knew that they had failed in this Grand Magic Games. They looked at Jiemma who was very furious but didn't say anything to them.

Jiemma looked at the four people in front of him and his daughter who was standing beside him. He felt very disappointed with them, especially his own daughter. "Minerva."

Minerva, who was silent, didn't say anything and stood up in front of her father.


Jiemma didn't hesitate and slapped Minerva's cheek directly.

Minerva was thrown and fell to the ground while holding her cheek.

"Bas---!!" Sting was angry when he saw Minerva being slapped by Jiemma, but he was stopped by Rogue. "Rogue!"

Rogue only shook his head.

Sting clenched his hand and wondered whether it was really the guild that he had been revered and happy.

"You have disappointed me," Jiemma said with a cold gaze toward them. He gnashed his teeth and said, "From now on, all of you are kicked out of this guild!" It might be because he had been clouded by anger that he had said those words, but he didn't care. He didn't need a weakling in his guild. He could gather his team again in the future and it would be more powerful than before.



Everyone was also shocked when they heard Jiemma's words since the four of them were the pillars of their guilds, but they were only grassroots members and didn't dare to say anything. They also knew that it was also their chance to become the strongest member in Sabertooth and they looked at four of them in disdain. As for Minerva, she was the daughter of Jiemma and they could do nothing about her.

Orga, Sting, Rufus, and Rogue couldn't believe what they had heard. They were angry then snorted at the same time.

"Good, I'll quit this guild!" Sting was too angry and erased the tattoo of the Sabertooth guild on his hand.

Rogue was also very disappointed and also erased the tattoo on his hand.

Rufus and Orga also didn't hesitate and erased their tattoos.

They were powerful enough and each of them was very arrogant. They decided to show this old fart that this guild would be destroyed sooner or later.

"But father...." Minerva wanted to stop her father's decision since it was very foolish behavior. She knew that even though Sting and Rogue were weaker than her father, before long they would become stronger than him.

"As for you, I'll handle you myself," Jiemma said with a snort looking at her daughter. He was really disappointed with his daughter since she had lost to a random mage.

Minerva's expression became gloomy when she heard Jiemma's words and the dark memory from her childhood started to emerge to her head.

"Sting...." Lector looked at Sting with a worried expression.

"Lector. Do you want to come with me?" Sting asked.

"Yes!" Lector didn't hesitate to say since he only stayed here because of Sting.

"Frosch thinks so too. Frosch doesn't want to be separated from Rogue," Frosch said.

"Frosch...." Rogue nodded and took Frosch with him.

Jiemma looked at them and snorted. "Group of losers! Just scram from my eyes!"

Rufus, Rogue, Sting, Orga, Lector, and Frosch felt that the string that had connected them with the Sabertooth guild was cut at that moment. They also snorted and left the guild. They didn't look back and decided not to have any relationship with this guild again.

Minerva looked at their backs and shook her head. She knew that she couldn't stop her father and she wasn't sure what to do.

"Go to your own room now!" Jiemma said to Minerva.

Minerva stood up while holding her cheek that had turned red. She entered her room and no one had stopped her. She slumped on her bed and thought about a lot of things. She sighed and suddenly missed the medicated oil and Haru's magic. She wanted to forget a lot of things and didn't want to think of anything complicated. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down from her eyes.


Jiemma looked at the rest of his guild members and said, "We're the strongest! We don't need a loser!"


"We'll show them that our guild is the strongest!" Jemma shouted full of momentum.


If Haru saw this scene then he would think that Jiemma was a leader of MLM or cult since this guy could make everyone became spirited with his speech.


Sting had calmed down after he left the guild's headquarters. He didn't bring money and wasn't sure what to do after this.

"Sting, what should we do now?" Lector asked.

"Rufus, what is your idea?" Sting asked.

Rufus thought for a while and said, "It's better that we join a guild."

"Guild? But which guild?" Orga asked.

"Hmm...." Rufus thought for a while and looked at them, "That depends on your choice. Frankly, with our power, it isn't difficult for us to join any guild in this kingdom."

They nodded and knew that they were powerful.

"But I don't want to join a weakling guild! I want to show those smug faces that we will destroy them in the future," Sting said with hateful expression.

Rufus, Rogue, and Orga nodded and they agreed with Sting since they were also very annoyed by Jiemma.

"Even though I hate him, I have to admit that the old fart is powerful," Sting said.

"We need a powerful guild," Rogue said.

They understood that there was at least three guilds that were suitable for them to join.

"Blue Pegasus?"

They shook their heads together.

"Lamia Scale?"

"It isn't bad, but....."

They looked at each other until they heard a voice.

"Do you want to join our guild?"

"....." They turned their heads together and were surprised to see this person.


"Your answer?"

They looked at each other and nodded without hesitation.