Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 379

Volume 1 Chapter 379 Vast World

"This is Yukino Agria. She said to me that she wanted to join our guild last night," Haru said while introducing the beautiful girl beside him. Though, he felt that their gazes on him felt weird.

"H - Hello." Yukino blushed and bowed her head. She was very nervous, but her actions were quite cute in front of everyone's eyes.

Shinobu and Kuroneko frowned when they saw the big knockers on Yukino's breats.

Sting, Orga, Rufus, and Rogue didn't seem to care much about this girl and only yawned while holding their heads since they were quite sleepy and had drunk a lot of alcohol. Their first impression of this guild wasn't bad since they had released all of their emotions last night.

"Agree!" Yajima nodded. He knew that everyone would go back and he was very happy that his guild was able to get five-member of Sabertooth into his guild. The memory from his youth suddenly emerged and thought to make his guild could become the best guild in this kingdom or even the world.


They didn't have much of an opinion and nodded since they knew that Yukino was quite powerful.

"Yukino, what is your magic?" Haru asked. Even though he knew, he needed to ask this question.

"My magic is Celestial Spirit Magic," Yukino said while showing them her keys.

They raised their eyebrows when they heard Yukino's magic since Celestial Spirit Magic was very rare magic and the user was almost non-existence in this age.

Korosensei nodded and said, "I understand, Yukino-chan. Then how about we prepare since we need to get going."

"Where are we going?" Sting asked.

"Our headquarters are in Hargeon Town," Shinobu said.

"There are a lot of fish there!" Luffy said with a smile.

"Fish!!!!" Lector and Frosch seemed very interested when they heard about a fish.

Sting and Rogue smiled when they looked at both of their cats.

"Are we going to use a train?" Rufus asked.

Gintoki shook his head and said, "We have a tycoon here. You don't need to worry about such things."



Haru wore his sunglasses and said, "Let's go. We don't have too much time." He threw a car key at Rufus.

"This is?" Rufus caught the key and asked.

"Car keys. Let's go." Haru didn't want to waste time since he missed his family and wanted to go back.

They followed him and took care of everything before they went to the three cars which were parked in rows together.


Orga couldn't help but whistle looking at the model of the car in front of him.

"Let's go back to the Hargeon."


They spent a few hours talking to each other since it would be their first time to invite someone into their guild in this "Fairy Tail World". They thought that it would be a waste of not using this guild since they had become the winner of this year's Grand Magic Games.

"Restaurant, huh?" Sting looked at the building in front of him.

"There is money. We can build another building in the surrounding area," Haru said.

Yajima nodded and said, "I agree with that."

30 million jewels are useless for them since they can't use it in their world and it was better to spend it on the property in this world.

"I'll also set up a quest mission so that you can work, even if you don't want to take a mission, you can become a waitress, cook, or waiter in my restaurant," Yajima said to five new members.

"What about all of you?" Sting looked at the nine people in front of him.

"We have to go somewhere since our presence is needed in that place," Kuroneko said with a melancholy expression.


'I don't believe in that crap!' Sting, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga looked at Kuroneko with that expression and snorted.

Kuroneko was mad and wanted to teach them a lesson.

Haru stopped Kuroneko and said, "We really need to go since a lot of our mission is happening outside of this kingdom."

"So you're leaving this kingdom?" Rufus asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes. You can take your own mission too to check the world since Fiore is too small. You might be able to see a lot of interesting things."

"So where are you going?" Rogue looked at Haru.

"Me?" Haru asked.

Rogue nodded in response since he thought that Haru was the leader of this group.

"I am going to the Alvarez Kingdom," Haru answered. He couldn't tell them that he would go back to his original world.

"Alvarez Kingdom?" They had never heard of it before.

"It's a big country outside of this continent. There are three continents in this world and this place is the weakest one," Haru said.

"So this Alvazez Kingdom is the strongest one?" Sting seemed eager.

Haru shook his head and said, "It's the second one."


"Second....." They started to imagine a lot of things when they thought that the Alvarez Kingdom was only the second strongest then the first strongest. They couldn't even imagine it when they were in Sabertooth, but when they were here they felt that their eyes had been opened.

"Let me follow you," Sting said.

Haru shook his head and said, "No. You'll disturb me."

"This guy wants to chase after a girl. He doesn't have time to manage you," Kouha said bluntly.

"Oi!" Haru twitched his lips.

"Is that true?" Yukino asked.

Haru looked at Yukino and knew that he couldn't bully her. He nodded and said, "I have a girlfriend and it is the reason why I don't have time to take care of you. Try to learn here and step by step become stronger. Your target is to become stronger than Ten Saint Wizards then you can watch the scenery in this vast world."


"Your girlfriend is powerful?" Sting asked curiously.

"It should be very powerful," Haru answered. He could feel a lot of gaze around them and said, "Anyway we need to prepare to build a new building." He was wondering what Brandish was doing now, but he knew that he might be killed when he met that woman.


No one said a word when they saw the green-haired woman in front of them. They sucked a deep breath seeing how brutal the scenery was in front of them.

"Let's go." Brandish walked away with a cold gaze.


Someone wanted to say something but this person had been turned into a small person.

Everyone sighed and couldn't help but miss Haru and wanted him to appease the anger of this woman.