Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1 Chapter 38 Dango

Haru was satisfied with the ramen that he had eaten. He tried to list the ingredients inside this broth but he couldn't since it was just too much. He really wanted to have a God's tongue since it would help him with cooking.

"It's unbelievable," Yajima shook his head. He had never tasted ramen this tasty before. He wanted to ask for the recipe but he knew it would be very rude to the chef in front of him.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Teuchi said.

Haru wanted to ask him to teach him how to make ramen but he knew that the process would be very long. He shook his head and decided to become the consumer. He should bring Sora here to taste the ramen.

They talked for a while and decided to continue their tour. They wanted to taste the famous dango and they also wanted to eat something sweet after eating salty food.

Gintoki was very excited and walked in front of everyone. He was the sweet sommelier and sugar was in his blood. The doctor had told him to slow down to eat sweet food but he couldn't stop since it was sweet from a different world.

"I wonder when someone from the food manga will come to our group chat," Gintoki said.

Yajima nodded, "Yeah, it will be good to have someone from that kind of world."

"Well, maybe after this quest, there will be new members," Haru said.

Gintoki pumped, "Alright, new members!!"

They had arrived in front of the dango shop.

"Aunty, please give all of us a dango," Gintoki said and added, "Mine is extra sugar."

Tsunade looked at him and said, "You shouldn't eat that much sweet food, you will get diabetes."

"It's fine, it's fine, sweet is justice," Gintoki said.

They didn't see a lot of interesting things today. They could see a lot of ninjas walking around the street.

"Is that Sunagakure's ninja?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru looked and nodded, "From their headbands, they're from that village."

They could see both ninjas from Sunagakure and Otogakure.

Tsunade hated that she couldn't start her attack right away since she needed to wait for two days. She knew that she couldn't make this plan go awry or fail since she wanted to defeat Orochimaru, lessen the victims, and stopped Orochimaru from killing her teacher.

Haru knew that there would be a war. He wasn't sure yet whether he was ready for it since he came from a normal world. He had experience with fighting but only with normal people but it was different from ninja. He shook his head and thought it was better not to overthink. He only wanted to take his dango and it was gone.

Haru looked at Gintoki who had eaten all of his dango and sighed. He knew that he had promised him but he didn't expect him to eat it very fast.

"I'm satisfied," Gintoki said while slapping his stomach. He wanted more but he wasn't shameless enough to ask something for free from women. He was glad that Haru gave him his share in exchange for a spar. He looked at him and said, "Alright, Haru-Kun, you should be ready later, this sensei will be you spar." He wanted to wear glasses for this chance but he couldn't find it.

"Haru, you can take one from me," Shizune said.

"Shizune-San...." Haru felt that he had seen an angel. He took the dango and said, "Thank Shizune-San, someone, who marries you will be very lucky to have you as his wife." He started to eat his dango and felt a burst of sweetness and hint of saltiness at the same time. He felt that this food was very good.

Shizune smiled sweetly while there was a hint of reddish on her cheek. She was happy that he praised him, "You can eat more if you want, I'm quite full earlier."

"No, you should eat too, I'm glad that you shared some with me," Haru said and teased, "How about I feed you this dango for you?"

"Eh?" Shizune was a bit surprised.

"It's alright, my sister also usually asks me to feed her sometimes," Haru still remembered when Sora was lazy and asked him to feed her.

"W - well," Shizune opened her mouth and let him feed her.

Kuroneko and Gintoki looked at their interaction from the side.

"As expected of the harem protagonist," Kuroneko said.

"Boss, do you think he will conquer women in this world too?" Gintoki asked.

Kuroneko closed her eyes, "Gintoki-Kun, Haru's existence is very dangerous for every woman in dimension, we need to guard them and stop him from defiling every girl in dimension."

Gintoki nodded, "Boss, I'm not wrong about you."

"First, we need to c.o.c.kblock him," Kuroneko said and took a glass of tea. She walked toward him and acted as if she had slipped, "Eh...."

Haru didn't expect her to suddenly slip. He caught her but the tea on her hand was poured over his pants, "Are you alright?" He didn't care about her and looked at her with worry.

"A - ah, I'm fine..." Kuroneko answered with a low voice while clearly hiding her blush.

"BOSS!!!!" Gintoki, who was by their side, couldn't help but scream, seeing his boss being defeated in an instant. He looked at him with a serious expression and said, "As expected of someone who starts to do it with his sister."

Haru clearly heard this sentence and complained, "I'm not!!"

Yajima and Tsunade sat together while drinking tea together.

"Young...." Yajima said while looking at them.

"I'm not old, you're the only one who is old," Tsunade said to him.

Yajima could only twitch his lips and sighed.