Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 382

Volume 1 Chapter 382 Transfer Student

Haru didn't go to his bakery and went to the school directly with his Vespa scooter. He had decided to become Kirari's bodyguard for a month since he had lost a bet. He also wanted to use this chance to gather money from rich kids at that school since he believed that he would get a lot of money there. He felt that his morals had degenerated as he had become older, but it was alright since he was alright.

It didn't take him a long time before he had arrived at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Haru stopped in front of the entrance looking at the scenery of this school and had to admit that this school was very luxurious. He could see that there were at least ten thousand square meters in a European style. He felt that it was similar to a luxurious castle with a vast and beautiful garden covering the entire school.

Hyakkaou Private Academy was founded 122 years ago in Japan and for many years since its inception, was a school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attended. It is a school where students are not evaluated by studies or sports, but through social status, they possess. This is because studies and extracurriculars are not necessary for people who are destined to have power over others. For them it is important to be well versed in tactics, reading an opponent, and the strength to grasp victory which are abilities they have to prove and obtain through gambling.

'School of the elite, huh?' Haru was wondering what kind of expression those pampered brats would show when he had won them a million or billions of yen of money from them. He smirked and entered the school, but he was stopped by a female teacher.


Haru stopped his scooter and looked at this teacher. "Yes?"

"......" The female teacher was speechless looking at him, but she felt a strange attraction when she saw him. She coughed and said, "It's forbidden to use a private vehicle here."

"Oh? I am sorry. I am a transfer student and I don't know the rules of this school," Haru said and gave this teacher a polite smile. He stepped down from his scooter and said, "My home is a bit far and I won't use this scooter from tomorrow."

The woman teacher nodded and seemed satisfied with his explanation. "Transfer student? Then it can't be helped, follow me and park your scooter in the parking place."

"Thank you, Sensei." Haru nodded.

The woman teacher nodded again and asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, what about the teacher's name?" Haru asked. Kirari had told him to use his real name since his appearance had changed. His hair had changed into black and he also changed his hairstyle into a faded haircut making him sharp, especially with black glasses. He was sure that no one would notice that it was him when he had changed into this appearance even though he had the same name.

"My name is Hana and you can call me Hana-sensei," Hana said.

"I wish to be in the class of Hana-sensei later," Haru said.

"Oh, why?" Hana asked.

"Because I can see that Hana-sensei is very nice and beautiful. I won't be bored in class that way," Haru said.

Hana looked away from him to hide her blush and said, "Don't say anything stupid! Just park your scooter and follow me to the teacher room!"

Haru smiled and said with a playful tone, "Yes!!"

Hana looked at him and snorted while smiling. She thought that this transfer student was very nice compared to the smug rich second generations in this school. "Where do you come from?"

"I am from....." Haru answered Hana's question and also asked her a lot of questions. Kirari had told him to become an undercover on this school and would interact with her later after he had done his preparation. He sighed when he thought about her conversation with her before.


"Remember, I'll give you 10 days to gather your power," Kirari said.

"10 days? Power?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Is that impossible?" Kirari asked.

"Isn't my job to become your bodyguard?" Haru twitched his lips.

Kirari smiled and said, "I need someone to support me later and you can create a group in that place."

Haru twitched his lips again and said, "But I'll only stay for one month!"

"Oh, really? Let's see whether you'll really stay for one month," Kirari said with a confident smile.

Haru looked at Kirari with a strange expression and wondered what this girl wanted to do.

"Listen to me, the most important thing in this school is money. Win as much as a gamble and gather your fame and power in that school," Kirari said.

Haru nodded in response.

Kirari gave him a gentle smile and said, "I can't wait to see you in that school."


Haru shook his head and thought that it was better to build his cloud computing first since both of his games and apps would need a lot of storage. He was able to build it underneath his bakery later when he was done with the school. He knew that his starting line was a bit late and he also decided to open an investment company later. He had the help of Ritsu who was a very smart artificial intelligence that was similar to humans. Later, he couldn't believe he couldn't rob Wall Street. He talked with Hana with a bright smile and teased her along the way.

Hana was also happy to talk with him and helped him register as a transfer student easily. She looked at him and asked, "Do you know about this school?"

Haru nodded and said, "Of course, I know about this school and I am very happy that I can transfer into this school, especially after I have known that you'll be my homeroom teacher."

Hana looked at Haru who showed a happy expression and couldn't help but sigh. "Let me remind you that you can't gamble when you're not ready." She didn't want him to become a pet in this school or she thought that it might be good for him to become a pet then she could play with him.

Haru didn't know what this woman was thinking but this woman but he might cough in blood when he knew it.

"Follow me, I'll take you to your class and introduce you to everyone," Hana said.

"Thank you," Haru said.

"No problem."

"I am really happy to have you as my homeroom teacher Hana-sensei."

"Don't say anything stupid again." Hana snorted and looked away, hiding her blush.

Haru thought that his day at this school wouldn't be boring.