Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 384

Volume 1 Chapter 384 First Gamble 1

The moment Kamishimo asked for a gamble to Haru, everyone didn't say anything and waited for them to start. They had a good impression of Haru, but in this school, everyone would be decided by the skill of their gambling. They felt a bit sorry for Haru since they knew that Kamishimo was a very skillful gambler, but they didn't do anything since they were afraid something would happen to them.

If Haru could hear their voices then he would only smile and didn't say anything. It was better to show something through action rather than talking. He looked at Kamishimo and asked, "What kind of gambling that we'll do?" He observed his surroundings again and saw some people who was wearing tag on their necks. "What is that?" He pointed at a random student who was wearing a tag.

Kamishimo turned and said, "Oh, that's a pet."

"Pet?" Haru asked. He actually knew about it, but he decided to ask since his identity was a transfer student. Hana had also talked to him earlier and told him about the pet system since he had made a good impression from her. Thought, he wanted to hear it for one more time to see everyone's expression.

Kamishimo smiled disgustingly then everyone also smiled in disdain looking at the students who were wearing a tag on their necks.

"This school has run on a caste system," Kamishimo said.

"Hmm, like Hindu religion?" Haru asked.

"That's right! The Hyakkou Academy Student Council accepts a donation from its student, but since it's actually enforced, we call them "taxes". You're ranked based on what you pay in taxes. The bottom hundreds are recognized as "housepet". If a student is a male, they will be called "dog" (pochi), if the student is a female, they will be called "cat" (mike)," Kamishimo said.

"Then what is the difference between them with us?" Haru asked.

"Oh, it's easy." Kamishimo looked at a random guy and said, "Oi, come here!"

The guy who was wearing tag seemed a bit scared but walked toward Kamishimo.

"I am about to teach the transfer student about the tradition of our school. You go down and become my legs rest," Kamishimo said.

The guy nodded and placed both of his hands on the ground then bowed himself.

Kamishimo rested his legs on this guy's back and said with smile, "This is the difference between pet and us."

"Hmm...." Haru didn't have that much of impression since he felt that it was normal when someone had lost money on gamble then they would lose everything when they couldn't pay it.

"You're a pretty cruel guy," Kamishimo said after saw that Haru didn't change his expression.

Haru twitched his lips and said, "Say someone who uses someone's back as a legs rest."

"Hahaha, that's true," Kamishimo said with a laugh.

Haru shook his head and said, "You sure have a bad hobby."

"This is not only me but everyone too." Kamishimo looked at him and said, "So how about we start out gamble?"

Haru nodded and said, "Alright." He knew the moment he entered this school it was better to not thinking of someone else. "So we have to pay tax?"

"Yes." Kamishimo took out a card and said, " You need to pay at least 100 thousand yen." He placed the card on the table and said, "How about we play a game called "Speed President"?"

"Speed president?" Haru knew this game, but he was wondering why this guy needed to add "speed"

Kamishimo nodded and said, "Here we take a turns playing card higher than the last. The high card's joker, then two, and then the ace. The one who gets rid of all their cards first wins. After the second round, the "president" (the winner of the round) gives their weakest card to their opponent, the "sc.u.m" (the loser of the round), who then hands them their strongest card. So far, it's like playing regular president..."

"So what is the difference?" Haru asked.

"Don't be hasty, let me explain it to you. In "speed" variant thought, we play with five cards. Only one card's played at a time. No pairs. This makes the game a whole lot faster. There's no need to despair over becoming sc.u.m. The sc.u.m gets the first move, and if you win, you will get a double return. It could become your big chance," Kamishimo said.

"There is also one house rule--- a three, the weakest card, can beat the joker. How you handle these two cards are the key."

"I see," Haru said.

"Then do you want to start now?" Kamishimo asked.

"Sure," Haru said.

Kamishimo thought for a while and said, "How about we make this game become more interesting again?"

"How?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Let's have five games!" Kamishimo said while raising his palm. He smiled and said, "Let's start with 10,000 yen, is that alright?"

"Alright." Haru nodded and asked, "But how is that more interesting?"

Kamishimo smiled widely and said, "Then in the next round, let's increase the bet into 10 times!"

"What?!" Everyone was shocked when they heard it.

10 times.

Everyone in this school was very smart and they understood that once Haru and Kamishimo on the five-round or the last round then they needed to bet 100 million yen. They looked at Kamishimo with a scared expression and looked at Haru with a pitiful expression.

Runa looked at Haru to see what this guy would do after he heard the bet.

Some of the females wanted Haru to stop since they were worried about him.

"Do you have money to pay?" Haru asked.

"......." Everyone opened their eyes wide when they heard Haru's answer.

Kamishimo chuckled and said, "The only thing that I have never lacked in this life is money."

Haru nodded and said, "Let's do it. I agree with the your rules and that 10 times bet each round."

"Good! I like your bravery," Kamishimo said.

"Before we start can you not record me using your phone?" Haru said while looking at the person behind Kamishimo. He smiled and said, "I hate when someone to record me when they don't have permission." He was wondering whether those guys thought that he didn't notice this guy was cheating from the start. He thought that this guy was too naive doing their cheating.

Kamishimo turned into an ugly but snorted inwardly. He calmed himself and said, "That's true. I would hate too when someone takes my picture without permission." He looked at the guy behind him and ordered him to go away. His skill was very good and he didn't need to cheat to win this match.

Haru only thought that this Kamishimo was a fat sheep that ready to be slaughter by him. '100 million yen, huh? I wonder what should I do with that much money.'