Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 386

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Everyone at the school was surprised when they heard that a transfer student had won 100 million yen on the first day they had arrived at this school. The students and the teachers were in shock and they were curious about the students who had won such a large amount of money easily.

The student council members were surprised too and they ordered their subordinates to investigate who had made such a large amount of bets.

100 million yen.

For the minority of students in this school that amount of money wasn't that much, especially for the member of Student Council who had access to a large amount of money from the school, but even for them it wasn't easy to take out that much of money since they needed to tell their parents about it.

That news is just too shocking for them.



Kirari was in her class reading a book and smiled when she heard the news about a transfer student who had won 100 million yen on his first day at school. "It should be Haru."

"Haru...." Ririka who was wearing a mask on her face was surprised when she heard it.

"It seems that he can easily join this school," Kirari said. She took her phone and sent him a congratulations message.


Haru was outside together with everyone in his class. He went to the nearby yakiniku restaurant with them since he had decided to treat them.

This yakiniku restaurant is quite popular with the students in the Hyakkou Private Academy. This restaurant is also one of the members of the Toutsuki Group. Why is this restaurant so popular? It is because there is an A5 beef that is provided inside this restaurant.

Runa ate the beef with a happy expression. She had to admit that it was good to eat something without paying.

"Sigh... I am tired," Haru said and sat down next to Runa.

"Are you done flirting with them?" Runa asked and ate another piece of beef.

Haru twitched his lips and said, "It's done." Every girl in his class had given him an email and green light for him to bring them to the next development, but he didn't want to play with girls randomly. He didn't want to have a bad image and he was wondering what he would do after the temporary seal on his magic had disappeared. He knew that he needed someone to help him and he didn't want to eat both Sora and Megumi since they were very young. He needed to wait until at least when they were in high school. "Is it good?"

"It's very good." Runa nodded and said, "I wonder what will you do after this?"

"I am not sure, do you have an idea?" Haru asked. He wasn't sure why but based on his instinct this girl was very smart and knew a lot of things. He didn't care much about his other classmates since he didn't think that

Runa took a piece of beef and chewed it with a happy expression then saying, "You have treated me to a nice meal then I'll give you tips...." She took another piece of beef and continued to eat.

"......" Haru shook his head and also started to cook the beef by himself. The beef that he cooked had a different aroma and made everyone who smelled the aroma gulped unconsciously. He ignored them and ate it by himself. He was quite picky with his food and in his opinion, this restaurant was quite good since the ingredients were very fresh and there was a certificate on each of the beef in this restaurant. He cooked another beef and wanted to eat it again but someone suddenly stole his beef on the chopstick and ate it instantly.

"It's good!" Runa chewed the beef while holding her cheeks with a happy expression.


Haru had gotten used to a woman's selfish behavior, especially after he had become a butler in the past.

"Hmm... you need to become a bookmaker," Runa said.

Haru rubbed his chin and said, "Hmm, I guess running a gambling den is quite good." He looked at Runa and asked, "What do I need to do to become a bookmaker?"

"You need to get a room," Runa said.

"It's that simple?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"It's that simple. Tomorrow, I'll bring you a bet with the owner of the gambling den that you can start and you can become open to your own gambling den," Runa said.

"Should I say thank you?" Haru asked.

"You don't need to do that, just cook me another beef. Damn! Your cooking skill is just too much!" Runa praised and complained at the same time.

"Thank you."


Haru wanted to go back and take his scooter since he wanted to go home. He didn't meet with Kirari since it was the plan. He had only 10 days to build his power, but he thought that it was enough for him.

There are a lot of shops around the school since most of the students in this school are rich the people around using that chance to build a lot of business.

Haru rode his scooter and stopped when he saw a familiar person standing in front of an arcade. "Runa, what are you doing?"

"Haru!" Runa was startled when she saw him.

Haru stepped down from his scooter and saw an orange cute rabbit costume inside the claw crane in this arcade. "Do you want this?"

"Yeah, can you get it for me?" Runa asked.

"It's easy for me," Haru said and inserted a coin on the machine then picked the orange cute rabbit costume easily. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Runa smiled and said, "Where are you going after this?"

"I am going back. I was a bit tired after that gamble," Haru said.

"I'll see you tomorrow. You need to think about what kind of gambling den you want to make," Runa said.

"You have that much confidence that I'll get room to make my own gambling den?" Haru asked.

"Anything can happen on a gamble. Let's see tomorrow," Runa said.

"I'll leave you now. Don't get kidnapped by someone. You're small and cute. There are a lot of people who will try to do something bad on you," Haru said.

"Don't worry, my bodyguard is around," Runa said and pointed her finger at her side.

Haru nodded and said, "Goodbye."

"Bye!" Runa waved his hand.

Haru took his scooter and went back to his cafe since he needed to do something there.

Runa looked at Haru's back and thought that the school would become very interesting soon.