Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 388

Volume 1 Chapter 388 Work Toward Dream

Haru was in the bas.e.m.e.nt building the system for cloud computing. He needed quite a large area to build it and wondered when his building would be ready. He knew that it was quite a long time and he didn't have time to wait. He thought about building it now and changed its location later when his building was done.

His house is quite large and he had also created a lot of things to make the space of this place wider by making a long tunnel to the ground.

"You're not sleeping?"

"No, I'll be sleeping later," Haru answered. He turned and asked, "You're not going to sleep?"

"I'll wait for a while then I'll go back to my room," Yuri answered. She looked at his figure who was building a lot of complicated machines. She had to admit that Haru was a very good partner in life since he was very reliable and smart. The only thing that she regretted was that he wasn't her boyfriend. She looked at him and closed her eyes since she was a bit sleepy.

Haru learned from this world that the Academic Cloud Computing Initiative (ACCI) was announced as a multi-university project designed to enhance students' technical knowledge to address the challenges of cloud computing. This project wasn't perfect yet since the result couldn't be used for commercial use. He knew that he might become the first one who had built this Cloud Computing and he could use this for his business. He knew that Cloud Computing was a very profitable business and very useful for his business. He only needed time before he could be done with this project.

He thought for a while and remembered that he had kept the satellite that he had stolen from Korosensei's world. He thought to send it to space later and he might beat Space-X for their private rocket. He sighed when he thought that this country was too small and he knew that his target was both China and America since both of the countries had a very large population in this world along with very high GDP.

Even though Japan's GPD is only a third after both America and China, the population of people in this place is too little and he is very greedy. He was wondering whether he could monopoly the ACG (Anime Comic and Game) sector business since it had contributed to 10% of Japan's GDP. He thought to buy Tokyo TV's stock since it was his favorites television station and made it into his private business. He remembered that Nikkei Inc. had 31% of its stock, but before that he needed money.

He needed a month to collect money before he entered the stock market to rob in this economic crisis when everything was sluggish. He continued to work until he heard someone's soft breath. He turned and saw that Yuri was sleeping. He shook his head and decided to send her back to her room. He picked her up and carried her in his arms. He was glad that the side effect of his magic had temporarily stopped, but he knew that he had four days before everything was over.

'Four days.'

Haru was wondering what he should do. His target was obviously Akane Minagawa or his ex-tutor teacher since there wasn't much feeling between the two of them. He wanted to alleviate the side effects of his magic and Akane wanted to have the joy of man and woman. He didn't want to do both Sora and Megumi too early since they were in their third middle school year and they were in the process of their study to enter the high school.

Kosaka was drawing with a serious expression and looked at Haru who carried Yuri in his arms and went to Yuri's room. She could see that Yuri was sleeping and Haru helped Yuri to sleep back in the room.

Haru placed Yuri on her bed and covered her in her blanket. He went back and closed Yuri's door. He saw that Kosaka was looking at him. He went to her and sat down next to her. "How is your progress?"

"So - So..." Kosaka answered while drawing.

"Do you need me to help?" Haru asked.

Kosaka shook her head and said, "Your sense of drawing is horrible."

Haru twitched his lips and felt a bit helpless.

Kosaka looked at Haru and asked, "After this game, what kind of project will we do?" She knew that Haru wanted to create a game company and she wanted to know the direction of game that he would create.

"I thought about creating a game for the smartphone," Haru said.

"Smartphone?" Kosaka frowned and asked, "Why?" She felt that it was better to make a game for a console or computer since there were a lot of people who used it and the smartphone's game wasn't that popular. She also didn't have that much experience with a smartphone game.

"I know that you're a bit hesitant, but the future is on a smartphone and we don't have that many people. The smartphone game is simple and the profit is incredible," Haru said.

"Really?" Kosaka asked.

"Believe in me," Haru said.

Kosaka sighed and asked, "How about the problem of the people? I don't have that much experience in smartphone games."

"I thought about buying a bankrupt game company later after we are done with the Winter Comiket," Haru said. He thought that it was too troublesome to build from nothing and it was better to buy a ready game company since there was a lot of it in this country. "I know that you're a bit hesitant, but after we have made a name then we can start to make another game."

Kosaka nodded and seemed satisfied with his answer. "I believe in you." She didn't think much about the money problem since this guy had a lot of ideas to get money, especially after Haru had transferred into Hyakkou Private Academy. She was sure that there was a lot of fat sheep that was ready to be slaughtered by this guy.

They talked for a while before ending their conversation. They had a dream and they were working hard for it.

Tonight, both of them wouldn't sleep to work toward their dream.