Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 390

Volume 1 Chapter 390 Poker 1

After the break, Haru and Runa went out together to visit the gambling den for poker games. He had intended to take down this place and at least he wanted to win 1 billion yen. He thought that it was a normal amount of money when he heard how popular this gambling den was. He knew that the casino was one of the most profitable businesses in the world.

If Casino isn't profitable then there won't be any company that made a large number of Casinos in both Las Vegas and Macau.

"Are you going to take the boss directly?" Runa asked.

"I am going to test the small fries first. I am sure that the boss of the gambling den will underestimate me. Then, let me take some profit in that place first after that I can attack the boss," Haru said.

Runa nodded and knew that even though Haru had won 100 million yen, it was too small to get the attention of the student council with so much money that they had gathered in a century of years after this school was founded.

School is a very profitable business especially private schools with a long history and famous reputation. The number of rich children from famous families also has become a plus value for that school too.

Haru wasn't sure how much Kirari had paid for him to enter and he knew that even though the amount of money wasn't much for her, but for a normal family that amount of money would be astronomical for them.

Haru and Runa walked together while talking about a game since this girl really loved to play a game.

"This is the place, huh?" Haru said.

"Yeah, it's quite big. Let's enter," Runa said and entered the location.

Haru also entered and saw a lot of tables in this class. He could see that there were at least 20 tables in this place.

"Hello, is this your first time coming here?" the male student asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

The male student nodded and asked, "There is a lot of table with a different amount of ch.i.p.s."


"Yes, from the lowest is 10 thousand yen, then 100 thousand yen, and lastly the highest one is 1 million yen for each chip. Which table are you going to sit at?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "The one with 1 million yen chip."

"......." The male student in front of him who joined this poker club was very surprised when he heard Haru. "R - Really?"

Runa pointed at Haru and said, "This guy has just won 100 million yen. Let him throw away his money."

Haru twitched his lips at this girl. He felt that both 10 thousand yen ch.i.p.s and 100 thousand yen ch.i.p.s were too low for him to attract attention from the big boss of this gambling den. He had decided to gamble every penny that he had gotten from this school.

It's all or nothing!

The male student who heard 100 million yen remembered yesterday's news about the transfer student. 'So this is the guy?' He nodded and wasn't sure why that he had a good impression of Haru, especially when he knew that this guy wanted to throw away his money in this place. Thought, this guy would cough in blood when he knew that Haru had prepared to bleed this gambling den until the last drop. He guided Haru and Runa to the table one 1 million yen chip directly. He didn't have to worry about Haru since he knew that this guy had a lot of money.

Haru saw that there were only three people sitting down on the 1 million yen chip table. He wasn't sure of their names and he didn't care either. In his opinion, all of them were only his stepping stone or fat sheep that were ready to be slaughtered by him. He sat down next to them and the three students were looking at him.

"New student?"

"Transfer student," Haru answered.

"Oh? The one who won 100 million yen?"

"That's me," Haru said.

"Hehehe, are you sure to sit here?"

"Why not? I have money," Haru said.

"Good answer, I like it."

"How much chip are you going to play?" The dealer asked.

"Is there a limit?" Haru asked.

"No, as long as you have money it doesn't matter," the dealer said.

"Then 30 ch.i.p.s for testing," Haru said.

"Hey! Hey! 30 ch.i.p.s? You have 100 million yen! Why not bring all of them here?"

Haru looked at the guy who had taunted him and asked, "How many ch.i.p.s have you played?"

"Me? I have-----

"Don't bother him, you have only played 50 ch.i.p.s, right?"

"......" Haru stared at this guy with an expressionless expression.

"Cough! Cough! Don't embarrass me!"

The two other guys only shook their heads at this guy.

"How about this? Let the four of us start with 100 ch.i.p.s together and with a total of 400 ch.i.p.s, how?"

The two guys nodded in response.


"I'll join the bet."

"How about you transfer student?"

The three students looked at Haru at the same time.

Haru looked at three guys and knew that those three were colluding with each other. He snorted inwardly and looked at the dealer. He was a new guy and it was normal to be bullied, especially when he won 100 million yen. He knew that those three people were thinking that he was fat sheep that was ready to be slaughtered.


"It's good. 100 million yen, why not?" Haru knew it was his chance to win 300 million yen. He gave them a gentle smile and couldn't wait for the game to start.

Runa who was by Haru's side couldn't help but laugh since she thought that this development was very interesting.

"Good! I like your guts! Let's play this poker game!"