Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 391

Volume 1 Chapter 391 Poker 2

Haru sat down on the poker table along with the three students. He had learned the names of these three are Takayama, Natsume, and Daisuke.

The three of them are students in their 3rd year and they often had to play together in this place.

This time, Haru had joined and had brought 100 ch.i.p.s worth 1 million yen for one chip. The three of them also joined and each of them also brought 100 ch.i.p.s to join this game.

The dealer knew that it was one of the biggest poker games that would happen in this place and he decided to call the boss of this gambling den.

The boss of this gambling den was a bit surprised when he heard the news from the dealer and felt a bit curious about this new transfer student who had decided to play this 400 million yen worth of the game. He decided to come and observe the game from afar to see how the performance of this new transfer student was.


"Are you ready?" The dealer asked.

Haru, Takayama, Natsume, and Daisuke nodded at the same time when they heard the dealer's words.

There were 54 cards on the decks including two jokers to make the game more interesting.

The dealer shuffled the card then gave each of the two cards in front of them.

They checked their cards and didn't say anything.

"Please place the bet," the dealer and looked at Takayama.

Takayama placed 5 ch.i.p.s in front of him.

Haru, Natsume, and Daisuke also followed Takayama to place 5 ch.i.p.s in front of them.

Everyone who was in this gambling den was also attracted by this gambling match and they sucked a deep breath when they saw 20 million yen of ch.i.p.s were placed on the table. For them, they needed several years to get that much money, but the four young men in front of them could throw away such an amount of money easily.

The dealer who saw that they had placed their bets placed three cards on the table and opened it to them.

There were king spades, two hearts, and three hearts on the table.

"Call," Daisuke said.

"Raise 3 ch.i.p.s," Natsume said.

"Call," Takayama said.

"Call," Haru said.

The dealer placed another card on the table and showed that it was eight clubs.

Daisuke sighed looking at his cards and said, "Fold."

"Call," Natsume said.

Takayama smiled and said, "Raise 5 ch.i.p.s." He taunted Haru to follow him and wanted to see how he handled this situation.

"Raise 10 ch.i.p.s," Haru said.


Natsume and Takayama became gloomy, but they knew that it was part of the poker. They were wondering whether Haru really had a good card or this guy only intimidated them.

Intimidating is one of the normal strategies to be used on poker, but this move is useless when there is an opponent who has higher cards.

Natsume thought for a while and said, "Fold."

Takayama smiled at Haru and said, "10 ch.i.p.s, right? Then, I'll follow you raise 10 ch.i.p.s."

Haru looked at Takayama and said, "You don't have to follow me."

Takayama snorted and said, "You and your bullshit."

Haru shook his head and said, "Call."

The dealer opened the last card and it was ten hearts.

Takayama thought for a while and said, "Call."

Haru also followed and said, "Call."

There were 59 ch.i.p.s on the table and in total there were 59 million yen. In just a single game there was such a large amount of money on the table.

Everyone sucked a breath at the difference between them.

There were king spades, two hearts, three hearts, eight clubs, and ten hearts on the table.

"Show your cards," the dealer said.

Takayama showed his cards first and there were both 10 spades and 10 clubs. "Three Kinds!"

They thought that Takayama had good cards, but they knew that this guy was far from winning before Haru opened his cards.

Haru opened his cards and showed both six hearts and jack hearts. "Flush."



The dealer gave all the ch.i.p.s on the table to Haru and said, "Congratulations."

Haru threw one chip at the dealer and said, "Your tips." He thought too much that the dealer was colliding with the three of them.

The dealer's hands were shaking when he received this one chip.

This is one million yen!!!!

"Thank you," the dealer said.

Everyone seemed really envious of the dealer when this guy had just received such a large amount of money.

"You're too hasty," Natsume said.

"I know," Takayama said with a deep sigh.

"Continue?" Haru asked.

"Of course!" Natsume said.

"Let's continue," Daisuke said.

"It has been a while since I have entered such an interesting game," Natsume said.


They continued to play and Haru didn't win all the time, but his loss wasn't much only 10 ch.i.p.s. It was very negligible compared to the money that he had won earlier.

Takayama was a very straight forward gambler and even though he seemed like a fool to everyone, contradictory it was his way to make his opponent off guard. He saw the hands-on cards and the cards on the table.

There were ace spades, two clubs, two spades, and seven spades. Then the dealer opened one card again and showed the king diamonds.

"All In," Takayama said and pushed all of his ch.i.p.s. He hoped for someone to stay away from this table since he wanted to make a comeback.

"Call," Haru said.


"Please show your cards," the dealer said.

Takayama showed both king spades and queen spades. "Flush." He felt that these cards were good and he was confident to win until he looked at the cards on Haru's hands.

"Four Kinds." Haru showed both two clubs and two hearts. He looked at Daisuke and Natsume and asked, "Continue?"



It was impossible to cheat since this gambling den was very trustworthy then the only probability was Haru had very big luck.

Newbie luck.

It was probably what everyone was thinking since Haru had only transferred to this school.

Haru received 325 ch.i.p.s on the table and that was the result of his gamble today. He wasn't sure why, but he felt quite tired with such an intense play for an hour.

Takayama, Natsume, and Daisuke would be lying if they didn't care about the money since they had lost a lot of money, but that much of money wouldn't hurt them. Only this put them in a very bad mood when they looked at the ch.i.p.s on their hands.

Both Natsume and Daisuke decided to stop since they didn't want to lose any longer. Even though they had won from time to time, the loss of money was quite a lot.

"Thank you," Haru said to three of them with a bright smile making them become more gloomy. He wanted to go back since he thought that he had enough only he heard someone congratulate him.


Haru looked at the male students in front of him and heard Runa whisper to him that it was the boss of this gambling den and the member of the student council.

"My name is Shinya Tougami and I am the Head of Public Relations," Tougami said.

"Nice to meet you, Tougami-senpai. My name is Kasugano Haruka," Haru said.

"Congratulations that you have won a lot of money," Tougami said.

"Thank you." Haru nodded.

"So what are you going to do with that much money?" Tougami asked.

"I'll use it to gamble again," Haru said.

Tougami was a bit surprised and asked, "Do you have an opponent?"

Haru looked at Tougami and said, "If you're willing then I am going to challenge you on gambling Tougami-senpai."


"HAHAHAHAHAH!!!" Tougami laughed really hard.

Haru didn't say anything and waited for this guy to stop laughing. He knew that this guy was also a fat sheep that was ready to slaughter.

Tougami smiled and said, "Why?"

"I have heard that the member of the student council is very strong. I want to try to have a match with you," Haru said.

"Interesting, aren't you afraid to lose your money?" Tougami said.

"No," Haru answered easily.

Tougami observed Haru for a while to see a lie or change of expression, but he didn't see anything. "Then I agree, but one chip is worth 10 million yen. Is that alright with you?"

"Why not? The more the better," Haru said.

"Good, I can see that you're a bit tired. Let's have a match tomorrow and I'll set up the venue for that." Tougami looked at everyone and said, "Everyone! Please watch our gambling match! This might have become the biggest gamble this year!"


Haru looked at Tougami and understood why this guy could become Head of Public Relations.

Tougami looked at Haru and said, "See you tomorrow, Kasugano-kun."

Haru nodded and said, "See you tomorrow, Tougami-senpai." He walked out of the gambling den together with Runa.

Tougami looked at the back of Haru and squinted his eyes. He would show Haru about reality and humility in life.