Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 394

Volume 1 Chapter 394 The First Step

Tsunade escaped from her office in her house. She had come back from the quest and thought to have a good life, only she was hit by reality. She needed to do her job as Hokage and did a lot of things in her office. She had enough of that and decided to run away from her office.

"Tsunade-sama, where are you!"

Tsunade could hear Shizune, but she shut her mouth.


Tsunade felt that her phone was vibrating. She was glad that she had turned off the sound and made Shizune unable to hear the sound. She opened her phone and saw a chat from Shinobu.

Shinobu: "Tsunade, what should we do?"

Tsunade raised her eyebrow and asked, "What do you mean?"

Shinobu: "You! Don't tell me that you have forgotten about Haru! There is only three days and so before the seal is opened!"


Tsunade remembered it, but she wasn't sure what to do since she was living in a different world. She smiled and answered, "If he comes here then I'll take care of him."


Shinobu didn't answer Tsunade for a while since she was shocked. She typed using her phone in an agitated manner. "Y - You!!!!"

Tsunade sighed and replied. "Calm down."

Shinobu: "I am calm!!!"

Tsunade: "Sigh... You know that he needs time to collect the points to take care of his problem, right? He might need a few months to do that unless there is a quest that is able to help him."

Shinobu: "I know that, but the problem is there is no quest."

Tsunade: "Haru is a sure very happy guy that he has a cute girl like you to worry about him."

Shinobu: "Y - You!! Don't you worry about him too?!"

Tsunade: "Of course, I am very worried about him, but he has his own life in his world. You also know that he also has a girlfriend there."

Shinobu: "..." She was quiet and wasn't sure what to say at this moment.

Tsunade: "Anyway, there are three days before his problem reappears once again."

Shinobu: "Three days..."

Shinobu: "Should we tell him? Telling him to be prepared?"

Tsunade: "Telling me to prepare girls for him since he will go berserk? Is that what you want to say?"

Shinobu: "I am not saying about that!"

Tsunade: "Anyway, he needs someone to help him in his own world. Thought, it would be a different case if he comes to our world or you come to his world."

Shinobu: "Me? You mean me to come to his world?"

Tsunade: "Why not? I don't think that you're that busy, right?"

Shinobu: "I am busy! I am the only doctor in this organization!"

Tsunade: "There isn't any demon there anymore, what are you fighting against with?"

Shinobu: "Sigh... There is no demon, but there are a lot of things happening."

Tsunade: "Sigh... Human's greed...."


Tsunade: "Enough talking about depressing things."

Shinobu: "I agree."

Tsunade: "I'll tell him about this problem."

Shinobu: "Really?"

Tsunade: "Yes, I am going to tell him later." She wanted to say something again, but suddenly she saw someone right in front of her.

"Tsunade-sama..." Shizune smiled sweetly in front of Tsunade.

"Yo! Shizune," Tsunade said with a twitch on her lips.

"Why don't we go back since there are a lot of things that you need to do at your office!" Shizune grabbed Tsunade's clothes and pulled her back to her office.



Shinobu didn't know what had happened, but she saw that Tsunade was out of the chat. She sighed and heard someone call her name.

"Shinobu-san, what should we do with this?"

"Please wait for a while, I'll come there," Shinobu said and went to help her hospital. Even though the demon had been defeated, it didn't mean everyone was idle. She needed to search for a cure to help Kagaya and made sure that there wasn't any demon in this world again. She knew that demon could be created then there might be a chance for a second Muzan Kibutsji to appear in this world. Though she was really worried about Haru and wanted to help him, she was too shy to do that. She walked and looked at the mirror. She saw a reflection of her body and remembered the words that he had said to her before. She smiled and decided to work hard again. She really hoped for Tsunade to be able to tell Haru about his problem though.


Haru rode his scooter with Utaha on his back.

Utaha felt a bit surprised by the feeling of riding on a scooter. She thought that it was really nice and hugged his waist tightly. "Did you feel my b.r.e.a.s.ts?"

"..." Haru twitched his lips and said, "Sorry, I can't hear you." He was quite calm to handle such a cheap honey trap since he had handled something more.

Utaha was annoyed by his reply and pinched his thigh. "You really love to play me, huh?"

"Stop! Stop! That hurts!" Haru had a pitiful expression on his face.

Utaha snorted and stopped pinching him since she thought that it was really hurting him. She looked at his reflection on the mirror of the scooter and asked, "You're not going to add a girlfriend?"

"Why are you so interested in me?" Haru asked.

Utaha snorted and said, "Don't be that narcissistic! I am not interested in you!"

"My bad, you're not interested in me," Haru said.

Utaha pinched his thigh again and asked once again, "Do you really love to play me?"

"No, I am not. Let's take this slowly, we're young. Don't do something by impulse since you'll regret it later," Haru said. He was a hypocrite and he knew that. He was sure that he could date any girls he wanted without telling Megumi and Sora about it, but he was afraid to lose himself. He was afraid the moment when he let himself loose then he would become an uncontrollable beast in this world.

"I am not moved by impulses. I know what I want and that is you," Utaha said.

Haru stopped his scooter and turned to look at Utaha's eyes.

"Don't escape again and answer me straight. I want to ask you whether you have feelings for me?" Utaha asked.

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "I have a girlfriend."

"You're not married. Even if you're married there is a chance for you to divorce," Utaha said.

Haru twitched his lips and sighed. "Oh, you might really become the reason why I have divorced in the future."

'Oh, f.u.c.k it!'

Haru caressed her cheek slowly while looking at her deeply.

Utaha closed her eyes waiting for him to do the right thing at this moment.

Haru moved closer to steal her lips only to suddenly hear a loud cough.


Haru and Utaha turned and saw a middle-aged woman who was looking at them.

"M - Mom!!!" Utaha felt that cold water had been poured into her head.

"Aunt." Haru nodded politely at this woman.

Utaha's mother looked at Haru then nodded. "Why not come inside and have dinner with us?"

"Oh, no. I'm afraid to bother you." Haru tried to reject her invitation.

"No! Please come inside, it has been pretty depressing lately and your presence might brighten up the mood in the house." Utaha's mother invited him sincerely.

Haru looked at Utaha who gave him a nod. He nodded and said, "Then, I'll bother my aunt tonight."

Utaha's mother smiled and said, "I am pretty confident in my craft. Let's come in."

Haru followed Utaha's mother and whispered to Utaha. "My feeling is pretty complex now."

Utaha snorted and said, "Soon or later you'll meet my parents, why not come now?"

"You're very confident in yourselves," Haru said.

"Of course!" Utaha smiled while hugging his arms.


There's no backing down.

Haru had made his decision and this time it was his first step.