Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 397

Volume 1 Chapter 397 Special Poker 1

Haru continued his days without a problem. He felt that living as a student was quite relaxing.

Megumi and Sora were a bit busy since the exam to enter the high school would be held soon.

Haru wasn't that worried and waited for good news from Utaha's father. He was wondering whether he should call her father "Kasumigaoka-san", "Uncle", or "Father"? He was deep in thought when he realized that someone had been watching him. "What's wrong, Runa? Is there something on my face?"

Runa looked at Haru and wasn't sure what to say.


Runa shook her head and asked, "You're not nervous?"

"Nervous? For what?" Haru asked with a confused expression.

"Don't tell me that you have forgotten that you'll have a gambling match with a member of the Student Council?" Runa asked.

"Of course not, I remember it," Haru said.

"You're not nervous? You'll be playing with a large sum of money!" Runa said.

"Isn't that good?" Haru asked.


Haru thought that he needed to register an account for an American and British stock account since he would get money soon. He didn't want to let his money rot on the bank and it was better to use it for investment. He was wondering whether Utaha's father would have an acquaintance of someone who had worked on an investment company and it would be better if they were coming from Wall Street thought he didn't really care either way since what he needed was talent. He also thought about creating a company to manage his funds later.

'Hmm, there are sure a lot of things that I need to do.' Haru thought.

"....." Runa had been watching Haru for a while and knew that this guy was in deep thinking only the thing that he was thinking didn't even have any connection with the gambling that he would do today. She looked at him and sighed.

"Runa, you worried about me?" Haru asked.

"Yes! You're too careless!" Runa reprimanded him.

"It's alright. I'll just do what I usually do and enjoy this game," Haru said.

Runa raised her eyebrow while looking at Haru who was full of confidence. "Did you have the confidence to win this gamble?"

"Confident? Of course, but whether I can win or not then it is a different matter," Haru said.


"Gamble is full of unsure factors, I can't always become the winner, but that's what makes it interesting, right?" Haru said.


"Let's go," Haru said and went to the gambling venue.

Runa also followed him while giving a long sigh.


Tougami Shinya is a very famous student at Hyakkou Private Academy and he is also a member of the student council. He had made a declaration yesterday to make a big gambling match with the news transfer students who had won hundreds of million yen in just two days.

Everyone was curious about this new transfer student and wanted to see his appearance.

Tougami who saw that chance decided to open a big venue for this gambling match and tried to make his popularity bigger. Money wasn't something important to him again since the money that he had gotten from his family along with the poker den that he had made in this school for two years had created a lot of money for him. He was in the venue and could see a lot of people who had come to watch his match. He even saw a member of the student council also come to this match.

Tougami waited for Haru to come, then suddenly he heard a voice.

"Tougami-senpai, you sure love to create such big things."

Tougami smiled and said, "Hahaha, Kasugano-kun, welcome to the venue of our gambling match, what do you think? Don't you feel the excitement when everyone is watching you like this?" He opened his arms wide while facing the audience.

Haru could see that Tougami was very narcissistic and loved to receive attention. He didn't intend to talk bad about someone else's hobby, rather he looked around to see someone familiar. He smiled but didn't say anything. He would let this guy be happy for a while since soon this person would feel despair.


Kirari smiled while touching her lips looking at Haru who was on the stage facing one of the strongest members of the student council. She didn't expect him to be able to stand up facing those people in just three days. She had to admit that she had underestimated him, but she knew that he could do it. She only hoped that he didn't stop coming from this school after he had done protecting her.

Ririka wasn't sure what to say seeing Haru in front of the stage. She learned he was winning 100 million yen on the first day and then 325 million yen on the second day. She was wondering whether he would win billions of yen or maybe he would lose for the first time today. She had never seen him gamble and felt a bit curious at this moment. She looked at her identical sister and said, "Kirari."

"Hmm?" Kirari looked at Ririka.

"Do you think that he can win this game?" Ririka asked.

Kirari smiled and said, "I am not sure since everything on the gamble is unsure and there is nothing perfect. Though, I can say that this Tougami is ready to be slaughtered by him."

"Slaughter?" Ririka frowned when she heard such crude words.

"You don't need to think much about him whether he has won or lost... Our plan won't change since I have prepared the moment I have entered this school," Kirari said while looking at the group of people who were talking to each other in a happy manner talking about how to manage the naughty new student. She could see the malice in their words, but could also see some girls who seemed interested in Haru and they were part of the student council too. She shook her head and didn't think much about them since they were just a fugly.

"Let me see how you handle this Haru."