Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 398

Volume 1 Chapter 398 Special Poker 2

"Everyone! Let us watch the most exciting poker match between....!"

"The Head of Public Relations, Shinya Tougami!!!!"

Tougami smiled and waved his hand toward everyone.


"Win this gamble, Senpai!"

"Senpai, you're so handsome!"

Haru looked at Tougami and shook his head. He was more interested n the MC of this event. 'This girl...' he observed the girl who had become the MC of the event. She had a bob haircut and big sunglasses that covered her eyes. He thought that he should open a gambling event a few days later.


"The new transfer student, Kasugano Haruka!"

Haru looked at the audience and waved his hand while giving them a smile.



"..." Haru was speechless by their reaction and turned to see Tougami who seemed to be annoyed by something. 'This guy...' He only knew that Tougami was very easy to get jealous.

"How about we start the match now?" Tougami said.

"I don't mind," Haru answered.

"Good," Tougami said and sat down on his seat.

Haru also sat down on his seat.

They were only separated by a single table and there was a card deck in the middle of this table.

"I have prepared a very special poker game, is that alright?" Tougami asked.

"We're not playing a normal poker game?" Haru asked with a strange expression.

"Of course not!" Tougami shook his head in dramatic manner and said, "This is a special event and of course we should have special rules on our poker game."

"Isn't one chip worth ten million yen enough?" Haru asked.

"Not enough! Let us add a bit of spice in this game," Tougami said and looked at the MC. "MC, how about you tell everyone what are the rules of this special poker game?"

"Good! I am sure that everyone can't wait anymore! Then let me introduce you to all the names of this poker game!" The MC took the deck card and raised it to the sky. "The name of this poker game is choice poker!"


"Choice Poker?"

"Let me explain the rules of this game" The MC placed down the deck card on the table and said, "The basic rules are the same as Japanese-Style "Closed Poker". Players are dealt five cards and one chance to exchange them. We'll use the fifty-four card deck, with both jokers included. Jokers are wild cards that always create the strongest hand possible. In this game, though, you can neither "fold" nor "call". Players can either make a bet or raise the previous one."

"No limits."

"Both sides show their cards at each hand and whoever's bet more has the right to make a choice."

"Choice? What kind of choice?" Haru asked.

The MC used her hand to gesture up and down. "Stronger or weaker?"

"In regular poker, the strongest hand always wins. But here, if you're the "chooser" you can decide which hand wins--- The stronger one, or the weaker one. Go for stronger, and it's like a normal poker game. Whoever has the stronger hand wins."

"But if you go for the weaker then it is different. Whoever has the weaker hand wins."

"If you have the ch.i.p.s, you can even make a garbage hand the winner. A fitting game for our school, right?"

"Those are the rules! You can bet as much as you want, without any limits! Let's enjoy the gambling match, shall we?"


The audience cheered loudly after they had heard the rules of the game.

"They sure are noisy," Tougami said.

"Isn't it you who have invited them?" Haru was speechless.

"Haha, really? Don't worry about such a small thing! So what do you think about this gamble?" Tougami asked.

"It's interesting, but I am obviously at a disadvantage here," Haru said with a sigh.

"Really? I think you're rich," Tougami said.

"Since the majority of people in this country might only be able to get 300 million yen in their life yet I have gotten it in two days then I might be rich in their eyes, but in front of you?" Haru said.

Tougami seemed pleased by his words and said, "Haha, I'm not that rich. I am not planning to bet that much."

Haru, who heard Tougami's words, knew that this guy planned to bet really big money. He really wondered how much money this guy would bet.


"Haru is going to lose this gamble," Ririka said.

"Really?" Kirari asked.

"Yes, if he is only able to take out 300 million yen then he is going to have a lot of disadvantage in this gamble," Ririka said slowly.

"Hmm, my thoughts are different from yours." Kirari didn't move her eyes from Haru.

"How?" Ririka seemed a bit surprised by her twin sister's answer.

"Just watch," Kirari answered.


Haru had limited very limited cash and most of his wealth was in the shape of treasures and gold. His cash wasn't much and it was only more than one billion yen. He knew that Tougami had more than that and Tougami would definitely intimidate him with a large amount of money in this gamble. He didn't plan to go all out and only used the money that he had gotten from the gamble in this school for this gamble.

"It's ten million yen per chip. How many ch.i.p.s do you want?" The MC asked both Haru and Tougami.

"I don't plan to spend too much money. Give me 32 ch.i.p.s, please," Haru said.

'Not so much money?!' Some people who heard Haru's words couldn't help but curse him.

32 ch.i.p.s on this bet equal 320 million yen and most people in this country could only get this amount of money by working their entire life.

"Your amount of chip is too small!" Tougami shook his head.

"Then how many ch.i.p.s are you going to play?" Haru asked casually.

Tougami smiled and raised his two fingers on his right hand and five fingers on his left hand. "250 ch.i.p.s, please!"



The MC was stunned and her sunglasses dropped to the ground. Her lips were twitching and weren't sure whether she had heard correctly. "I am sorry, how many?"

"250 ch.i.p.s. I want to use 2.5 billion yen on this gamble," Tougami smiled and said with a playful tone, "This is a very rare event, right? Kasugano-kun....."

Haru could see the confidence in Tougami's words and that disgusting smile on his face that believed that he had become the winner. He knew that Tougami was right when fought with normal students then this guy might win, but Tougami's opponent was him. He smiled since he was really happy with the amount of bet on the table. "Yes, this is a rare event. Let's enjoy this game, Tougami-senpai."