Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 399

Volume 1 Chapter 399 Special Poker 3

Tougami's eyes turned into a slit when he looked at Haru's smile. He didn't see any fear or nervous expression on Haru. He was wondering whether Haru was very confident to win or this guy was so stupid that he didn't realize that he was at a disadvantage.

"Then, let us start the game!" The MC said and started to shuffle the card then gave each of the five cards on their hands.

Haru took his cards and asked, "I have forgotten about it earlier, but if I choose the "weakest" who is going to win when both of us have anything?"

"If neither of you has anything, the highest card is the strongest. For example, a king on one hand is stronger than a ten on the other hand," The MC said.

"Thank you." Haru nodded.

"No problem." The MC nodded.

'Act as if you're going for the weak, huh?' Tougami kept his smile on his face and looked at his cards.

"I'll change one card," Haru said and discarded the joker card.

"Then, I'll change two cards," Tougami said. He thought for a while and wasn't sure what to do. He decided to test the water first since he had a lot of money. He pushed his ch.i.p.s and said, "I bet 20 ch.i.p.s."

"What?! 200 million right of the bet?!" Everyone was shocked when they heard it.

Haru sighed and pushed all of his ch.i.p.s. "All-In."


The MC started to regret her choice to become the MC of this event. She felt dizzy and numb when she saw the amount of money on the table. She looked at Tougami and asked, "Tougami-senpai, are you going to raise it?"

"No need," Tougami said with a confident smile.

"Kasugano-kun, which bet are you going to choose? Stronger? Or weaker?" The MC asked.

"Stronger," Haru said.

"Stronger. In that case, please show your cards, please!" The MC said.

"One pair," Haru said.

"Nothing," Tougami said.

"....." The audience who was silent waiting for the result couldn't help but take a deep breath. Even though they didn't play this game, it made their hearts beat very fast.

"With one pair, Kasugano-kun is the winner!" The MC said.

Haru looked at the amount of money that he had gotten. '520 million yen...' He looked at the rest of the ch.i.p.s on Tougami's hand and couldn't help but softly sigh. He felt the matter of money really made him tired. If he won this money then his life would be easier and he didn't even need to work, but was he going to be satisfied with that?


'That's the first step.' Haru thought and continued the bet. He looked at Tougami and knew that it would be Tougami's time to start the counterattack. He was on the defense, but it was alright since he could read him as if a textbook.


Tougami looked at his cards and felt that this game was harder than he had thought. His cards were nothing and the highest card on his hand was an ace. He had decided on his choice and he was confident with these things.



Tougami tried to not frown, but this time he couldn't help it after he heard Haru's bet.

Even the audience was speechless when they saw how Haru spent all of his money easily without blinking.

"Raise one chip," Tougami said. He felt that Haru wanted to throw away everything in this gamble round.

"Tougami-senpai, which bet are you going to choose? Stronger? Or weaker?"

"Weaker," Tougami said.

"Weaker. In that case, please show your cards, please!" The MC said.

Haru and Tougami showed cards on their hands together.


Haru and Tougami said at the same time.

"With joker card, Kasugano-kun is the winner!"



They didn't understand this gamble and how Haru was able to win.

Tougami frowned when he saw that he had lost. He looked at Haru who hadn't changed his expression as if this result was inevitable for him. 'I don't believe this.'


'1 billion 50 million yen...' Haru was calm while calculating Tougami's decision after this.


Tougami looked at the cards on his hands and there were ten clubs, jack clubs, queen clubs, king clubs, and two clubs. He could get "flush" at the moment, but he wanted to gamble on his fate. "Change one card." He wasn't sure why he was very confident, but he felt that couldn't lose to anyone at this moment. He changed his card and he had an ace club in his hand. 'Straight Flush.' His win was inevitable at this moment.



The audience exclaimed together when they heard that Haru had decided to bet all of his money again.

1 billion and 50 million yen!

They knew that the majority of them might not be able to see such a large amount of money in their life yet and they were sure to buy a lot of things when they had gotten such a large amount of money, but Haru was different. They saw him throw away all of his money again into the table. Their heads were spinning around and they weren't sure what to say at this moment.



Kirari couldn't help but chuckle looking at Haru's action. Her eyes were a bit crazed while looking at his direction waiting for the result of the gamble to come out.

Ririka who was sitting beside Kirari didn't see Kirari's expression since her attention was placed on the two figures on the stage. She also felt dizzy when she thought about Haru's decision to bet all of his money easily.

Runa who was watching Haru licking her lollipop then laughed looking at this crazy gamble.


"Ha... Hahahahaha...." Tougami laughed uncontrollably looking at the bet that had been pushed by Haru. He couldn't believe that Haru was too stupid to make this decision.

"What's wrong, Tougami-senpai?" Haru asked.

"Nothing, I thought that you were really brave. You should come to the student council after this gamble. I can help you become my subordinate," Tougami said. He thought that it was the only thing that he could do after he had gotten all of Haru's money.

"No, thank you," Haru answered calmly.

"Is that so? Then, let us end this gamble, shall we?" Tougami smiled and said, "All-In."


The MC sighed and said, "Tougami-senpai, which bet are you going to choose? Stronger? Or weaker?"

"Stronger," Tougami answered without hesitation.

Haru smiled and asked, "You're really confident about your cards?"

"Yes, you can see mine now." Tougami showed his cards on the table and said, "Straight Flush!"


Everyone was shocked when they saw Tougami's cards since it was the biggest combination of poker. They knew that the result was inevitable and Tougami had won the game.

The MC sighed and looked at Haru with a pitiful expression. She knew that Haru had lost at this moment and wanted to end this gamble only when she heard his voice.

"Winner? You haven't seen my cards yet." Haru placed all of the cards on his hands to the table and said, "Five of a Kind."


Everyone could see four cards with eight numbers on the table and one joker card on Haru's side.

"Y - You must be cheating!" Tougami couldn't believe that he had lost.

"Cheating? How?"

Yes, how?

"I can't cheat with a lot of people here and a camera around my surroundings. These cards are also very special and there is a lot of audience who have watched our battle, but most importantly...."

"I don't know your decision until the end. You're the one who has set the bet, but you're overconfident with yourself." Haru walked toward Tougami-senpai and patted his shoulder. "I won and you lost. That's all. I'll wait for the money, Senpai." He said with a playful tone then left the stage.


Tougami crushed the cards on his hands and knew that he had lost to Haru. He was ugly and had whitened since losing 2,5 billion yen in an instant. "DAMN!!!!"

No one cared about Tougami-senpai but cheered on the winner.

This school is simple. The winner will win everything.