Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 40

Volume 1 Chapter 40 Final Of Chunnin Exam

Two days have passed swiftly and the final of the Chunnin Exam started.

The finals are held a month after the completion of the preliminaries so that finalists have a chance to recuperate and prepare. This also allows news of the matchups to get around and attract greater publicity for the event. The finals consist of one-on-one tournament battles refereed by Genma Shiranui.

Everyone was in a festive mood since they would be able to see a future great ninja in the battle against each other.

Haru, Yajima, Gintoki, and Kuroneko were sitting together on the audience seat. They had made a plan regarding today's action.

Haru knew that the enemy would use an illusion on everyone. He decided to stay here since he had a way to make everyone to not be affected by the illusion cast from the enemy. He also had a way to stay alive during a battle with everyone.

Tsunade didn't stay with them since she needed to follow the instructions of the third Hokage.

Shizune also became a guard around the arena to protect everyone.

The four of them decided to be together, Yajima and Gintoki would be the one who helped during a battle since both of them had very strong power and experience during a battle.

Haru would be with Kuroneko since he had a way to protect both of them.

"T - this place is very tall," Kuroneko said nervously, but she was also excited. She saw seven candidates in the arena and couldn't wait to see their battle. She had seen it in the anime but seeing it in real life had a very different feeling.

Gintoki was holding a lot of snacks on his hands since he wanted to taste most of the sweets in this world.


Suddenly Gintoki felt his stomach hurt very much. He knew this sign and it was very dangerous for him, "I - I need to go to the toilet...." He walked very slowly while squeezing his butts together to hold something.

"Sure," Yajima was a bit speechless at him.

Haru also shook his head and looked around. He noticed that both Sakura and Ino were there looking at him curiously.


"Sakura, that guy is very handsome," Ino said while looking at him.

Sakura nodded unconsciously but hurriedly shook her head since she needed to be faithful to her Sasuke-Kun, "N - no, Sasuke-Kun is better."

"Eh? Really?" Ino shook her head.

Both of them tried to compare both of him and Sasuke until they saw him smiling at them. Both of them were stunned for a few seconds.

"What do you think?" Ino looked at Sakura.

Sakura sighed and didn't answer her.

Ino wanted to go there but she was stopped by Sakura, "Why did you stop me?"

Sakura didn't want to let her go there, "No, just accompany me here."

"Eh? I want to talk to him, he is clearly not from the village," Ino said.

"No, stay here with me," Sakura didn't want to let her friend talk with that handsome young man.


Haru didn't do anything again since he didn't feel that much attracted to them right now. He suddenly felt that someone was gazing at him. He turned his head and didn't see anything. He shrugged and also felt another gazed at this time it was from Kuroneko.

"What?" Haru asked.

"Are you going to make a harem?" Kuroneko asked curiously.

His expression became ugly, "I'm not, I don't have interest in a harem."

"Really?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru nodded, "Yes, believe me, do you think that I'm the type that will make a harem?"

Kuroneko thought for a bit and shook her head, "No, but you will have s.e.x with your sister."

Haru snorted and ignored her this time.

Kuroneko saw him ignoring her and suddenly felt helpless. She felt that she said too much this time.

"You should apologize, he didn't do anything to his sister right now," Yajima said, though he wasn't sure what he would do in the future.

Kuroneko looked at him and said, "I'm sorry, alright, please don't get mad at me."

Haru shook his head, "I'm not mad at you but don't make a joke about our relationship, I'm not doing something shameful with my sister for your information."

"Alright, alright, I know about that and I will stop to tease your relationship," Kuroneko said.

"Good," Haru nodded and looked at the arena as the battle would start soon.

Kuroneko also nodded and felt a bit relieved, though she was a bit nervous since she didn't have a means to protect herself. She could only believe in him since he had a way to protect both of them.

They saw the opening ceremony of this final of the Chunnin Exam. They looked at the referee who announced the rules of this battle and the schedule of each battle.

Haru wanted to take his phone to take a picture around but he didn't do it. He looked at the Kage's place to see the match. He saw both Hokage and Kazekage sitting there together. He didn't see them again since he knew that Kazekage was Orochimaru. He didn't want to attract his attention or make trouble.

Haru took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He looked at the seven candidates since Sasuke would be late to this battle. He was watching quietly until someone suddenly sat beside him.

"Hey, handsome, where do you come from?"

Haru, Kuroneko, and Yajima turned their heads and saw someone unexpected. They saw a woman in her 20's sitting beside him.

Haru knew this character well but he didn't expect her to be this flirty. He smiled and said, "Hello, beauty, we're from Land of Iron."