Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 400

Volume 1 Chapter 400 Curious

Haru left the venue and he wasn't that worried about his money since he was sure that Tougami would pay him later.


Haru touched his stomach and he was quite hungry.

"Congratulations, your match is amazing, but it seems that you're quite hungry now."

Haru smiled at this girl since he was familiar with her. "Yes, I didn't think that a gamble would take a lot of my energy."

"Haru!" Runa was running toward him but stopped when she saw this girl. "Momobami Kirari!"

"Runa." Kirari nodded.

Runa looked at both Haru and Kirari and asked, "Do you know each other?"

"Yes," Haru and Kirari answered at the same time.

"...." Runa was dumbfounded when she hit Haru. "You fool me!" She didn't expect both Haru and Kirari to know each other. She felt dumb trying to make them know each other.

Haru only smiled wryly and said, "Can you get angry later? I am very hungry now."


Kirari chuckled and said, "Let's go to my private room. I'll tell my private chef to make food to congratulate you."

"Thank you." Haru nodded and felt curious about how Kirari was able to get both private rooms and private chefs.


Kirari, Ririka, and Runa looked at Haru who was eating a large number of steaks on the table easily. They observed his body and only realized that it was full of compact muscle.

"How much are you going to eat!" Runa said.

"My food intake is a bit big," Haru said. He knew that since he had become stronger his food intake had increased.

There are a lot of protagonists who have a good intake of food such as Goku, Naruto, Toriko, and Luffy. The four of them and a lot of strong people need to eat a lot of food since they need to consume a lot of their energy.

Ririka was curious about how Haru's body was under that shirt.

Haru wiped his mouth with a tissue and asked, "Do Runa know everything?"

"Yes, she is one of my collaborators," Kirari said.

"Hyahahaha, I can't wait to see you become a student council member," Runa said with a smile. She thought that the idea was very crazy, but she loved it.

"When are you going to start?" Haru asked.

"I have planned to do it 20 days after you have transferred here, but you have exceeded my expectations. I am going to start in 15 days," Kirari said.

"That's good." Haru nodded.

Runa looked at Haru and Kirari then asked, "So you have deliberately transferred Haru here?"

"Yeah." Kirari nodded.

"How come you know each other?" Runa asked curiously.

"We met on the street. I thought that she was cute and decided to talk with her," Haru said.

Kirari chuckled and said, "Yeah, that's how we knew each other."

"....." Runa felt strange. She never had Kirari in this expression. She felt sour for some reason and knew that their relationship might be bigger than she had thought.

"So how is this school? Do you enjoy it?" Kirari asked.

"Yeah, I enjoy it. There are a lot of fun people here," Haru said.

"Fun? Is that how you describe the people you have robbed?" Runa twitched her lips.

"Yeah, why not? They're fun, right? Especially, Tougami-senpai. He was truly an entertainer," Haru said with a dramatic tone. "Runa, don't say that I am robbing them. I am just giving them a lesson and the money that I have gotten is my salary for teaching them."

"How self-righteous!"

"But I really enjoyed your match earlier," Kirari said.

"Then, I am glad that I can make you happy," Haru said.

"......" Runa and Ririka felt that they were being ignored and they felt that they had eaten dog food when they heard their conversation.

Haru suddenly felt that his phone was ringing. He took his phone and smiled when he saw who had called him. "I need to answer this call."

"Sure." Kirari nodded and didn't think much.

Haru went out of the room and connected the call. "Uncle, how?"

"Successful, but you need to come with me tomorrow," Utaha's father said.

"I know, I'll go to your house tomorrow," Haru said.

"Good, I'll wait for you," Utaha's father said.

Haru ended the phone call and could hear Utaha's father seemed to be very happy. He entered the room and saw that everyone was looking at him.

"Your girlfriend?" Runa asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "No, but I have gotten good news."

"Good news? Can you share it with us?" Kirari asked.

Haru smiled and said, "I'll keep it a secret, but you'll know about it in two days."

"What kind of news is this? What do you mean that we will know in two days?" Runa asked and her face was a bit bad since this guy was really stingy.

"It seems to be really good news," Kirari said. She was also a bit curious, but she also loved this surprise.

"Hmm... Runa helps me to tell the teacher tomorrow that I am sick since I am too tired from gambling earlier," Haru said.

"Who would believe that? Have you eaten 10 pounds of steaks after gambling and then had a hippy smile on your face? Who would believe such a lie?" Runa twitched her lips.

"C'mon, I need to go out tomorrow. This is a very important matter," Haru said. He thought for a while and said, "If you do that, I'll tell you some secret."

Runa seemed interested and asked, "What secret?"

"I am in disguise now. I'll show you my real appearance," Haru said.

"...." Runa opened her mouth in "O" shape when she heard it. "Are you a ninja?"

"You have watched too much anime and I am not a ninja," Haru said.

"I'll do it, show me your real face," Runa said.

Haru didn't say anything and only hid under the table for a few seconds then came back again while he was in his normal appearance.

"....." Runa looked at Haru's hair then looked at his face that didn't have glasses. She had to admit that he was very handsome and very pleasing to the eyes. She hated to admit it, but he was her type. "Your hair seems to be similar to each other, both of you are family?"


Haru and Kirari answered at the same time.

"We're not from the same family," Kirari answered with a serious tone.

"...." Haru raised his eyebrow and didn't say anything.

"What is your real name?" Runa asked.

"My real name is Kasugano Haruka," Haru said.

"So you're using your real name?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded. He looked at Kirari and wondered whether it was one of her plans to let him continue to study here. He decided to not think too much about this and continued to talk with them since it had been a while since he had met her.