Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 404

Volume 1 Chapter 404 You Haven't Changed

Haru took a picture of the evening newspaper and decided to go back after this. He walked together with Eichi and asked, "Uncle, do you know someone who has worked for an investment bank?"

"Hmm? Invesment bank?" Kasumigaoka Eichi asked.

"Yes, I want to open an investment company to manage my own funds. I don't want to place it on the bank," Haru said. He didn't want the bank to use his money and it was better to use it for an investment.

Kasumigaoka Eichi thought for a while and said, "I know someone and he was my classmate during my university time."


"He has worked as a director of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group in the past."

"Huh? Why is he being fired?" Haru was curious.

Kasumigaoka Eichi shook his head and said, "Don't you remember the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers? Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group has invested quite a lot of money in that financial group and my friend has become the scapegoat for this thing."

Haru nodded and understood that the boss of some company in this country loved to let their subordinates take responsibility for their own mistake. "What is he doing now?"

"I am not sure, a few months ago he asked me whether I have a job or not, but I couldn't help him at that time," Kasumigaoka Eichi said.

"Let me meet him," Haru said. He knew that someone who was able to become a director for a famous investment bank wasn't someone ordinary. He wanted to meet this person first to see whether this person was suitable to manage his fund or not.

Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded and said, "I'll tell him later. When do you want to meet him?"

"Hmm, this Saturday. Let him meet him in my cafe in the afternoon," Haru said.

"I understand." Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded and asked, "Do you want me to send you off?"

Haru shook his head and said, "I want to walk for a while."

"I'll continue to work now," Kasumigaoka Eichi said.

"Work hard and make a lot of money for me, Uncle," Haru said with a smile.

Kasumigaoka Eichi twitched his lips and said, "Hmm, I'll do that." He thought that Haru might become his son-in-law in the future and his daughter could live happily with him later in the future.

Haru didn't know what Kasumigaoka Eichi was thinking and didn't care much either. "Uncle, you can have the car. It's my gift to you."

"R - Really?" Kasumigaoka Eichi was surprised.

"Hmm... You're Utaha's father and this is nothing for me," Haru said.

Kasumigaoka Eichi looked at Haru and realized that Haru was both a good boss and a good son-in-law. He nodded and said, "Thank you." He bowed his head sincerely since Haru had helped him too much. He was helpless when he had lost his job, but Haru had come giving him a chance to manage this company.

"Uncle, stand up. I feel bad to see you bow your head for me. You don't need to thank me since I really need someone to manage this newspaper company, but if you mess up then I will kick you out without hesitation," Haru said with a serious expression.

It was his first time to see Haru with a serious expression. Kasumigaoka Eichi nodded and said with a serious expression. "I understand."

"Good, I'll go back now. Don't overwork yourself and work too late since Utaha might blame me for forcing her father to work too much," Haru said with a laugh.

Kasumigaoka Eichi also laughed along with Haru's words.

They talked for a while before Haru left the office.

Haru walked slowly then went into the crowd before using his magic to change his clothes instantly to something casual. Even though he was successful in buying this newspaper company, he wasn't that happy since tomorrow the side effect of his magic would reappear. He knew that both Sora and Megumi would be happy to help him, but he knew that hand alone wasn't enough. He might be thinking something vulgar in his head right now, but it was something important. He felt that it was wrong to f.u.c.k them with an intention to relieve the side effect of his magic. He was wondering whether he could meet someone who was able to help him and did an a.d.u.l.t activity without an emotional attachment.

'Without feeling for each other, huh?' Haru knew that it was easy to do it since he could choose a random girl on the street since the girls in this country were very open. However, he knew that it was very hard. It wasn't that he was narcissistic or something, but he was sure that girls who had s.e.x with him would start to fall in love with him. He didn't want them to fall in love and only wanted both of them to enjoy a s.e.x.u.a.l activity together.


Haru looked around and thought to buy something nice to celebrate his nice occasion since he had gotten the newspaper company. He wanted to buy a cake or something but stopped when he heard someone quarrel with each other. He turned his head curiously and saw his acquaintance. "Akane-Sensei?"


"You bitch! How dare you cheat on me!" The man was very angry.

Akane was silent, but her heart was in shame when this man started to get angry at her in the middle of the street. She had never thought much about her relationship with this man. She wanted to leave this man as soon as possible, but her hand was being held by him.

"Say something, bitch!" The man raised his hand and slapped her.

Akane closed her eyes and waited for the slap, but she suddenly heard the voice of her ex-boyfriend.

"Who are you? Are you her cheating partner too?!" The man was angry.

Akane opened her eyes and was surprised to see him here. "Haru?"

"Sensei." Haru smiled at Akane and looked a bit pitifully at the man. He knew it was impossible to control Akane and this woman always loved to play with people's feelings. He wrapped his hand around the man's shoulder and said, "Bro, don't be angry. There are a lot of women in this world, you shouldn't put your feelings on her too much."

The man seemed a bit surprised by Haru's words. "But this woman has cheated on me!"

Haru sighed and said, "I know that it hurts, but it is also a good lesson for you that you should choose a good woman in the future. You should choose a woman who isn't too beautiful and isn't too ugly then marry and have children in the future..." He started to talk about a lot of things with this man.

The man listened to Haru carefully and he started to calm down. He felt quite dumb to get angry at the woman that he had dated for only a month.

"It's also troublesome if you get in with the police after you have slapped her," Haru said.

"That's true." The man nodded.

"You should get something good to eat, have a nice bath, then drunk until you sleep tonight," Haru said.

The man thought that Haru was quite good. "That's true, do you want to go with me?"

Akane who was by their side felt a bit dumbfounded when Haru had become close to her ex-boyfriend.

"I am a bit busy now, bro. Enjoy your time while you're single when you have calmed down then try to get a new girlfriend again," Haru said.

The man seemed a bit disappointed since he couldn't invite Haru to drink since he felt that Haru was a very gentle guy.

They talked for a while before separating from each other.

The man looked at the night sky, but he wasn't sure why but he felt that he wanted to splurge his money to buy something nice to eat and maybe shared it with his neighbor later.

Haru looked at the man for a while and turned his attention to his teacher. "You haven't changed Akane-sensei."