Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 406

Volume 1 Chapter 406 Being Famous

Haru opened his eyes slowly and felt something on his arm. He turned his head and saw Akane was sleeping on his arm soundly. He used his free arm to pinch the bridge of his nose. He sighed and knew that he had lost himself. He looked at his dragon which had stood up very high and knew that the side effect of his magic had come back. He tried to reach his phone and saw a lot of missing calls and messages from his phone. He ignored those messages and missed calls from his smartphone and read Tsunade's message to him.

Haru read the message and knew that since he had sealed the side effect of his magic then when the seal was undone the desire that had been held for two weeks erupted. He could see that Akane was very tired and decided to use his magic to slowly recover her energy. He didn't mind doing it since she was sleeping right now. He let her sleep and read the chat from a lot of people. He saw that all of them were surprised, shocked, asked him, and even congratulated him when they saw the news about his acquisition of a newspaper company. He smiled and replied to them one by one when out slowly to take breakfast in the hotel since he was a bit hungry.


Akane opened her eyes slowly and felt that her body was very refreshed. She sighed softly when she remembered the thing that had happened yesterday. She had to admit that it was the best night of her entire life. She knew from all the men that she had slept with Haru was the best of all of them. 'That shape, length, grit, technique, stamina....' She felt that it was as if Haru was bornt only to please a woman herself. She tried to reach him and hugged him, but she didn't find anyone besides her. She opened her eyes fully and didn't see him beside her. She didn't know why, but she felt lost when she didn't see him. "Haru...."


The door was opened when Haru entered the room. He walked and saw that Akane had woken up. "Have you woken up?"

"Haru!" Akane sighed in relief and asked, "Where have you been?" She couldn't help but complain to him.

"I am bringing you breakfast, don't you feel hungry?" Haru asked.


Akane blushed when her stomach was making a cute sound.

Haru chuckled and said, "Eat your breakfast first."

"Feed me!" Akane said with a spoiled tone.

"It can be helped." Haru sat down next to her and asked, "Can I turn on the TV?"

"Sure," Akane answered.

Haru turned on the TV and saw the news. He used a spoon to feed Akane who was in bed.

Akane was happy and chewed her food then she looked at the tv and saw Haru's photo. She was stunned when she saw the content of the news.....

She was shocked and swallowed her food. "You buy a newspaper company?"

"Yes." Haru fed her once again and said, "Open your mouth."

Akane opened her mouth and looked at Haru. She was wondering how this 16-year-old young man was able to buy a newspaper company.

"Let's talk later after you have finished eating," Haru said.

Akane nodded since she wanted to ask a lot of things.

Haru continued to watch the news while feeding Akane. He saw that news on television and tried to gather his information from drop out of school, author of the novel, and cafe owner. He smiled when he saw some of the people on the news trying to tell him to go to the school honestly rather than trying to do business. He was glad since his other identity wasn't known by people and he was known as an orphan and lived in this world alone. He also saw some of the experts, especially women, had supported him since his background was an orphan and he also saw those women write their numbers on the news. He was too speechless to say anything to watch the news now.

Sora had changed her identity before and Ritsu had helped him to change their family records.

Akane was angry when she saw the news and couldn't help but curse. "The experts on the news talk as if they know everything. They can't even buy a company when they are 16. They should be ashamed of trying to preach to you as if they know anything."

"Don't get angry," Haru said.

"Is this not making you angry?"

"No, this is also good propaganda," Haru said.

"Propaganda?" Akane was surprised.

Haru nodded and said, "The more they talk about me the more that my newspaper becomes famous. I believe in the content of my newspaper and I am sure when all of them have read my newspaper then they would become a subscriber to my newspaper." He felt that that news and experts had become a free advertis.e.m.e.nt for his newspaper.

"..." Akane opened her mouth and felt that Haru was very smart. She knew that he was very smart from middle school, but it was her first time to see him having a good sense of business. She had to admit that anyone who married him would be blessed. 'Very good at s.e.x, rich, handsome, good body, etc...' She looked at Haru's nether region and saw that it had stood up once again. She was wondering whether this guy didn't get tired since they had played a lot of times. She also felt weird since she didn't feel soreness, rather she felt energetic. She was done with her breakfast and hugged him. "Do you want to take a bath?"

"Of course, I'll help you to wash your body," Haru said and carried her on his arms.

Akane snuggled into him and kissed his neck. She really didn't want to leave this place and enjoyed his time with him today.