Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 408

Volume 1 Chapter 408 Bitcoin

Haru looked at the time and it was time for lunch. "Let's take a break."

Iwasawa nodded since she was also a bit hungry. Even though she loved to play with him again, she couldn't play with an empty stomach.

They went out together from the studio and saw that both Kosaka and Shiin were together.

"Oh? Haru? Since when have you come back?" Kosaka asked.

"A few hours earlier," Haru answered.

"Where have you been?" Kosaka asked while squinting her eyes.

"I have just bought a company and there is something that I need to do there before," Haru said.

"So... Is that news true?" Kosaka asked.

"Yeah. Is it really that surprising?" Haru asked.

"Yes." Kosaka was speechless. She was wondering what she was doing when she was 16 years old. Though she was wondering whether Haru was really going to take care of his company since from her perception this guy was always too lazy to manage his own company and let out other people to manage it. She was curious about what he was doing last night, but she didn't ask anything.

"Oh, right. This novel is interesting." Iwasawa showed Haru's newspaper and said, "Dragon Zakura, isn't it?" She felt that it was an interesting story about a strange lawyer that wanted to guide two delinquents to enter the most prestigious university in Japan.

"Hopefully, it makes a lot of money for me," Haru said.

"I hope so too." Iwasawa nodded.

"I'll cook lunch. Is there something that you want to eat? Or else I'll cook something based on my preferences," Haru said.

They looked at each other and nodded.

"Fried rice."



"...." Haru looked at three of them and said, "I'll cook something else." He went to the kitchen and only understood that it was very hard to hold himself even though Akane had helped him in the morning. He thought to cook something simple since it was hard to hold himself and he put all of his concentration to calm the side effect of his magic.

They looked at Haru who was working in the kitchen at a very fast speed. They had to admit that they wouldn't get bored to see his action in the kitchen no matter how many times.

Haru used buckwheat flour then made it into a noodle. He was making soba and created the sauce from scratch. He boiled the soba then put it into the cold water while also putting the sauce on the refrigerator to make it cold. While waiting for it to be done, he prepared the side dish that was suitable for this food. He took a shrimp and a variety of vegetables then fried them in flour making a tempura dish.

The process of cooking didn't take a long time, and it was only half an hour.

However, for Iwasawa, Shiina, and Kosaka, they felt that it was similar to hell since they couldn't eat the food that was in front of their eyes. They were looking at those foods longingly while hoping Haru would be done with the cooking as soon as possible.

Haru's movement was fast and he placed all the dishes on the plate. "Can someone help me to get those to the table?"

"Yes!" They answered at the same time. They had been waiting for this time to eat Haru's food. They knew that this guy would be alright in the future with his cooking skill alone, but this guy was very greedy and wouldn't satisfied with only becoming a chef.

They looked at the dishes that were presented on the table and gulped unconsciously.

"Let's eat." Haru took the chopsticks, but everyone was faster than him.

They dipped the soba in the sauce then slurped it into their mouths.

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

The moment the combination of soba and sauce entered their mouths. They felt that they had been thrown into a warring state war. The taste of this food was very intense, yet they couldn't stop eating it. Their chopsticks didn't stop and they took the tempura dish on the table then dipped it inside the sauce.


It was the sound of the tempura when they bit it into their mouths.


They saw a valley of gunshots that made the war more intense.

Their hands didn't stop and they couldn't stop. They felt that they needed to eat this or else someone else would eat their food.

This lunch had turned into a war!

Haru was calm while drinking his barley tea. He didn't seem that surprised when he saw their reaction. He was looking at his smartphone and then found something interesting. 'Bitcoin?' He raised his eyebrow and facepalmed himself. 'How could I forget about this?!' He hurriedly ate his food and stood up directly to go to the two empty computers in his studio in this house.

Everyone continued with their lunch since it was very delicious. When they were done with their lunch they didn't see him in front of them.

"Where is Haru?" Kosaka asked.

"His room," Shiina answered. She felt that her stomach was very comfortable and wanted to eat some of that soba again.

"I wonder what he has been doing there," Kosaka said and walked toward his room.

Iwasawa and Shiina also followed Kosaka since they were also curious.


Haru turned on his two computers and started to download the mining software of bitcoin directly to his computers. The download process was very fast and before long he had started his mining. His computer was special and the speed of mining was faster than normal.

"What are you doing?" Kosaka asked.

"Making money," Haru answered.


"This thing is worthless now, but in the future..." Haru didn't say a lot of things and felt that his smartphone vibrated. He looked at the computer and opened the call on his smartphone. "Hello?"

"Haru. Can you tell me what have you been doing?"

Haru knew this voice very well and he could hear the sound of the car from his phone.

"Where are you?"

"I am at the cafe," Haru answered.

"I'll go there and you'll tell me what has happened!"

The call ended and Haru looked at his smartphone. He shook his head and put it into his pocket while standing up to go out. "Let's go out."

They looked at Haru's computer and didn't see anything special. They nodded and went out together since they were afraid to make a mess in this room.

"So what is that on your computer?" Kosaka asked.



"Let me explain to you after this." Haru didn't mind helping them to become millionaires, but he wasn't sure whether they had the money to do it.