Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 409

Volume 1 Chapter 409 My Aunt

They sat down together on the second floor in a comfortable position together.

Shiina had tried her new cute cat kigurumi and laid on the sofa while playing with her teddy bear.

Haru had to admit that Shiina was cute. He was also waiting for Hiratsuka to come and had explained to them about bitcoin, but they didn't seem to have an interest since there wasn't any proof that it could become valuable in the future.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

Haru knew that once this bitcoin was used by the black market to trade silk, the price of bitcoin would increase slowly, then in 2018, the price would climb so high that no one could even predict. He had been reincarnated and it would be a waste to not use this chance. He felt that it was enough as long as he had gathered one million bitcoin later.

How to gather bitcoin?

The answer is simple and that is mining.

Yes, mining.

Mining is processed by lending your computer to work as an auditor of bitcoin transactions. The detail isn't important, the only thing that you need to remember is that you will get paid with a token from this process.

Haru was patient and he didn't need to do anything in mining bitcoin. Even though he was eager to mine bitcoin using more computers, he wasn't sure what would happen when he did that since it might cause a disruption on the bitcoin itself when he was in hurry.

It wouldn't be too late for him to create a mining farm a few years later since the price of bitcoin wouldn't explode until a decade or so.

What he needed to do right now was to create a pillar for himself and this economic crisis had given him a chance to do that. He needed to start as soon as possible, but he didn't want to manage it alone since it would make his time with his girls to be cut later.

"When are you going to put the trailer of the game?" Kosaka asked.

"It should have been one and half a months before the event," Haru answered.

Kosaka nodded and said, "I guess that's a perfect time."

"What about the progress of the game?" Haru asked.

"It's alright. It should be done a month before the event," Kosaka said.

"I am sorry that I am unable to help you with the drawing." Haru had only realized that his sense of art was different from normal people. He could buy a skill from the Group Chat, but he was saving his points to cure his trouble.

They talked for a while then they heard the sound of a car stopping in front of the house.

Haru didn't need to guess who this person was since he could hear someone running very fast then opened the door of the cafe.


Haru heard a familiar voice and said, "Aunt. I'm on the 2nd floor."

"Don't call me aunt?!" Hiratsuka was angry and walked to the second floor. She saw three beautiful girls around him and sighed. She was wondering why her niece had become a sc.u.m. She walked toward him and pushed him to a newspaper.

Haru took the newspaper and it was his newspaper. "What's wrong?"

"Is that true? Did you really buy it?" Hiratsuka asked.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"....." Hiratsuka looked at Haru for a while and asked, "How?"

"I have gotten a chance to buy it. Why not buy it?" Haru said.

Hiratsuka knew that having a newspaper was very helpful. Even though the money might not be much, it could help in manipulating the people's thought information. "How could you get the money to get it? Did you mortgage both your cafe and novel to the bank? You're only 15 years old! How can you be so reckless?!" She could only think that Haru had gotten the money to buy the newspaper company from mortgaging the copyright of his novel and his cafe together.

"No. I didn't do that," Haru said.

"Then, how?"

"I forgot to tell you that I have entered Hyakkaou Private Academy," Haru said.

"....." Hiratsuka blinked her eyes and didn't believe it. "Where is it?"

"Hyakkaou Private Academy."

"How?" Hiratsuka didn't expect her niece to suddenly enter one of the most prestigious high schools in this country. She knew that only the most clever students or children of rich people and politicians could study in that school.

"He seduced a girl to enter that school," Kosaka answered.

"Oi!" Haru was speechless when he heard Kosaka's answer.

"Really?" Hiratsuka was speechless and amazed at the same time. She looked at her niece again and had to admit that he had a nice face, a nice aura that made anyone comfortable, and suddenly she didn't feel that much worry when she heard him going to study there. "You're going to continue your study there?"

"Hmm... Let's see for the time being. I am not that interested in going to the school," Haru answered honestly.

Hiratsuka was mad and pulled Haru's ear. "You naughty child! I won't let you not continue your school!"

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" Haru felt that this woman was barbarian, but Hiratsuka was one of his closest family after both of his parents had died from an accident.

Hiratsuka sighed and said, "I am not going to preach you or anything, but I have promised your parents to take care of both of you. I am not going to stop you from doing what you want, but you need to promise me to continue with your studies."

"I know." Haru only nodded.

"Good." Hiratsuka was satisfied and suddenly she remembered something. She thought for a while and said, "Isn't it better for you to transfer to another school?"

"Why?" Haru asked.

"I have heard that school is dangerous," Hiratsuka said.

"How dangerous is it? No one is going to kill me," Haru said.

"No, it's about the tradition in that school. I have heard that everyone needs to gamble in that school," Hiratsuka said.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

Hiratsuka was shocked and asked, "Did you gamble in that place?"

"Of course. It's a tradition. I need to join too," Haru answered.

"How much did you lose? I hope that it won't be too much," Hiratsuka said.

"Isn't there a possibility that I have won a lot in that school?" Haru asked.

"Oh? Have you won? How much?" Hiratsuka snorted.

Haru raised his eyebrow and whispered the amount of money that he had earned. He didn't mind sharing it with Hiratsuka since this woman was quite rich.

Hiratsuka felt strange when Haru whispered something to her ear since she felt a bit sensitive in that place, but the moment she heard the exact amount of money that he had won. Her eyes turned large and she asked while holding his shoulders. "Are you kidding me?"

"No. I am serious."

"......" Hiratsuka was silent and no one knew what she was thinking right now.