Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1 Chapter 41 Start Of The Match

Orochimaru felt someone was watching on him. He looked around and saw a group of three people sitting on the audience seat. He looked at the silver-haired boy who had a wooden sword on his waist. He didn't feel anything from him and shrugged. He thought that he was the only curious kid.

"What do you think of this battle, Kazekage-Sama?" Sarutobi asked.

Orochimaru laughed, "Of course, I can't wait for this battle to start, Hokage-Sama." He was very excited about this battle since he would be able to take the life of this old man. He was quite surprised to see Tsunade with a group of people. But he didn't really care since he believed his plan would succeed.

Orochimaru was curious who were the four people that had been brought by Tsunade but he only saw that they were really her friends. He had asked his ninja to observe him and only saw them playing in the village and training with a wooden sword. He snorted when he thought that they were useless and only came to become a tourist. He thought that they would become a victim of this war but he didn't feel sorry about it since he believed it was their fault to come at this time.

'The plan isn't going to change, I will make this village mine,' Orochimaru thought evilly.

Sarutobi only nodded and didn't say anything again. He had already made several plans for this war. He would make this student of his regret his choice to abandon his home. He also would wipe the mistake that he had caused by his own hands, 'Orochimaru, you can't escape...'

Sarutobi had made both Tsunade and Jiraiya hide themselves to be ready for this battle.


Anko is a fairly tall woman who was of the slender frame. She has light brown, pupil-less eyes. Her hair is violet and is styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail. She wore a fitted mesh body suit that covered her from her neck down to her thighs. Over this, she wears a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side, a dark orange mini-skirt, a dark blue belt, and pale grey shin guards. In addition to the typical forehead protector, she also wears a small pendant that looks like a snake fang and a wristwatch.

Anko was a bit surprised when she heard them coming from the Land of Iron. She looked at the wooden sword on his waist and asked, "Where is your katana?"

"Katana is dangerous, we keep it our belonging in Tsunade's house," Haru answered.

Anko nodded since she had already known that they were friends of Tsunade. She had known them two days ago after they had eaten a lot of dango in her favorite place. She looked at them curiously from afar but she didn't know anything about them. She decided to sit beside him since she was curious about which country they come from.

"Where is the other guy?" Anko asked.

"He was on the toilet, his stomach was hurting since he ate too much," Kuroneko answered.

Anko twitched her lips and felt a bit disgusting.

"That's right, what's your name?" Haru asked.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi, you can call me, Anko," Anko said.

Haru nodded, "You can call me Haru, she is Kuroneko, the guy in the toilet is Gin-San, the old man is Yajima-San."

"Hello," Yajima nodded.

Kuroneko nodded in response.

"Kuroneko? Is this some kind of code?" Anko asked curiously.

Haru shook his head, "No, she is just weird."

"Hey!!!" Kureneko hit him and complained.

"Alright, alright, don't hit me," Haru said.

Anko knew that they were a group of very kind people. She thought that it was better to stay with them since they didn't look at her with disgust. She was the former disciple of Orochimaru and most of the villagers saw her with disgust since her teacher had abandoned the village.

They talked with each other until the first match started. The first match was between Hyuga Neji and Uzumaki Naruto.

Haru was a bit curious about this match since it was one of the legendary matches in the manga. He knew this would be a match between the genius of the Hyuga Clan and the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Beast.


Neji and Naruto started their match. Both of them were fighting with intent to defeat each other with their own belief.

Neji believed in fate since he had this seal on his head. He knew that his fate had been already decided since he was born.

Naruto thought that fate was crap and he didn't care about it. He would beat the crap of this bastard who hurt Hinata.


Kuroneko looked at the match with amazement. She was the only normal girl who was still in middle school. She didn't expect to see such a battle happen in front of her eyes.

"They're amazing," Yajima praised. He didn't expect such small children would be able to show this kind of fight. He only saw their fight on the manga and the impact was different from when he saw it in reality.

Haru also enjoyed the fight. He looked at Neji with his Byakugan and Naruto with his Shadow Clone Jutsu. He didn't envy them since his magic was also very powerful.

"What do you think?" Anko asked him.

"They're quite strong," Haru nodded.

Anko nodded, "The ninja in our village is very strong."


Gintoki also had his own battle in the toilet.

"Ugh... It's hurt."