Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 413

Volume 1 Chapter 413 Just Another Day

The school was over and Haru didn't intend to stay in this place for a long time. He went out directly to go to Akane's apartment since it was very hard for him to hold himself. He rode his scooter while enjoying the evening wind that made his hot body feel a bit refreshed. 'It would be winter soon...'

Haru was also a bit curious about Akane's apartment since he had never come here. He knew that none of his ex-boyfriends knew where she was living and usually she was living together with her boyfriend. He didn't feel anything about this since he didn't use his feelings in this relationship.

Their relationship was only happy friends who helped each other when they were in need such as in this situation.

Haru had arrived in her apartment and saw that it was a two-story apartment building.

The location was quite good with very good and it was surrounded by a lot of houses around. However, the building was a bit old and the location of the school where she was working was a bit far from this place. The only good thing about this place was this apartment was only for a female.

Haru had gotten a key to her apartment yesterday and didn't hesitate to enter it directly. 'The smell of her apartment is really good.' He saw that the room of her apartment was about 28 square meters and there weren't a lot of things besides clothes at this place. He was a bit hungry and decided to cook something for dinner since he would stay for a few hours.


Akane went back directly to her apartment after she was done with her job. She smiled sweetly at her co-workers and students at the school. Usually, she would stop at the pub to get hit by a man, but this time she went back directly since someone had been waiting for her. She took quite a walk after the station to arrive at her apartment. She saw the light on her apartment was turned and she knew that someone was there. She walked hurriedly and smelled something nice inside. She opened the door and saw someone was placing food on the table.

"Akane, have you come back? How about dinner?" Haru asked.

"Dinner, first?" Akane asked.

"We can take a bath together later," Haru said.

"That's a good idea," Akane said. She had to admit that she wanted to eat those foods as soon as possible when she smelled it. However, she was afraid of her weight increasing when she ate too much.

"Don't worry, those foods are low in calories and we will have some work out later, right? You need more energy," Haru said.

Akane chuckled and said, "I can defeat you without energy."

"Do you think that you can defeat me?" Haru asked.

"......" Akane sighed since she knew that this young man was right. She had never beaten him and always lost in their wrestling match.

They talked while eating together and it was quite an enjoyable moment. They didn't take a lot of time to eat and placed their dishes on the dishwasher. They didn't go to take a bath directly, rather they waited for their stomach to digest their foods while watching a movie together.

It was at this moment, Akane who was snuggling into Haru's chest felt something hard. She knew what it was and smiled. "Now?"

"Good." Haru carried Akane in his arms and walked to the bathroom.

"Help me take off later," Akane said.

"You're too spoiled."

"I am giving you a chance to touch my body."

"Oh, I am happy."


Haru smiled and kissed her. "I meant it. I am happy."

"You should be."


Their battle was very fierce, but Haru was in the upper position. He took her out of the bathroom after they had dried their bodies. He carried Akane to the top of the table then started to have a fight on top of it.

"Ahnnn....." Akane kept m.o.a.ning and it was hard to understand what she was talking about. Her head was full of pleasure that she could have never forgotten.

Haru kept doing a piston movement with his waist earning a colorful scream.

"I - I am safe today..." Akane hugged his neck saying those words with all of her energy.

"Good." Haru didn't say anything else since his mind had lost to the pleasure.

The neighbors had always wanted to complain, but hearing Akane m.o.a.ned. They were more curious about the guy who could create such a mess.


Haru ignored Akane's m.o.a.n and put all of his white magma inside of her. He wanted to continue since he didn't have enough, but when he saw her she was very tired. He decided to take a break and carried her on the bed.

Akane enjoyed this sweet moment and let him take care of her since she was very tired at that moment. She looked at him resentfully and said, "I might die if you keep pounding at me like that."

"Didn't you love it before?" Haru said while playing with her nose.

Akane snorted, but she didn't deny it.

"Did you work as a tutor?" Haru asked.

"No. Even though my teacher's income isn't much, it is enough for me," Akane said.

"Say... Do you want me to buy you an apartment?" Haru asked.

"What?" Akane was surprised then asked, "Did you fall for me?"

"No way. You know yourself about our relationship. Isn't this place too far from your school? If your place is closer then you have more time to take a rest," Haru said.

"....." Akane was speechless with his reason and said, "You haven't had enough?" She looked at his dragon which was standing up. She gulped, but she was too tired to do it again. "I am too tired."

Haru caressed her back and played with her hair slowly. He heard her soft breath and knew that she was sleeping. He looked at her for a while and suddenly thought about a good event to be held at the school. "Good night." He kissed her forehead and went back directly since he had something to do after this.

Akane felt that she had gone and looked at Haru who left her apartment then sighed softly. "Haru...." She hated to be tied down and she loved to play around. Only this time she wanted him to hold her while sleeping. She shook her head and hugged her pillow to continue to sleep since they were very wild earlier.