Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 415

Volume 1 Chapter 415 Disorted

Akane looked at Haru's back who was cooking dinner for them. She was a bit surprised why there was both champagne and red wine on the table. "Is something good happening?"

"Yeah." Haru brought a variety of small dishes on the table and said, "Because of you that I have thought of a good event."

"An event?" Akane looked at Haru's uniform and asked, "Now, that you mention it. Have you entered Hyakkou Private Academy?" She was quite surprised and wondered how he could enter this school easily.

"Yeah. I'll stay here for one year," Haru said.

"One year? Why?" Akane asked.

"Because next year. I am going to transfer into your school," Haru said.

"Why?" Akane thought for a while and said, "Is it me? Do you want to see me that much?"

"No. It's Sora," Haru answered.

Akane snorted and said, "You Sis-Con!"

"....." Haru shook his head and said, "I can't deny that."

Akane looked at him and asked, "Did you fall in love with your little sister?"

"She isn't my little sister," Haru said.

"What?" Akane was surprised and asked, "Really?"

"Yeah." Haru nodded.

"......" Akane looked at Haru and knew that the relationship of brother and sister were very close, but because they were siblings there was no way that both of them would do such a thing, unless that they were not siblings. She felt doubtful and asked, "You're not doing it with her?"

"No." Haru shook his head and asked, "Why you ask?"

"Isn't it normal to ask? I have known both of you quite long and it is a bit shocking to know that both of you are not siblings," Akane said.

"Well, that's true." Haru placed the dishes on the table and said, "You should eat soon since it won't be good when it is cold."

"Well..." Akane thought that she could ask him the questions later.

Haru knew that he needed to make her forget the thing that she wanted to ask. He worked hard to make her laugh and made her drink both red wine and champagne at the same time.

Akane was a bit tipsy and it was good that tomorrow was Saturday. She didn't need to go to school and could sleep until the afternoon. She held his arms and said, "Don't leave me tonight."

"Well, tomorrow is Saturday. I will make you breakfast tomorrow," Haru said.

"Thank you." Akane smiled and asked, "If I sleep with someone else, are you going to get angry?"

"No," Haru answered.

"Oh? Do you have a cuckold fetish?" Akane asked.

"No." Haru replied immediately.

"Then, why?" Akane asked.

Haru looked at Akane and felt that it started to get messy. He didn't want their relationship to have an emotional attachment, but this woman loved to make something messy. He really didn't think much when this woman slept with someone else, more importantly, he was confident about himself.

Akane is similar to a wild cat. She is unruly and there is no way to hold her.

Haru had never thought to date her or anything. He felt rather than making her fall in love with him. It was better to make her have a dependence on him. He would love to try to make her unable to live without him. He felt sorry for someone who fell in love with this woman unless they had an ability like him. "I am not going to hold you. You know about our relationship. We're friends. You are free to do anything you want and I have also dated a girl too."

"How about dating me?" Akane asked with a smile.

Haru smiled and caressed her cheek. "That's a tempting invitation, but do you really want me to date you?"

"Yes." Akane nodded.

"But I am very possessive. I can't bear to see you f.u.c.k with other guys, can you do that?" Haru asked.

"......" Akane couldn't answer him when Haru asked him that question.

"You're like a fire. I am a moth. I am attracted to you, but I am not going to jump into the fire." Haru changed their position and hugged her from behind.

"Why not jump? There are a lot of people who are going to jump toward me," Akane asked while turning her body looking at him. "Am I not beautiful enough for you?"

"You're beautiful. You might be one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen, but that isn't one reason for me to date you. I know your personality and I am not going to be your prince in white horse. I am sure that there is someone who can accept your distorted personality," Haru said.

Akane snorted and said, "Distorted personality, huh? I guess that's a perfect way to describe me."

"Hey, don't be sad. Even if I can't become your boyfriend, we're friends." Haru kept looking at Akane's eyes with a sincere expression.

"Haru, what do you think that I need to do? I can't seem to stop trying to lure a man," Akane said while looking at Haru.

"It's easy," Haru said.

Akane raised her eyebrow and asked, "Do you have a way?"

"Yes." Haru nodded and said, "You just need to raise the bar of your target. Don't always lure good-for-nothing men since it will lower your worth."

"Raise my bar, eh?" Akane chuckled and asked, "So what if I want to get married?"

"Then, try to get someone who is plain, lacks a mother's love, and keeps loving you even if he knows that you have been cheating on him," Haru said.

"Is there such a man in this world?" Akane asked.

"The world is big and I am sure that you can search for him," Haru said.

Akane shook her head and kissed his lips.

They were kissing for a long time before they separated from each other.

"Just mess me up," Akane said looking at him.

Haru raised his eyebrow and nodded. "Don't regret it."

Akane only looked at him trying to taunt him. "Come boy!"