Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 419

Volume 1 Chapter 419 Tomorrow Appointment

Senzaemon Nakiri received a call from Haru. He was a bit surprised when he heard he had been going to Hyakkou Private Academy. However, he nodded when he heard why Haru had called him. He thought that it was a good chance for his granddaughter to meet him. He had planned to send her granddaughter in November for an internship in his cafe, but it seemed that both of them could meet each other faster.

"But I am surprised that you're going to that school," Senzaemon said.

"There are a lot of things here," Haru answered.

"Yeah, I heard that place is telling their students to gamble," Senzaemon said.

"That's true." Haru didn't deny it.

"How is it? Did you enjoy that place?" Senzaemon asked.

"It's good. There are a lot of people and I can make a lot of money here," Haru said.

"Don't gamble too much. It would be too late if you lose your money," Senzaemon said trying to advise him since he knew that this guy would become his grandson-in-law.

"Don't worry. I am not planning to gamble that much. I have decided to hold this event to create a fixed income," Haru said.

Senzaemon snorted softly, but he had to admit that he was quite proud of his grandson-in-law even though Haru had never accepted it. "I have seen your newspaper. I guess that the newspaper has gotten better in your hand."

"Thank you," Haru answered.

"I'll send Erina to talk about the catering later," Senzaemon said.

"You're going to send your granddaughter? Isn't it a bit too much? Isn't she busy or something since she is the owner of God Tongue and all," Haru said.

Senzaemon frowned and asked, "You're not willing to meet her?"

"No. I am also curious about her," Haru answered. He was obviously curious about Senzaemon's granddaughter. He only hoped for her to not have a body full of muscle later.

"Then, there is no problem. I'll tell her your phone number later," Senzaemon said with a smile.

"OK...." Haru was a bit speechless and wondered why Senzaemon loved to push her granddaughter at him.

They talked for a while before ending their conversation.

Senzaemon looked at his smartphone and put it down on the table. He stroked his beard and said, "Call Erina here."

The maid around him nodded and went out to call their young lady for him.

Senzaemon waited for a while until he heard his granddaughter's voice.

"Is there something grandpa?" Erina asked.

Erina is a beautiful girl with long blonde hair. She was walking together with her secretary to meet her grandfather. She was also a bit curious why her grandfather had called her wondering whether there was a job.

"I have a job for you," Senzaemon said.

"What job?" Erina asked.

"My friend's grandson needs catering to his event. Can you help him?" Senzemon asked.

"..." Erina looked at her grandfather for a while and felt a bit strange. "Okay."

"Good. This is his number. You can call him later. Oh, his name is Kasugano Haruka and he is one year older than you," Senzaemon said.

"I understand." Erina nodded and took his phone number. She was a bit curious about why her grandfather let him contact him by herself. "Do you have any requests? What kind of cuisine does he want in his event?" She also felt confused about why her grandfather told him that Haru was one year older than her.

"You can talk to him later," Senzamon said with a gentle smile.

"Alright." Erina nodded and said, "I'll go back no, grandpa."

"Okay." Senzaemon nodded. He smiled happily and wondered how both of them would meet each other later.


Erina looked at Haru's phone number and wasn't sure what to say.

"Erina-sama, is there something wrong?"

Erina looked at her secretary and felt that it was too embarrassing to tell her that she didn't know how to communicate with Haru.

"Erina-sama?" Hisako looked at Erina with a confused expression.

Hisako Arato is the secretary of Erina Nakiri. She has short pink hair with bangs that reach the length of her chin. She looked at Erina with a doubtful expression.

"Hisako." Erina looked at Hisako.

"Yes, Erina-sama?"

"I am going back to my room. You can communicate with Kasugano Haruka and make an appointment with me," Erina said and gave Haru's phone number to Hisako.

"Yes, Erina-sama." Hisako nodded and took Haru's phone number. She looked at Erina who was walking away and looked at Haru's phone number. She wasn't sure why, but she felt nervous for some reason since it was her first time to have a job. She shook her head and decided to do her job.


Haru was working on his cloud computing in his room then he felt that his phone vibrated. He saw that it was an unfamiliar number and couldn't help but frown. He decided to connect the phone while doing his project. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Kasugano Haruka-san?"

"Yes. That's me, who are you?" Haru asked.

"My name is Hisako Arato and I am Nakiri Erina-sama's secretary," Hisako said.

"Oh, Old Man Senzaemon's granddaughter?" Haru asked.

Hisako was a bit surprised when she heard him. "Yes."

"Is it about the catering?" Haru asked.

"Yes, can we meet each other to talk about catering?" Hisako asked.

"Sure," Haru agreed without hesitation.

"Then, can we meet tomorrow since tomorrow is Sunday," Hisako asked.

"No problem," Haru answered.

"We'll meet tomorrow at Kirinoya Japanese Restaurant," Hisako said.

"Kirinoya?" Haru thought for a while and wasn't sure whether it was.

"Is there a problem?" Hisako asked.

"No. Let's do it with that place. I am not that knowledgeable about a good restaurant in this town," Haru said. It was very rare for him to eat on the outside since his tongue was very sensitive.

"Are you from a foreign country or something?" Hisako asked.


Haru and Hisako started to talk to each other. He wasn't sure why he talked a lot with this girl. It might be because he was bored and it made him a bit stressed to hold the side effect of his magic all the time.

"See you tomorrow," Hisako said.

"See you tomorrow," Haru said and ended the phone call.


"Kasugano Haruka, huh?" Hisako looked at her smartphone.

"Hisako, are you done?" Erina looked at Hisako curiously since she saw her talking for a long time.

"Yes, we will meet him tomorrow Erina-sama." Hisako nodded and felt a bit curious about Haru.


Haru wanted to place down his phone and saw a chat on his phone again. He saw that it was from Utaha and opened it immediately.

"Let's have a date tomorrow."

Utaha's message was simple and very straight forward.