Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 420

Volume 1 Chapter 420 Idea

Haru agreed without hesitation with Utaha's invitation, but he had told her that he needed to meet someone to ask a catering service for his event.

Utaha seemed very interested in this meeting and wanted to come too.

Haru felt a bit strange since he had decided to let his girlfriend meet a girl who was supposed to be his fiancee. He wasn't sure whether Senzaemon had told his granddaughter about that engagement. He hadn't agreed and somehow he had gotten this weird feeling. He shook his head and it was better to not think too much about it. He continued to work then the door of his room was opened.

Before going to this cafe, Haru had gone back to his apartment asking Sora to help him to ease the side effects of his magic. He felt slightly better, but it was quite hard to hold himself again, especially when a girl sat down beside him.

"When is this thing going to be finished?" Yuri asked while looking at the machine for cloud computing.

"It should be done on Monday," Haru answered and could smell something nice from Yuri. He was wondering whether she had just finished taking a bath.

"Did you know that Kosaka has become very serious and starts to draw very fast?" Yuri said.

"It's good when an artist can draw at a very fast speed since it is sometimes hard for them to get inspiration," Haru said.

"Is that the same as you?" Yuri asked.


"Hmm... I guess that's how it is," Yuri muttered.

Haru stopped working and looked at Yuri. "You're not angry at me anymore?"

"..." Yuri snorted and looked away when she heard this question.

"I apologize if I make you angry. I'll stay at night to eat dinner," Haru said.

"You're not going to stay?" Yuri asked.

Haru shook his head and said, "I am going back to my apartment."

"Well..." Yuri was a bit disappointed.

"How is your study?" Haru suddenly asked.

"It's okay. It is very good." Yuri nodded and said, "Are you going to continue to stay at that school?"

"No. I might change in the next year to our targeted school before. We're going to go to the same school, but we're going to have different grades," Haru said. He didn't need to hold back for one year since Kirari had helped him to enter Hyakkaou Private Academy.

"That's good." Yuri nodded with a smile and said, "I won't enter Hyakkou Academy since that school seems very crazy."

"But I feel that you're going to be fine to enter that school," Haru said. He knew that Yuri had a very good mentality and he felt that this girl might become a good gambler.

"That might be so, but I am going to decline. I don't want to gamble," Yuri said.

They talked to each other about random things and laughed together.

Yuri felt happy since she felt that everything was good. The only thing that was hard to accept was that Haru had a girlfriend and that person wasn't her. She calmed herself and decided to attack him from time to time since there weren't any rules in love.

"Should we go back? I am quite hungry," Haru said.

"Ok." Yuri calmed herself and knew that there was a lot of chance in the future. She looked at Haru hatefully and wondered how this guy was thinking about him.

Haru knew what Yuri was thinking, but he thought that it was better to do it after he had erased the side effect of his magic.


Haru went back to his apartment and saw both Megumi and Sora who were watching television together. "Is there an interesting show?"

"No," Sora answered.

"There are not many dramas," Megumi said.

"Do you like to watch dramas?" Haru sat down in the middle of them. He was wondering why girls loved to watch tv dramas.

Sora and Megumi used each of his arms and hugged it together while watching television.



"Don't you want to buy a television station?" Sora suddenly said.

"..." Haru was a bit speechless and said, "I have that plan, but I don't have money now."

Megumi looked at Haru with a surprised expression. "You're going to buy a television station?"

"I have that plan, but I don't have that much money now," Haru said.

"How much is a television station?" Sora asked curiously.

"It should be around 500 million dollars or more," Haru said. He had that idea and it was also one of the reasons why he decided to open an investment company. He wanted to gather money to buy a lot of things to have a more comfortable life.

"If it changes into yen then it should be 50 billion yen or more," Megumi said and felt a bit dizzy with that much of money.

"Is that expensive?" Sora asked.

"It should be normal. The profit that can be gathered from television stations is very good," Haru said. He suddenly thought about something and wondered whether he should create a video sharing platform. However, he needed to do something to gather the people to enter his website. 'How about a novel?' He felt that he should combine a lot of entertainment into this website. He wasn't going to be worried about the server since his cloud computing should be done in a few days. He wanted to create it, but he needed to do something first.

Sora had been moving her hand to Haru's pants, moving it up and down slowly.

Megumi also helped to touch his balls slowly which was quite heavy. She had been always wondering how his dragon could be this big and wondered whether it would fit into her sensitive part or not.

Haru didn't talk that much and entered his harem protagonist mode making two of them m.o.a.ned in the entire night.